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1 month ago

Kid and dog friendly. Some places can get pretty muddy. Wonderful view and the trail is mostly shaded.

2 months ago

very steep and unless it has been raining or a wet year you want see much of a falls still pretty when it is full tbough still worth tbe hike up the hill at least once

The last part of the trail is on the road or it would have received 5 stars, but still worth the hike.

Great hike though I can easily anticipate the trail being over-run with Rodo’s and other plants by mid summer. Lovely rock croppings along the AT and a beautiful falls along the Coon Den trail.

Nice hike, gorgeous falls!!! Moderate is appropriate. Saw some flowering May Apples and red trilliums. Read a several reviews that mentioned snakes but we didn’t seen any. It would have been a great day for them. Sun. Was shining and we were in short sleeves. The trail marker where you turn off the A.T. is easy to miss. I was using this app and checking, as we went, to see when we approached switchbacks, etc, so I saw when we had passed it. It’s easier to spot if your coming from the south. Happy Trails!

Nice loop with rewarding waterfall views. Challenging uphill climb. Last bit of road not so great. Really feels secluded in the thick mountain side.

Excellent mountain vistas at the top of the first section of the trail following the AT. Be aware that it is pretty overgrown once you get on the Forest Service trail for a little while, but then open back up again. This trail is not very difficult, but do watch for snakes down by the river as well as some very slippery roots and rocks. I almost stepped on a brown snake in February! The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures don't do it justice. Right now it has very good volume after the rain we've had. My only complaint about this trail is that the last part of the loop follows the road, which has no shoulder, so just be careful and watch for cars while walking back to the Dennis Cove parking lot.

Gorgeous hike, will be back. Steep decent from top of falls, sketchy footing at times, but worth the effort.

This trail gets super overgrown and crazy during Summer. I recommend going before everything grows back out, including the thorns.

It's a good hike, make sure you look out for snakes even in November.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

This is one of my favorite spots on the planet. We went on a misty, clouded day and made it to the overlook. It was stunning, to watch the clouds rushing up to meet us over the side of the cliff. My friends and I road-tripped the South for a month and did many hikes, this way by far my favorite.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Beauty - glorious beauty everywhere - trails for every level hiker - one of my favorite places on earth!

Really nice hike. Theres a lot of growth going into the trail at the beginning of the Coon Den Falls trail portion coming from the AT that made the trail uncertain at times, but over all it was excellent and clear. Also on the Coon Den Falls portion the earth is much spongier and softer and can make for some uncertain footing at times, but overall I didn't have any issues. There are really beautiful views on the AT portion. The fall is definitely one of my favorites in the region. The many brooks along the way down from the fall add to the beautiful atmosphere of the trail.

Great hike! It's been raining a lot and the falls were awesome.

I started at Hampton Creek area in winter. I Climbed 2 hrs upwards until I hit snow and mud and I came back recording only the back route. The route up on the Victory trail is steep and if there is no mud the trail is good. There are some nice view of the mountains and farms. I came back on an alternative parallel trail, which hugs a nice creek in the forest, but here the views are blocked by the trees.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lots of water! AT well maintained; blue blaze Falls trail is steep, rocky and wet. But the Falls make it worth it! Very clean; little litter. 3 big booms - bigger than shot gun blasts - went off during hike. Road construction? Mining? Nearby.

Wonderful trail! Started at the Hampton Creek Natural Area trailhead in Tennessee and hiked to Yellow Mountain Gap NC. Steady uphill most of the way to the top. Took the red trail up, it closely follows the creek, and meets back up with the Overmountain Victory Trail. Trail can be hard to distinguish at times for this portion, but it is well marked with red flags on the trees. Once back on the Overmountain trail it is a lot of two-tracks. This is also well marked with white triangles on the trees or brown posts. First portion of the trail goes through active farm lands. Did come across the farmers as they were herding their cows. They were actually the ones that suggested we try the red trail up! This description says no dogs, however, the rules at the trail head say pets are allowed, but must be on leash. We brought our dog, kept him leashed and there were no issues going through the farmlands, the cows mostly just watched us as we passed through! There is a shelter at the top, great place to stop for a break. Overall, it was a great hike, and good views!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Did the loop starting at the AT trailhead. There is a small parking lot and a trail map. If you take the trail directly from the parking lot you will go to Laurel Falls. If you cross the road, you will follow the AT for a couple miles before meeting up with the Coon Den Falls trail. It is a sharp turn on your left so it can be easy to miss, but the trail is well marked with blue blazes. The last portion of our hike, maybe a quarter mile was along the road, however it is not a busy road. We went to the falls after a fresh snow so they were partially frozen, and quite beautiful!

