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great trail. has a good amount of challenging sections and it's beautiful when you get to the falls.

This is my "go to" hike. I have hiked all over this area. Great hike weather you go to Laurel or Snow Falls or Buzzards Point. Lots of little payoffs all through this hike. I have also camped several times near the top of Laurel falls. I have hiked it in all 4 seasons and think I like winter the best. Saw a Bobcat above the falls in July 2018, very cool.

23 hours ago

After summiting Big Frog from the Big Frog trail, I tried to loop back around connecting to Wolf Ridge via Hemptop. Took me 10 minutes of walking around in circles at the summit to try to find the trail. I finally found it (I think) VERY overgrown in the direction the sign pointed. Was wearing shorts and irritated the heck out of my legs. There are no blazes that I saw, only a lone cairn or two. Fought my way down the "trail" for about an hour and then lost the trail in an open area with a bunch of fallen trees. Searched for 30 min with no luck. Had to backtrack through all the brush again. Would like to come from the other direction and see where it comes out. Make sure you're comfortable navigating yourself in the wilderness!

How the hell do you even find this trail?

1 day ago

Amazing views. WARNING: When arriving to the junction GO LEFT. Going to the right will lead you to the upper falls overlook. The trail that takes you down to the bottom is across the creek. Going across the creek at the top of the falls was very dangerous. In addition, the trail was very steep, so steep that someone had tied rope in order to assist hikers coming down. After passing the lower falls sign (following the loop trail in a counterclockwise direction) my group had lost the trail and had to hike back to the road through the woods. That being said, take the loop in A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION; meaning, go left when coming to the “Junction”.

While camping at Bandy Creek this week, I have done two partials and a full counterclockwise hike on this very nice trail. This morning I was joined by my four Shih Tzu companions in their dog stroller on the last third of the loop which was a hilly gravel road. Interesting old farm.

Nice trail but found it difficult to follow at times due to confusing branching of trails. Luckily, with this app was able to get back on track. Traveled counterclockwise and took a shortcut back via the metal latter to the overlook when I couldn't locate the rest of the trail.

August 5th
What a great trail. I made some changes and ended up with 4.5 miles and 480 feet elevation climb.
nice waterfall. you can get about a mile down the Fiery Gizzard before you run into the trail construction. should be open Sept 1 the ranger told me.
Looking forward to the 13 trip to Foster.
NOTE the app has the Dog hole as a 2 mile out and back. not so it is a part of the raven point trail loop with the Fiery Gizzard. Well worth the trip.

Took this hike Sunday Aug. 19.
I went to the right and took the climbers loop. I went down onto the climbers loop at the first drop down then came up at the second. Doubled back and took the loop to the falls. The falls was worth the trip.
ended up going 3.5 miles and had an elevation climb of 800 feet total.
Word of advise, don't take the climbers loop if you aren't in good trail condition. It's a high moderate and you will climb some height.
will do this again.

1 day ago

Did this trail August 19.
This short trail is a lot more difficult than it is rated. Most of the trail is about half way down into the gorge and is predominantly scrabble. wear good boots. saw plenty of climbing areas.
Don't forget to take the Denny west four out to see the overlook up the Fiery Gizzard.
The Denny falls is a really unusual and spectacular falls.
be careful and enjoy

Fairly easy hike with nice waterfall as a reward. Would definitely recommend.

Monday 8/20/18 Got to the trailhead right at sun up with just a few cars in the parking lot. I think all were people who were staying at the lodge. My wife and I both 30 years of age have only done short 2-3 mile hike back in Ohio but we decided to go all in on this one. AllTrails said 10 miles but my Fitbit tracked 15 miles. We made it to the summit in 4.5 hours including a nice breakfast break at the bluffs. The views along the way to the top were amazing I had never seen anything like it. I was kind of disappointed when we reached the summit because it was just a pile of rocks, no overlooking views but nonetheless it was an incredible hike. Took 3 hours to make it back down.

One of my favorites so far in the Smokies!!

Nice little hike. Trail is pretty much up uphill all the way. It's a nice steady incline all the way. The fall is very nice. you can climb down to the small pool at the base of the fall. I would recommend this to everyone. My wife has a heart condition and she made it without taking a break. Carry a bottle of water just to stay hydrated anytime you hike.

It was amazing trail with the part we saw but we got to ice castle falls part going north, and got completely lost couldn’t find any trails or where markers. Super sad we didn’t get to finish. Any body have any wisdom please let us know .

Sparsely traveled. lots of ticks. Hot when we crossed the meadow near the end. Easy terrain. Kind of anti climactic compared to all the waterfall trails.

Beautiful hike! It had some steep inclines that were tough on me at 4 months pregnant, but the destination was worth it!

Best falls I’ve been to this summer!!! The hike to the blue hole was rough. I had two dogs with me, but they did really well. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting wet!

1 day ago

Easy trial, the falls are cool, it is a little shady though. I was worried about being approached for sex or drugs... worth the risk for as easy as the path was to walk.

1 day ago

Beautiful hike and quite easy. Recent massive rock slide across the creek after the waterfall. Near the final creek crossing, you must climb over rocks which could be a little difficult but worth it. After the final creek crossing at the large waterfall, the trail continues for a short distance before the trail just ends. Lots of poison ivy and oak so watch your step. Just past the concrete structure where they used to mine quartz is a short trail up with nice view overlooking the creek. We had rain the night before but the trail wasn’t wet and hardly any insects.

Most amazing views. Worth the hike, but it's a good workout.

This was a mostly easy hike with some steps and steeper areas nearer the falls. To see the falls you have to either walk through the water or stone step your way to it. The pay off is worth it. I wish I had brought a towel and bathing suit. I do not recommend Adam's Falls Loop trail that goes off this trail. The falls were nonexistent and we walked through lots of spider webs.

trail running
2 days ago

Sort of boring but very scenic and crowded. Take the good with the bad, I guess!

2 days ago

Lil elevation change but a good trip with my new girlfriend and her child probably my 4th time here!

2 days ago

One of the most scenic trails in Northeast Tennessee, but when it’s wet it gets a lil rough. Overall a good trail for pictures and kid friendly!!!

If you enjoy adventurous woodland paths, this is not for you. It was like visiting a farm where they'd used a large mower and had mown paths without any real destination in mind from field to field, then put up an outdoor center, and called those paths, "trails". There are no markers, so you may want to use a map or GPS and bring water on hot days. There is no water around, except the river, which is not accessible or humans or dogs.

2 days ago

Just hiked this trail today. It poured the whole way up to the top and when I got there the clouds were pretty heavy but could see some of the mountains around and the Chimney Tops, but within 10 minutes the clouds were all around- I literally felt like I was walking on the clouds. I decided to sit and wait out the rain and glad I did- it stopped shortly thereafter and the clouds began to lift and the sun even made an appearance which was a nice sight and I'm glad I waited around. The hike was good, definitely steep. For a relatively short hike, it was quite the elevation change. Worth the hike for sure!

I’ve done this hike a few times, once when the water was low and today with lots of free flowing creeks. It was an amazing time a day to hike. Went all the way to the top to see the Window Cliffs first and then stopped for a refreshing dip in the falls!! If you want to get in the falls i recommend hiking down the far side and climbing into the water at the bottom of the falls. There is a nice rock shelf for you to walk all the way up to the falls! Bring your GoPro for great pictures!! Poles are always recommended for passing through the 7 creek crossings, they Tend to be slippery no matter the amount of water/current flow!!

trails well kept and marked,nice for conditioning has level and elevated areas

2 days ago

amazing trail! We got caught in two thunderstorms but it really made the whole temperature rain forest vibe.

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