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The hike was fun but my friends and I brushed against a plant called Giant Hogweed. I did a ton of research because I got 3rd degree burns from this plant across my half of my shin. I would advise to AVOID this trail or be extremely careful. Someone needs to go out there and take care of this plant. I'm scarred to this day and still sensitive when I put my socks on. The pain was unbearable, stuck indoors for 2 weeks straight. Blisters the size of a baseball on my leg. And this location is the only place in the area that this stuff has been reported. I would have reported it but I don't know where I brushed against the plant. All I know is that I was hiking on this trail with my friends and I noticed weird burns on my legs later that night. Two days later my leg was covered in tiny EXTREMELY painful blisters. By day 6 my entire leg was purple and blue and swollen I had no idea what had happened and I had to visit 6 different doctors. It was 14 days before I came outside for the first time. Took 3 months to get rid of the blisters. I am scared and sensitive to this day. PLEASE AVOID THIS TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Good trail you’ll have to deal with hiking up the mountain but it’s not to bad all in all good hike. We hiked this in mid February and saw lots of bear scat on the trail

This loop has a lot of great views. Get out there early so you can take your time to soak it all in.

a favorite, especially like checking out sycamore falls in winter

We did this trail yesterday and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It's challenging, but easily doable as a day hike. And the scenery... literally 10 miles of nothing but awesome things to look at. We loved it!!

Great Hike! Awesome scenery, especially along the creek! Got some great pictures and an even better workout! Will definitely be going back in the future!

1.21.18 Great little day hike my boyfriend and I did in the afternoon. We got amazing photos of the falls when it was frozen over with ice.

Pretty cool place. Been wanting to check it out for a while. Was not disappointed. Took my 6 year old. Short walk from the parking area. Waterfall was really nice. The cave was closed d/t the bats hibernating. Will definitely go back when I can go all the way thru!

Boulder valley is 4.5 miles of sweet sweet abuse that leaves you craving more domination at the hands of mother neature. Thank you mother. May I have another??

1 month ago

beautiful and the kids loved it!

This was a pretty good hike. absolutely beautiful. Lots & lots of hills....the scenery is so beautiful!

1 month ago

Long, moderate to strenuous hike. This was actually to Buzzard Point via the Snow Falls Trail. When you get up to the top where you walk between the two huge rocks, take a left and it takes you to Buzzard Point. Stunning views!

1 month ago

Great hike. This was my first time there. This is now one of my favorite waterfalls in the area.

Beautiful. You can add on a portion of the Fiery Gizzard trail to increase mileage as well.

Difficult but awesome hiking trail. Not for younger children. I brought my 7 yr old and 13 yr old boys. We started at 8 am and ended near 6 pm for the entire trail. So I would find a babysitter for the long trail. The swimming trails are okay for children as long as they aren't very clumsy. The hike itself is intense. Be sure you have everything you need because once you overcome half of the trail, there's no turning back. Stay hdrated!!!! Eat!!!!

As good as it gets

Loved the scenery and definitely gets your heart rate up

This trail-head is extremely easy to find with Google Maps from the app. It is a popular area for climbing and if you go late in the day you are sure to see the parking lot full of rock climbers.

To start, the length listed above is extremely misleading. The walk from the parking lot to the waterfall is at most 10 minutes. It is straight down, on a steep but very easy to navigate trail. There is a nice little suspension bridge followed immediately by the waterfall which is in a neat little basin. The scenery is nice but the hike is just too short.

Now there is another trail to the left once you cross the bridge but I was unsure of where it lead when I reached the falls and I had a long itinerary of hikes to do that day so I decided to just head out after seeing the falls. Overall I would skip this one unless you are going for fall colors or want to relax at a pool and waterfall (nothing wrong with that!). There are much nicer trails in the area if you are looking for an actual hike.

If you are using Google Maps for directions then they will take you to the exact spot described above. Keep in mind there is only room for about 3-4 cars by the trailhead. I am not sure how far down you would have to go for another spot.

The drive in is nice, especially in the fall. The trail is exceptionally difficult to follow at times, even from the beginning it is easy to lose it but this was mainly due to the amount of leaves coating the ground when I went. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you do lose the trail, which I did several times, you will still end up at the right spot near the end.

The trail does follow a cliff edge for the latter half of the hike. It is straight down but there is plenty of space and there are trees to help you along the way. The trail is rather steep and you will be going straight uphill for the majority of the hike. You will need to use your hands to climb in some sections and lift yourself up over rocks. If it has rained recently I would recommend skipping this trail unless your confident in your ability. The hike is steep but very short. It probably takes about 30 minutes at most to reach the overlook of the river.

The return was definitely easier to see the trail but some spots were more difficult going down than up, especially areas that required climbing. This is very basic climbing that shouldn't be an issue to anyone in shape or confident in hiking.

Overall a really fun quick trail if you want a challenge, but there are definitely better options out there.

Short hike but worth it! Waterfall was amazing. The cave is to the left off the trail on the way back to the parking lot. It was closed for hibernating bats just a couple days ago when I was there. It isnt as hard to find as I had read- there are signs for it on the road.

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