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Very nice hike. Trails are usually pretty wet being near a dam, so bring some good boots. The sights and the swimming hole are epic.

Nice relaxing hike.

Very good hike. A little isolated but it did provide shade for the heat.

The lake side trail up to the cemetery was a bit challenging . Other than that this place has easy hikes . Love the sights tho - very relaxing for a short Sunday hike.

Beautiful outlooks! Not the longest trails, but a great mini hike not far from I-40

this was a very cool kayaking trip, it took about 3 hours total. the cave was beautiful from the outside but the inside is dark and it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust. we didn't go very far inside but it looked like you could explore further into it if you have a flashlight. beware of the spiders and cave crickets! kayaks, canoes, and other paddlers will fit inside the cave but its probably too small for any boats. we got surprised by a sudden thunderstorm on the way back but took shelter in an empty dock.

21 days ago

Very nice easy hike. I'd consider it more of a walk since its very flat and mostly just mowed trails around the edges of the fields. Highly recommend for an easy morning outing.

This is a beautiful trail just NARROW!!! Going around the lake loop is hard to find the entrance BUT so worth finding!!! We started at the boat rental area but would probably start elsewhere another time!! Definitely worth doing again!!!!

I’ve done this hike a few times and it’s always fun. Easy enough for almost anyone, pretty short and high reward. I love going each season to see the changes! And swim in the Harpeth when it’s warm....

I walked this trail today with my 3 dogs and they had a blast. Very peaceful and wouldn’t expect it to be as full of nature as it is.

Best Mtn Bike trails in east Tn.


A nice easy day hike around a pretty lake. Some muddy/wet spots. A few spots on the trail have benches where one can stop and enjoy a nice view of the lake. Keep an eye out for snakes,and mountain bikes on the trail. I wasn’t intentionally putting mountain bikes and snakes in the same category, lol. Have fun,hike more and worry less.

This park and especially the trails,is a hidden gem! I’ve been day hiking at Fort Pillow for many years. Trails marked well but make sure you check in at the ranger office in the museum and get the paper map as trees fall across the trails and might leave you wondering which way to go. This park can be a creepy place and can offer strange occurrences from time to time. I have talked to other hikers over the years who felt they were followed or unwanted by the “dead” who fell at the battle of this fort. Just google Fort Pillow Ghosts and you’ll see what I mean. Moderate hills, hiking shoes best and a pair of hiking poles. The Park Rangers( Ranger Robbie) are super nice and helpful. Purchasing a cool park t-shirt helps the park stay in operation and build the new swinging bridge on the trail.

29 days ago

A fun little hike and beautiful waterfall. Be careful walking down the steps lol because I wasn’t. Can be crowded at times.

A very pleasant walk. A great walk to see the beauty of nature.

There are several ways to get to the falls. One could choose a more challenging route and hike up the mountain. There are not many inspiring views, but the hike is pleasant. If you choose to drive up Chilhowee Mountain you will find breath-taking views of the Ocoee and the surrounding mountains. There are terrific logging roads along the way to hike and hunt small game. The trail to the falls is short and very easy. The falls are wonderful. There are stairs down or one could choose to climb either side of the falls up or down. The creek at the bottom is a nice place to chill, dip your feet, and have a snack. Very kid and animal friendly.

road biking
1 month ago

Beautiful biking trail.

Nice gem off 40. I wanted to get a little movement in before the drive back to Memphis from Nashville. There’s more than just the out and back here. Be sure to check out the historic tunnel as well as the narrows. The springtime flowers were beautiful and the trail is very well maintained.

Nice and short, moderate difficulty climb. As an added bonus you pass by a historic cemetery. Fun hike.

A great place to hop on the Appalachian trail. Beautiful views of the lake from most of the trail. There is a visitors center at the end of 4 miles if you need a restroom.

I went Tuesday and parked at the Wolf River Greenway parking lot (which has spaces for probably a dozen cars in total) and did north of Walnut Grove all the way around the NW lake north of the Greenline and back onto the trails past the Walnut Grove trailhead.

By taking the trails North of Walnut Grove a hike and/or ride can be extended well beyond 7.4 miles.

