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Hiked the entire loop today. Would say the trail is fairly easy but the distance makes it hard. We clocked better than 20 miles via GPS. Parked at the Memorial Cross and left out at 8:15am. We halted and did lunch and a hammock nap at Dotson’s. Trail is well marked and quite well maintained. Took a second break at the cabin. Pretty views all along the perimeter on the west side. I can imagine these would be prime at fall time. The most difficult part of the trail is def Shakerag Hollow which we did on tired legs since we chose to hike this loop clockwise. It was a steady descent for a while then straight up to the University Gates. We followed the trail along the greenway and again through the woods back to the cross by 6:30 pm. Just in time for a beautiful sunset! Take plenty of water/electrolyte replenishment for this all day trek.

the bridge is a beautiful quick stop!

Overgrown trail. From the pictures here I thought there was going to be an overlook... I only saw the cave (didnt bring a flashlight). so if you like caves and bring a flash light, this is for you.

Only did a section of this trail but it was awesome and I want to go back and enjoy the rest of trail.

Great trail for just about anyone. Easy to follow with plenty to see.

Took our family of different ages and our 2 seasoned hiking dogs. Found the terrain the the caves too steep for the dogs/grandma to get down or we feared back up safely. Striking view at the fork to go to the caves. Hike is a pretty constant upward grade the majority of the back track. Beautiful but wouldn’t do again personally.

This was neat and we were glad to see it but if you are looking to hike this isn’t it. But great if you are traveling and need a quick stop or going on another hike close by.

6 months ago

Great 4 hr hike with the family, good for pets.

7 months ago

Great trail with beautiful overlooks most of the way in winter and spring. wildflowers. waterfalls. creeks. lakes. rock formations. Plenty of side trails if you have time. Moderate trail overall for this area due to the length . It is fairly easy in some areas. Sewanee is a great place to hike and just be. The campus is beautiful. Trails well kept and marked.

Such a nice hike...it was a muggy day, but when you get to the cave, it really cools you off. I really enjoyed the hike.

solid hike with a nice rewarding view and a cool cave at the end. undulates quite a bit so you never get a solid feeling of an "uphill vs downhill" cave closed 11/1-5/1 if that is part of your consideration.

For something rated as moderate, it sure was hard. My timing and course direction may have had something to do with it.

I started at the big cross. I then proceeded to go clockwise, which I was told might be backwards. Someone I hiked with told me about going the other way and how climbing up to the hole in the rock was difficult. I submit, for the record, that climbing down that rock, when it's really wet out, is much more of a PITA. Especially if it's your first time there. Going clockwise from the cross kind of just throws you in it. Face first. This first bit was difficult.

I took lunch at the cabin about 12 miles in. It kind of leveled off there for a while after that, then I hit Shakerag. By then I was in desperate need of a long break that I didn't take. I slowed down quite a bit here. Had to.

If I remember right, it was pretty smooth after Shakerag, level paths, bike trails etc. It took me a shade over 7:15 to go all the way around. Not bad for a first time, I guess.

To those that like to punish themselves, I'd recommend doing what I did. Though you may want to avoid wet days for crawling down out of that rock face. Can easily be done in a day if you watch your pace.

loved this trail. went with a friend. the end view is worth it

Have been doing this trail for many years. Nicely maintained !!! New configuration of trail much better than that from the late 80's. Cave at the end of the trail is easy if equipped right (3 sources of light and helmet) if only one light just poke around in the twilight of one of the three entrances. Lower entrance is among the most impressive in the state !!

10 months ago

Really cool trail with varying terrain. The trail is dog friendly, so we started with our pup at memorial cross and headed west. There were huge boulders that we could navigate without our dog getting hurt, so we had to turn around and drive to Morgan’s Steep to bypass that section. Looking forward to coming back and completing the whole thing.

Having trouble finding the "Horror hole" past Armfield Bluff.

Nice trail with beautiful views and cave.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The trail was great, and the cave was amazing! You definitely need headlamps if you want to explore it. It was very open inside and not too far to the other entrance.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I would have rated this higher, but the trails were so overgrown, and hard to see that we often had to turn around or risk getting lost. We were attempting to get to the bridge. Eventually, we drove around to the other side and saw the bridge, but we were not able to find the connecting trail there either.
It's a beautiful area, but a shame that we couldn't do the whole hike.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Easy trail, but interesting

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Nice hike with Scout Troop 489 in February 2017. Only hiked a portion of the Western Section but our 5 miler turned into ~10 since it was such a pretty day and we didn't do a great job of orienteering (we're better at it now). Basically went from Gate 4 on Breakfield Road, around to Armfield Bluff, King's Farm, Audobon Lake, Elliott Point and back to Gate 4. Enjoyed eating lunch at King's Farm. Even ran into (or she into me since she was the one running) a friend from high school. Great hike. Here's a link to a nice resource on the area: https://www.sewanee.edu/media/student-life/explore/Sewanees_Ten_Best_Day_Hikes.pdf

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Easy to guide. Tricky terrain at times, but my 3yr old completed it w/o having to be carried. He was so proud

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Enjoyed the trail, lots of small wildlife and the cave was very interesting. Next time a change of clothes to explore the cave deeper.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Awesome trail! Very well maintained. It is quite a bit of work getting down to the cave (and more to get back up) but it's so worth the effort!! We will definitely be back!

Great hike with the wife! Took about an hour to hike in closer to an hour-twenty back out. Be prepared for an uphill climb on the way back out. The reward is so worth the effort. Standing in the mouth of the cave is like standing in front of an air conditioner. Took tons of pictures and saw an armadillo during the hike. We will be bringing our 8 year old son back to this one!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Great family hike. We had a 6 and 3 year old with us. My 6yo hiked the whole thing in about 3 hours, with a snack break at the mouth of the cave. My little one was in and out of the back carrier.

The return is much more up than down.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I have completed this trail many times! Love the Sewanee trails-- they are always maintained very well. Kind of tricky in places during the winter due to exposed rocks that you have to trek over.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Pretty nice trail, and credit to the city for doing something like this. Drove out from Nashville for a day trip and well worth it. The upper 2/3 are real trails, while the bottom third appeared to be greenways, so we did the upper and cut across the beautiful Sewanee campus back to the car. The trail itself was well maintained and and minimally used past the entrances. I passed mostly bikers, and while I was hiking it with a dog, kept thinking that the lack of rocks and mild elevation would make this a trail runners dream. I personally could have used a little more elevation challenge, but the many creeks and beautiful views of both Middle TN farmland and East TN Smokey Mountains more than made up for it.

Moderate trail with some fairly steep descents down to the cave. This was an awesome hike and the most amazing cave I ever saw with the river flowing from within the cave. Was an unexpected find didn't know the river emerged from within the cave. AWESOME. WILL BE BACK FOR SURE.

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