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Looking for a short-but-steep hike up to an observation tower? This is a great way to explore the east side of Frozen Head without a heavy time commitment. Just be prepared for a somewhat strenuous trip up and watch out for poison sumac if you decide to explore the Old Prison Mine Trail. The East Lookout Tower Trail begins at Armes Gap, which you can reach by following the highway through Petros. Look for a brown gate that blocks the entire path (getting around/under it is a bit of a pain). From here, start your climb through about a half mile of gentle incline. You'll see the Old Prison Mine Trail on your left as the trail gets quite steeper, punishing your legs and lungs for challenging the mountain. The loose gravel can be a bit of a challenge, but thankfully it means you won't have to negotiate large rocks or raised roots. Watch for overhangs and the inevitable cobwebs that spiders like to build, and you'll reach the top rather quickly. At the junction, turn left and head up another half mile. The tower provides about 270-degree views with limited obstruction. Unfortunately the trees have grown up tall in the east, so any sunrise views will be somewhat blocked. However, you'll be able to look down at Petros in appreciation of your hard work. On the way down, explore the Old Prison Mine Trail if you like. Just wear long pants and sleeves, because the trail is quite overgrown with poison sumac and ivy. I also encountered a lot of bees, but they were balanced by the presence of many beautiful butterflies. Once you reach the first entrance to the mine, the gravel terminates but you can continue for awhile if you don't mind the overgrowth. Soldier on to see remnants of the old prison work system that dates back to the age of Reconstruction. Return the way you came to head back to your car and change into clothes that aren't covered in poisonous oils!

The trail is a dirt access road, which makes it much faster to hike. Most of the trail is wooded, with few views. However, the view at the tower is great.

A whole lot of up the entire way but with beautiful forest scenery. Great views and a challenging hike.

This trail seemed like it was uphill both ways but it was worth it for the view at the end. The fire tower was a spectacular conclusion to this hike. If I can offer any advice go in early because it was nearly dark when we started to leave and we got lost on the way out.

Some really nice mountain views in the winter without foliage. The overlook was anticlimatic and the views must be obtained from the tower. The kids enjoyed the hike back down as the direction was better for the scenic views. There was no dusting of snow (we read that there's almost always snow up there in winter which is why we chose this trail) so winter must have been mild this year.

The trail head is not marked, when you arrive there is a gate across the entrance. Walk past the gate and about 50 yards there is a sign to see you are on the right path. There isn’t much parking room and you will question yourself whether you are in the right area. The path up is kinda steep, but lined with gravel. I would recommend going to the west side of the mountain to go up. There are no trail markers or anything until around 2.5 miles where all the trails come together.

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Begin @ Armes Gap. Hike up gated gravel service rd. Moderate continual uphill. Jxn with Old Prison Mine Tr @.65mi. 2.1 mi to Tubb Spring & jxn with Chimney Top Tr. 2.5mi to lookout tower on Frozen Head. Nice views. Old Prison Mine Tr. is .3 mi to historic site with mine portals & several structures. Interesting/fun afternoon.

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