They are in decent shape but there is ample mud in some places where the drainage isn't good (which is mostly on the Blue trail East of WG and the white trail closest to Farm Road. That one is waterlogged and a bit of slog through mud for considerable distances and hard to maneuver without carving new paths.)

One big caveat: If you are doing the full loop all the way out to I-40 and the Wolf River - the bridge crossing the inlet creek closest to I-40 is washed out and it's a full wet crossing. When I went, it was about knee deep for 15ft across. Trying to bike through it might be difficult. Horses wouldn't have an issue but hiking, running, or bicycling is - well, you're going to get wet. (The bridge is salvaged but two ends along with the metal cables broke so it might be a spell before it's repaired.)

Snakes are out, especially north of Walnut Grove (neither were venomous but enough to give a small fright) and ample deer are out too, during daylight hours.

If there is any rain, check the Wolf River gauge online to have an idea for flooding, especially along the White trail parallel to the Blue along with some additional crossings on the Blue and Yellow trails.

One last bit: There is a spot on the yellow trail, west of the 1.5 mile marker where the trail is close to eroding off the bank. If you're trail riding or running, watching your step and/or wheel is advised.

If you park at the Germantown Road trail head, there are bear-proof trash bins and a port-a-potty. There are also bear proof trash bins at the Kayak outlet onto the Wolf River at Walnut Grove.

Pretty, short, steep, narrow, fun!

Most beautiful hike ever! Not very well marked so we got off trail a little but the scenery was beyond worth it!!! My favorite place to go!

I wouldn't really call this a hike but it was nice nonetheless - you take a short (but steep and slippery) walk down to the river. Rock Island seems to be made up of a bunch of little trails so if you want to do some hiking in the park, I'd recommend just doing all the trails. My friend and I did this in a day and ended up with about 7-8 miles total. None of the trails are difficult and most of them are easy to follow plus you get to see more of the park (which is pretty and well-maintained) that way!

The only downside when we went was that they had to close off the gorge b/c of flooding so we weren't able to go into it. I do hope to go back someday when that's not an issue!

1 month ago

The trail is in great shape overall. The main loop is clearly visible and easy to follow. New Spring growth is just beginning to pop up along the sides, but mostly still just fallen leaves. Even after all of the recent rain, it is mostly dry, with muddy areas just in the low lying areas on the southern most edge of the park along the lake.

Easy trail hike, worth the trip to see the beautiful falls!

I did the full yellow trail hike Thursday. If you take all of the detours possible, it's considerably longer than 7 miles. My GPS had it pegged at 12 1/2 miles. (Yes, all the additional trails, mind you.)

There were a plethora of downed trees along the off-the-beaten path trails and a couple of places where the blazing was confusing (namely around the 2 mile red blazing marker along the drainage valley.) There was also 2 downed trees blocking the trail and only one might be a spot of bother for those trail-riding. (it's close to 3ft tall without a ramp and on a down-hill so if you're not paying attention there might be a crash and ruining a front rim along with some pride.)

The trail was in good shape for the most part and it wasn't so muddy that you couldn't traverse without getting knee deep in the mud. (Well, there is one crossing near the 6.5mi marker on the north side of the lake that is probably mid-thigh if you try to cross it - and it hadn't rained in a few days.)

For the entire hike, I saw 4 people and two dogs for six hours of hiking. (This doesn't include gentlemen fishing on their boats in the lake, mind you.) One gentleman had his two dogs out walking (who lived right off the lake) and another who was getting miles in for a section hike of the PCT in the Sierras in July. The last was a couple on a leisurely stroll.

There was plenty of wildlife sign out (deer, raccoons, turkeys) and I saw one tall Tom close to the trail that bumps up against Fisherville Road. I didn't encounter any wasps, hornets, ground wasps, snakes, ticks, or spiders on my walk but I figure in a month they will be out. I'm not looking forward to that.

The lake trails are the gem of the area, in terms of getting away from it all and having a lovely walk in the woods. If you're going to get miles in without the possibility of being run over by trail riders or runners, it's the place to go.

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