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Overgrown trail. From the pictures here I thought there was going to be an overlook... I only saw the cave (didnt bring a flashlight). so if you like caves and bring a flash light, this is for you.

This trail is perfect during the spring for wildflower spotting. It is short, but it does have an incline.

Waterfall was very pretty! It was a little confusing to find the trail head but after we did... it was a nice hike with lots of great things to see! I really liked this hiking trail. Trail continues after you reach Bridal Veil Falls but we didn't have time to explore any further, which gives me a reason to come back.

Great trail for just about anyone. Easy to follow with plenty to see.

Took our family of different ages and our 2 seasoned hiking dogs. Found the terrain the the caves too steep for the dogs/grandma to get down or we feared back up safely. Striking view at the fork to go to the caves. Hike is a pretty constant upward grade the majority of the back track. Beautiful but wouldn’t do again personally.

The trails and waterfalls were awesome! I didn’t give five starts because we had to ask where the trail head began. The app GPS took us to a parking lot which is great. We walked maybe a couple blocks to the trail head. Once we got there everything was good. Trails are marked well. Challenging for someone not used to it.

3 months ago

This waterfall is beautiful after a good rain, during a drought it’s just a trickle. This trail has some beautiful wildflowers as well.

This was neat and we were glad to see it but if you are looking to hike this isn’t it. But great if you are traveling and need a quick stop or going on another hike close by.

3 months ago

Great hike and gorgeous views! Perfect for our family and very dog friendly

Short out and back walk. I parked at the dog park and added a little more to the hike. Can be a little slippery after a rain.

3 months ago

Great 4 hr hike with the family, good for pets.

Such a nice hike...it was a muggy day, but when you get to the cave, it really cools you off. I really enjoyed the hike.

Great trail. Directions posted on here made it very easy to find. A little rocky and slippery when it’s been raining but the falls is beautiful!

solid hike with a nice rewarding view and a cool cave at the end. undulates quite a bit so you never get a solid feeling of an "uphill vs downhill" cave closed 11/1-5/1 if that is part of your consideration.

Nice hike. First mile is rocky but after that smooths out. Well marked. Park across the road.

loved this trail. went with a friend. the end view is worth it

Have been doing this trail for many years. Nicely maintained !!! New configuration of trail much better than that from the late 80's. Cave at the end of the trail is easy if equipped right (3 sources of light and helmet) if only one light just poke around in the twilight of one of the three entrances. Lower entrance is among the most impressive in the state !!

7 months ago

It's an easy and beautiful hike

Nice trail with beautiful views and cave.

mountain biking
8 months ago

this doesnt look like the trail. please take this down as it appears to be gravel roads. the perimeter trial is VERY difficult mountain biking and shouldn't be considered unless you have a guide AND excellent bike control skills. there are high cliffs you could ride off if you dont know where you are going. the perimeter trail IS the best kept secret in middle TN mountain biking and id sure hate to lose it from an injury or worse

The information that this trail is mostly used for mountain bikes is incorrect. They are forbidden from the portion through Shakerag Hollow from Greens View to the Sewanee gates. That portion is steep with fragile souls and is a favorite during spring wildflower season.

The trail was great, and the cave was amazing! You definitely need headlamps if you want to explore it. It was very open inside and not too far to the other entrance.

AMAZING TRAIL. So far, it’s my favorite one.

This was a good, short hike that was also a little challenging on the way back up. Good for kids. The trail was very rocky, and had some interesting sights along the way. The waterfall was hardy more than a trickle the day we went, but I can tell that it would be pretty soon after a rain.
There isn't much parking. The directions from previous reviews helped us find where to go. Once you park in the small gravel lot with the green gate, you will need to cross the road and go left. You can't see the trail head from the lot, but it is a very short walk and easy to see once you get close. Follow the perimeter trail until the bridge and go left.

I would have rated this higher, but the trails were so overgrown, and hard to see that we often had to turn around or risk getting lost. We were attempting to get to the bridge. Eventually, we drove around to the other side and saw the bridge, but we were not able to find the connecting trail there either.
It's a beautiful area, but a shame that we couldn't do the whole hike.

10 months ago

Hike isn't hard but it is uphill all the way back. Almost 400' elevation gain in 1 mile. But the falls are beautiful if you go when it has been raining recently. Directions on this site are confusing. It isn't hard. You can access it two ways: Morgan’s Steep Rd: Off of South Carolina Ave, veer left on Morgan's Steep Rd and do not make the right on Clara's Point. At the overlook, just before the curve, you will find a very small gravel parking area on the left. Park there. Cross the road to the overlook and trail head marked Morgan's Steep. Facing the valley, there are steps to the left, and a trail marker showing Perimeter Trail to the right marked by blue blazes. You can take the steps to the bottom for some good pictures of the cliff and some nice rock formations. I recommend returning to the top for the hike to the falls. Once back to the top, follow Perimeter Trail about .1 mile to a small wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and take the immediate left marked Bridal Veil Trail and Falls. It is a downhill trail marked by white blazes. Closer to the falls, watch for the small trail sign, pointing left, that says “Falls.” Other route: Clara’s Point Road: Off of South Carolina Ave, veer left on Morgan’s Steep Road, then immediately right onto Clara’s Point. About halfway down, cross a bridge, watch for a fire hydrant and green gate on the right. Park there. Cross the road and walk back over the bridge. Trail head is on the right at a culvert. Trail sign says Perimeter Trail. This trail takes you to the same small wooden bridge as above.

Pleasant trail, nice scenery. It's pretty rocky in some spots and a walking stick is a great assist for the steeper parts

Easy to guide. Tricky terrain at times, but my 3yr old completed it w/o having to be carried. He was so proud

Enjoyed the trail, lots of small wildlife and the cave was very interesting. Next time a change of clothes to explore the cave deeper.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It wasn't too hard to park but the "parking lot" looks like someone's driveway, so there are dark green gates to keep you from parking further up the hill. The sign for the beginning of the trail actually says Perimeter Trail. Shortly after you start there is a small wooden bridge. The sign for Bridal Veil falls is right after the bridge. Cross over and cut back to the left. You are on the trail. You slowly work your way down which makes it easier at first but more tiring on the way back up. Lots of loose gravel in spots where you need to be careful. Being an older, less experienced hiker I took my time, particularly coming back up. I always use a hiking stick and I was glad I had it! Hiking shoes are a must! The waterfall was beautiful and I'm very glad I made the hike! There is apparently a way to go under some rocks and come out at the base of the falls. Some other hikers said it wasn't worth the trip so I punted. All in all, a nice hike and I would do it again!

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