I enjoyed this trail. We hiked it in mid September and the wildflowers in the pastural areas were beautiful. There are some nice long range views in spots but I feel this is a trail that is more about your immediate surroundings than the views. Last part of trail up to the AT is a nice uphill wooded walk. This trail is is a workout on the way up.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

I did the loop starting the AT across the parking in early fall and it took 2.5 hrs. AT part go uphill, well maintained and have 2 nice views (could be more with some tree management). The coon den trail is less maintained and somewhat overgrown with seedlings. The waterfall was just trickling this time of the year, it could be very nice, if there is more water. The forest is the usual secondary mixed forest with younger trees and Rhododendron thickets. Good short hike close to the city.

Myself and a good friend of mine, John, started our hike at the end of Phil Arnett Rd. From that trail we hit a section of the AT, then off onto the Laurel Fork Trail. We crossed the stream 21 times (not to include the little streams and swampy run offs from the hillsides) The first few times we were able to cross in hiking boots then it was on to the river sandals for the rest of our journey which was just over 9 miles.

Oh yeah, I should read my reviews before I post them. We ended our hike at the parking area of the AT in Dennis Cove.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I started at Dennis Cove Road and took the trail past Dennis Cove Falls, though Frog Level, Past Lacy Trap Trail and made it to Laurel Fork Falls before returning back to the parking lot. The trail actually meets up with the Appalachian Trail. This was a fairly easy trail as far as elevation gain but I did have to cross the Laurel Fork a dozen times getting to my destination. In addition to the multiple stream crossings there were multiple waterfalls, open meadows, and places to swim. There were plenty of folks on the trail, some hikers and some fishermen. I didn't see any wildlife on the trail other than some butterflies. I recommend this trail for all avid hikers but with all the creek crossings you may want to leave the little ones at home. There is no way to cross the creeks without getting into the water and creek crossing number 3 was particularly deep.

Loved this loop

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We started at the Dennis Cove parking area, and headed south on the AT. The trail is mostly open, and is a long, steady climb all the way to where the Coons Den Falls trail intersects from the left. Once on that trail it was obvious that it was very lightly traveled. The trail is all back downhill from there. It was a bit overgrown at some points, but never hard to recognize the trail and markers. On a fairly busy spring Saturday we saw no one else at all on this portion of the loop, including stopping for a long lunch at the falls itself. Very pretty, and well worth the effort, especially if your idea of a nice hike doesn't involve a crowd. We took our dogs and they had very little trouble, with only a couple areas of scrambling downhill as you near the falls. The hike from the falls itself to where the loop joins the road back to the parking area is relatively short. In addition, the road portion is pretty much level the whole way from trail marker to parking area if you want to take a shorter, easier hike to see the falls as an out and back hike.

Came back on Easter to knock out the 1.6 miles between Carver's Gap and Roan Mountain High Knob. I also went to Roan Mountain High Bluff and attached the track to the Cloudland Trail. Someone left Easter eggs and Peeps along the woodland trail before it turned to rocky switch backs. Don't forget to take a pick of the survey marker for the high point. Its in a huge rock formation to the right (west) of the AT shelter only a 100 paces or so. even though everything is still brown there was plenty of green from the fir trees, moss, and rhododendrons.

Monday, February 22, 2016

It's a great short hike to a nice waterfall. If you're wanting to start from the trail head you will need to keep an eye open for it to the right of the road. It's located between the Laurel Falls top parking lot and the Dennis Cove campground. It's closer to the campground than the parking lot.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This was a nice trail off the AT that ended on Dennis Cove Road. It was a pretty tall waterfall. Most visitors head from Dennis Cove to Laurel Falls to see the higher volume falls but this gem should not be ignored. I did this hike as a loop starting at Dennis Cove, taking the Southbound AT trail to the marked Coon Den Falls trail head. and then followed it to the falls and back to Dennis Cove Road. The it was less than a mile back to the parking area on Dennis Cove Road for a total of almost 4 miles.

I hiked this section of the AT and it was a hard workout. I made it from Hughes Gap to the Roan Mountain High Knob but ran out of juice so I turned back to my car after only 5 miles (10 since it was an out an back). It was only another 1.5 miles to Carver's Gap but the climb was very strenuous. Bring plenty of protein and electrolytes for this section, one of the highest in Tennessee as your legs will get a workout. There was plenty to see and I was surprised at a bit of history near the top of the mountain. Take the side trail to Cloudland Hotel. I included pictures of the monument.

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