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NOT a great place to go if you have kids, or do not want to be around copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Took our dog with us for a walk, and almost instantly realized how much better our local parks are for this.

If you are into drugs, underage drinking, and young trashy girls in skimpy bikinis; then this is the place for you.

Awesome trail for backpacking.

This trail needs maintenance badly. My friend and I decided to hike it spur-of-the moment today. I hike all 12 miles of this trail 2-3x a year. I expect it to be weedy and overgrown when it is late summer.

Well, it is only mid-May and it is already overgrown. In 2 weeks, parts of the trail will be covered. Bearwaller needs "friends" or rangers with weed-whackers. My friend and I turned backed after going out from the picnic/camping/marina area trailhead to the 2.5 mile marker. It was just too dang weedy.

Yeah, there are nice overlooks and the trail gives you a workout, but it isn't worth the weeds. I took 2 ticks off of my ankles when we got back to the car. When I got home to Nashville, I discovered 3 more tiny ticks on my socks and 2 more stuck in my skin. I sprayed bug spray with Deet on myself before I did the hike, but it didn't do the job.

If you hike this trail, be prepared for overgrowth and ticks. Wear long pants and use bug spray. I personally will not hike it again until maybe late October.

Nice hiking trail with some hills, part of it along the creek. We clocked it at 2.4 miles from the parking lot.

I go here by myself at least twice a year just to get in the river after a good sweat.

2 days ago

There are so many intertwined trails here! They are not well marked. I ended up following the mainline trail all the way around (aprox 1.4 miles). There are many off shoot trails you can take, especially as you get close to the water. The trails are popular with mountain bikers so remember to yield to them! I would not classify these trails as easy though. There are many ups and downs and a lot of stepping over tree roots. Good trail. Good work out. There is lots of parking and restrooms at the trail head. my GPS said to turn on pool road but it's Concord Park road.

happy trails!

Very good hike. A little isolated but it did provide shade for the heat.

Love this place. Hike here a few times per week! I enjoy the variety of the trails.

The trail road ride was amazing. Had beautiful views and many areas along the road to pull over and take in the scenes and take pictures. Then you can hike up Grotto Falls, which you won’t regret. The trail is easy and accessible to the falls. We hiked it during the month of May, 2018 and the weather was perfect, not hot and definitely not cold. The water at the falls was that typical cold mountain water that’s just waiting for you to dip your feet in, so yes, go ahead.

on Eureka Trail

6 days ago

A rails to trails project that is a simple walk/hike for all ages. Wide, gravel path will connect Englewood and Athens in the near future. The trail is about half way completed at this point.

Definitely wear your chacos/keens/waterproof shoes! I did the rocky ascent up to the second waterfall and it was beyond worth it. Just gorgeous.

7 days ago

I came across (3) Black bears about two miles in. They were looking for berries.

8 days ago

Great hiking trail, but can get pretty muddy in spots.

8 days ago

Great trail. The map on here is wrong, make sure to get a paper map when you register. Camped at shelter 2, beautiful site. worth the hike.

Trail itself pretty easy and isn’t bad at all. However, people who visit don’t have enough respect to clean up after their self. Trash all over the place.

Great hike out of Cosby Campground. Steady climbing all the way up Snake Den Ridge. Snake Den offered a few subtle views, but no stellar overlooks. It’s all steady down Maddron Bald which is a neat stretch that offers slightly better views. Albright Grove loop featured a lot of old growth and large trees. Gabe’s Mountain trail had some ups and downs but mostly easy hiking. Hen Wallow Falls was much larger than I anticipated, and a great place to have a snack. This is also the most crowded stretch as it is only 2.2 miles from the campground. My suunto ambit clocked the loop at 19.75 miles (including the walking through the campground and an additional 1.4 I added by going all the way up to the AT). Long for a day hike, but a great walk and much less crowded than the hikes in the more popular areas of the park. An early start afforded me the opportunity to spend the first 2 hours and 45 minutes (~7 miles) without seeing anyone.
Bottom line: nothing in this hike is overwhelmingly spectacular, but the climbing, the wide spectrum of vegetation and a waterfall allows this hike to truly embody the Smokies.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail

10 days ago

Well the app said “Easy” I would NOT say that!!! It was hilly so I wished I had my walking stick and lots of trails intertwined!!

10 days ago

This is a good wooded trail BUT very buggy!! Lots of mosquitos and many little trails inside the big trail!

longer trail, 4.8 up but it is a constant gentle climb. Have seen many rattlers up there the last 2 years so use caution if you have dogs

15 days ago

The trail is being frequented more often and parts are definitely eroding. Could use updated markers for people that are unfamiliar with the route. Worth it for the views and good workout with ups and downs.

scenic driving
15 days ago

Great drive with spots to pull off and take pictures!

mountain biking
19 days ago

First off, this is a single track mountain bike trail. Primary usage is mountain biking and not hiking. Prepare to move out of the way if you are hiking.

Good trail. It can get overgrown some and leave with some slappers. I like the multiple paths you can follow. Good mix of roots and rocks and neither.

19 days ago

it was a pieceful hike to the cove mountain trail Head.

scenic driving
20 days ago

Lots of cars but it was still nice. Saw a mamma bear and two cubs napping in a tree.

21 days ago

We were unable to complete the trail. There is a mandatory water crossing and the water was too high. We saw a trail to the left that was marked with blue and white ribbon. We followed it for a while. It is not heavily trafficked and seems abandoned. The markers were still in place until the trail eventually disappeared in a area near the stream. Does anyone know anything about this trail? Its not on all trails, hiking project, or the area map.

Great for running and biking.

I didn’t like this hike at all - beginning is all descent and flat for first mile. Not well maintained, unfortunate given other positive reviews!

wow what a wonderful hike

22 days ago

Just slightly more than easy but a great hike...as others have said, bring an extra pair of shoes for the ride home. You will get up to your calves wading across the creek twice this time of year.

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