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Beautiful but challenging trail. Well worth the effort!

off trail
4 days ago

Super fun train! It’s definitely something to work up to, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or anyone not physically prepared. Although, it’s very scenic and fun to explore!

Awesome overall trail run/hike. Beautiful views and several falls along Route.

“Beautiful waterfall” not a hike. You can explore around to see the other scenic views but very limited. This waterfall is definitely worth the drive!

the US wildlife and game department has closed the caves indefinitely.

still worth the trip. about 5 miles of gravel road to get there

We made it to the top of the ridge and had to turn around due to daylight the last time we tried this. It was also raining and the rocks and the bridge were SO slick. There was no one on the trail even though it was a weekend. This time, March 2, it was a beautiful sunny weekend day and we could barely find a spot to park! Lots of people set up at the large group site after the trail split. We did intervals of hiking/running on the way up and the doggo loved exploring the river and woods. Solid climb up to the ridge. There's a fire ring and small primitive campsite at the edge of the ridge where the trail loops around. There's a great vista if you dont turn and go past the firering- you can also get here by following the powerline clearing right before. The water crossing was really flowing and slick. Water was much too cold for my preference but the fiancé and doggy went across and took pics for me. Great hike!

breathtaking beauty stepping stones tewww heaven man

13 days ago

What a beautiful day!! I came in from Boone area. GPS was spot on. I parked to the right of the service gate. Not sure if it was private or not, but it looked to be well used. As many ave stated, this is very steep. Its a washed out gully, but that's not a bad thing. Careful footing and had no problems. The river was at full kilt... Not the photo op I was hoping for, but a good hike. I'll will be back when the river is down to normal. Not as bad as I expected from reviews. I took my time coming out with no problems. Big mud hole about 100 yards from the trail head. All wheel or 4 wheel advised.

Utterly fantastic! Best to go after a really good rain!

I feel this was an easy, short hike to a beautiful waterfall. There is an area closer to the falls where you’re hiking on large rocks. Saw several people with their dogs. Also saw people rock climbing. Trail conditions were good, a little muddy in some places but not bad.

Enjoyed this hike. Easy on the decent coming back up fun but lots of rock climbing/jumping whatever you wanna call it!


1 month ago

This is the most beautiful trail I’ve hiked in the Southeast. The scenery is unmatched. We realized rather quickly why this trail is rated as hard. It is very technical and a slow go because you have to be careful not to injure yourself. There’s many, many slippery exposed tree roots. There’s also a lot of rock scrambling. We didn’t finish the loop because we didn’t allow enough time and conditions along the creek side got very muddy at one point with mud so deep that it almost went over and into my boots. It was very slippery. Allow yourself a lot of time to complete this trail and watch your footing at all times. That being said, you won’t find a more beautiful trail around.

Top side of the Fiery Gizzard is easy and great for kids. The climbers access trail is pretty rugged and rocky but it’s fun watching the climbers. View of falls from both top and bottom is excellent. Knocked it out with our 2 and almost 4 year old. Our two year old was in a backpack and we had to help our older son over the rocks in the climbers access section. Took us about 3 hours with a lunch break on the Fiery Gizzard overlook just past climbers access trail 2.

1 month ago

Very rewarding hike but it is straight down .. and was sadly very trashed by people

Still very close to to the road prefer more backwoods trails, lots of ticks. There were lots of cool molds and fungi to view though.

1 month ago

Has gotten a lot better with addition of better signs marking trails in last couple years (as well as maps of trails). Very happy hiking around with small kids 2-7. Saw group of deer, turtles, and trees felled by beavers. Passed by less than a dozen bikers on a gorgeous 60 degree day in early February.

Very rocky terrain but definitely has some good views.

This is my 4th time doing this hike since it opened and while the trail markers have gotten so much better since opening — it seems that recent rains have washed out some of the trails and made them also very muddy and slippery so where good shoes and be cautious. That being said the waterfalls were gorgeous today!

I usually take doghole up to ravenspoint on the way up and fiery gizzard trail onthe way back from ravens point to break it up a little or vice versus. We did doghole to ravens up today and fiery gizzard back and like I mentioned above— it was very very muddy and slippery so if you go in the next few days be cautious and watch trail markers—but this is hands down one of my favorites and always will be.

neat trail...love the rock

Was extremely wet when we went. Would not recommend to beginner hikers. At one point we had to use a rope I just happened to have in pack because the trail had been so worn down and destroyed by previous hikers that morning. Very rewarding though if you make it to ravens point and finish the loop.
With that being said best 11.5 miles of my life.

I went when it was very wet and the fiery gizzard was pretty brutal, but totally worth it. I took fiery gizzard to ravens point and then the dog hole trail back down. The scenery is awesome.

We camped at Foster Falls about 1.5 years ago in early October, and took advantage of the hiking and it is really beautiful! The falls is great, and looked like a cool place to swim and explore in the summer! The trail was easy to follow, and we watched some rock climbers along the way! Highly recommend the trail and the camping!

2 months ago

This was a great trail with a beautiful waterfall reward at the end. The first bit is Very steep but my 6 and 9 year old who hike often were able to do it with a little help. Wish the weather was warmer when we did it because there is great swimming at the fall.

Beautiful but extremely muddy making it a hard hike. Found it hard to keep on the trail because so much of the trail was blocked. We did not make the loop and turned around making our hike 11 miles.
Rocky is putting it mildly.
Would like to do this again in dry weather.

We took the trail past the Gee Creek campground. Carpooled and parked on the side. Crossed RR tracks and straight up we went. One of the more fun and technical hikes we have done in this area(our backyard) Loved it. Doing it again once the ground dries up a little.
Midway up on main trail...there is a
large boulder coming loose. Go around it.

Beautiful and very diverse range of beauty if you do the loop.

Fantastic and challenging hike. It was extremely muddy today and made the trail pretty treacherous. Hiking sticks made a huge difference.

Absolutely Beautiful and easy to explore. We have gone here for years and now that they've made it an actual park, it's so easy to hike . I highly recommend it .

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