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well paved....miles and miles of trail. kind of smelly by the river and a bit heavy foot and bike traffic

mountain biking
off trail
12 days ago

Mountain biking only. This is not a walking trail as we found out. No hikers allowed posted very clearly. The park road loop is a nice easy walk though.

Paved, tree-lined.

Not a bad trail, well trafficked, good scenery.

Nice mountain bike trail

Not all the way out of town and very easy. Did not enjoy

The trail was great! I started at the trail head at Kohl’s, went to the Dam and back. I was so glad to see restrooms at the dam. LOL there was a lot of traffic but not terrible. Lots of joggers, bikers and lots of dogs (all unleashes). I had tried this one earlier in the year but it was closed due to flooding. It was nice to be able to do the whole trek.

2 months ago

Nice to all through the woods, road noise disturbs the peace. We did it Christmas Day and didn’t see anybody else on the trail but enjoyed people watching in the park. I’d hike this again if I was trying out new gear before going on a full on hike.

Not “moderate” it’s “easy”. All paved. Some steep spots if using wheelchair or baby carriage.

We started at the end of the trail beside Kohl’s and walked approximately 1 mile out and back. Trail was easy walking for us and the 4 year old. Stroller was easy to push. Saw many turtles in the river, some squirrels, a large salamander and tons of birds and butterflies. Unfortunately, we also passed a few questionable people carrying open containers drinking and this made us ( two women walking with children) uncomfortable so we haven’t gone back.

Nice trail. Easy with a few small hills. There is some airplane noise but overall a very nice trail. We will definitely go back.

This trail starts at the dam and runs along the stones river. It’s scenic for being in the city. I like the greenways for what they are-a tame bit of nature that inspires suburbia to get outside. There are bathrooms and a dog park at the dam end. I’m not a fan of paved trails, but I feel like it’s nice for bikers and joggers. There are usually a lot of people (another strike for me). But it’s close to where I live, so it’s a good place to get some exercise in when I’m short on time.

Completely paved trail... whoever reviewed this with the tag for mountain biking is mistaken.... yes you can ride your mountain bike here as I have just demonstrated - if you also want to be stopping for pedestrians every few minutes and getting strange looks from people who are wondering why you brought that strange bicycle with big tires out here

Super easy paved trail. Ran into about 20 people in an hour. Busy. Not always shaded. Has 2 benches along the way.

Very nice walk and great for bikes. Lots of bridges and the best tip was to look for trail head in Koles parking lot. It's in the North East Corner.

This Greenway is an easy walk with a few moderate up/down hills. Paved throughout and well maintained. Trailheads have water access. Trail passes alongside the Stones River and along private property.

Definitely seems to cater to bicycles and runners simply by virtue of the trail construction being paved. Plenty of shade if you need it. Not overcrowded. You can hear air traffic sometimes which detracts from the serenity of the Stones river.

mountain biking
off trail
6 months ago

Not a good mountain biking trail for beginners. Expect to have to get off your bike at times when going uphill because there are boulders and roots everywhere on the trail. There are A TON of them. There didn't seem to be many places where I could pick up a lot of speed like other trails. The trail seemed a lot longer than what the map showed and there are multiple other trails that branch off along the way that aren't mapped. I'm not sure what they are, but because of that and the trail not being marked very well, I got lost and rode for around 45 min longer than planned. As far as wildlife, I ended up seeing a few does and was hit in the face with plenty of spider webs. I believe I was the first to ride the trail that day even though I started riding it about 5:30 pm. There were A TON of spider webs strung across the trail and I had to keep wiping them off my face and arms. When I say A TON, I mean probably 150 in the 4-5 miles that I rode. No exaggeration. I'm not sure if it hadn't been ridden in a few days or what, but the spider webs were bad. In order for me to ride this trail again, my friends will probably have to beg me to ride it with them. The Cane Ridge trails are more enjoyable than the Priest Lake and Jones Mill trail. The Jones Mill trail was a little rocky and rooty too, but I had more fun on it than this one.

road biking
no shade
6 months ago

Most of the trail was picturesque. Enjoyed the bridges. Very little shade and the trail was not well marked. Overall a good biking trail.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great trail for new and experienced riders.

Nice paved trail for walking, biking, or running. Some stretches are shaded. We’re from out of town, so we struggled to find the trailhead, even after plugging it into our GPS. Ironically, the trailhead began in a Kohl’s parking lot! From this trailhead, it’s about a 2.5 mile walk to the Percy Priest Dam (end of trail) where you’ll find public restrooms and a water fountain. Bike rental is also available there, but the return station is at the Two Rivers trailhead entrance - about 3 miles from the Kohl’s parking lot trailhead.

8 months ago

Right off a main road and buggy

this mountain bike trail was great it was easy but not too easy, beautiful in the wooded parts, however the traffic is a little bit annoying but I can live with it

mountain biking
9 months ago

Buena ruta para practicar, hay muchas piedras y me encontré una pequeña culebra, pero en general buena para un día de bicicleta.

Great trail! Very well maintained and beautiful scenery! All paved and lots of shade! Took our dog and he loved the dog park at the end by the dam! Our first of many hikes!

Nice wide paved trail, good for bikes and walking.

Didn’t get to do the more trail-ish part because of flooding, but the 2 miles I did were nice!

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