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It was a hot and sunny day but the trail felt nice because of the canopy of trees. You have a nice view of the water a couple times. It was pretty muddy after a light rain but still doable in my Tevas. Feels pretty remote and peaceful with lots of bird, insect, and amphibian noises along the way, however for about 10 minutes when I was close to the water all I could hear was people partying on the water. Nice little 2 hour hike on my own at a semi slow pace. I actually lost my way at one point and learned that I needed to be paying attention to the orange trail markers on the trees. As long as you keep an eye on them it’s very hard to lose your way.

2 days ago

Lots of hikers and runners on Saturday morning but that is to be expected. Beautiful tall trees. Trail is a bit narrow in places and the elevation changes make it seem longer than expected.

on Mossy Ridge Trail

2 days ago

Lots of traffic but still a nice challenge.

Hiked the trail with my two boys ages 11 and 8. It was steep at points with a lot of uphill climbs but we were able to do it just fine. Beautiful trail!

This is one of my very favorite hikes near Nashville! There are a LOT of ticks there right now though. Put on some repellant and make sure your dogs are on tick meds before you go!

7 days ago

Pleasant hike! lots of nice places to stop and enjoy the water.

8 days ago

Had no map but iPhone recorded our hike at 5.78 miles, but we had the impression we might have doubled up one segment. Or maybe the extra was from the parking lot at Deep Hole Trailhead. Great hike. Lots of up and down ... some at the extreme for walking. Highly recommended.

Great trail! Views of the lake a majority of the time. Slight elevation changes make this a perfect trail for beginners. Had two dogs that absolutely loved it. Highly recommend.

Beautiful trail to escape the city. The main path is paved asphalt and good for children and pets, but you can meander off the path into primitive trails through the woods. You won't get lost because on one side is the Cumberland River (some great views can be found) and the woods always come out into East Nashville. It's all about how far you want to venture. Terrific in fall and spring, tons of color.

11 days ago

It was a nice walk through the woods but the end was fairly anti-climatic without any grand view. I’d do it again because it’s so close and lightly trafficked but it’s not overly interesting.

interesting. would do again. well marked trail. bridges. some incline.

Good variety of trail. Some incline for challenge. A few bridges. No cool overlook at the end though.

on Bakers Grove Trail

16 days ago

This is the one of trails you MUST go around Nashville.

20 days ago

This was a really nice morning hike in June. The weather was great this day- about 77 degrees and sunny. Although I was hiking in the woods (lots of shade now) and the temperature was lower. There was a slight breeze too.
The trail is well beaten- smooth (some rocks but mostly clay) from lots of hikers and trail runners. This was a moderate trail with lots of ups and downs- one grade had to be 40 degrees up. The condition of the trail was dry today and I can’t say how slippery it would be if raining and wet.
All in all I would definitely recommend this trail. However not for the faint in heart. I would do it again when in town. Thanks to all the trail maintainers.

21 days ago

Perfect mix of short, strenuous climbs and rest stretches
(just when you need them). Beautiful setting. You’re back in the car in exactly one hour, and you’ll feel great! Climbing the large stone steps in the main park area, just to get up to the trailhead, are a workout unto themselves.

Great for trail running. Easy hike for kids. Watch out for bikers though. We had a lot of rude bikers just fly past us with no warning. Overall great scenery and peaceful.

mountain biking
23 days ago

No Hiking. No trail running. For mountain bikes only. Multiple trails so you can cobble together different lengths and degrees of difficulty. Go early.

Great for scooters

I wouldn’t really call it hiking. It’s more of a walk through fields, with a lake. Paths aren’t properly marked and there’s very little visibility (lack of elevation). Also, during the summer the paths have grass that’s tall enough to conceal the snakes, which there are. Better off going to Edwin warner

trail running
26 days ago

Actually this is the Day Loop trail and it's a nice short loop. Some fairly technical sections to keep things interesting for those trying to get a quick run in. If you want to tack on some additional miles you can split off and take the Volunteer Trail out and back then continue.
Note: Limited parking will fill up quick on nice weekends, especially if people are camping. One porta-john but no water available.

trail running
1 month ago

This is one of the nicest trails I’ve seen in Nashville. It’s paved but there’s plenty of room for running alongside in the grass and there are primitive trails throughout the route that you can venture off into.

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome primitive trail and very well marked.

A beautiful hike with challenging trails

1 month ago

Great trail with beautiful views. It would have been helpful to have a couple trash cans on the path, there was a bit of litter.

trail running
1 month ago

Ran yesterday, new to the area. An awesome trail with lots of elevation change for anyone wanting to train. 10/10 would recommend

Decided to do this trail to get some miles, but only had time to do it once as the park closes at 7 PM. I wasn't expecting much because of the lack of elevation, but I was very pleasantly surprised. What this trail lacks in difficulty or elevation, it makes up for in scenery. I will definitely be back with a camera and enough time to explore all the side trails. Great place to go to get someone else interested in hiking.

trail running
1 month ago

Good spot, came on a rainy day. Good facilities with bathroom at the nature center. You get good elevation in some spots. It's good woods running, but few outlook points. Will absolutely be coming back for more training!

Excellent place to ride a bicycle

took 2 hours. it was mostly flat but got pretty tight in the back of the day loop. great for dogs and small kids

Nice little spot to do some biking around the park or town & city.

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