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Easy hike till very end at Falls, cross creek two times. But if you put in the effort and climb above this fall, there is a bigger one above it that is beautiful.

Good local walking trail -especially in the off-season when traffic isn't so heavy.

This is a mountain biking trail so hikers make sure to be aware of your surroundings so you can hear the bikers coming. There were about 3 spots with severe flood damage so be careful to follow the new paths. Great trail overall!

2 days ago

it's really NOT that easy for first time hikers but so beautiful .. definitely going again

2 days ago

The river is 5 star beautiful but the nearby commercial areas deduct a point to 4 stars. The nearby busy roads drop it down to 3. Bonus star granted however for being dog friendly. Overall 4 stars.

2 days ago

Great hike, found a trail that brought us down to the lake! Beautiful!

Good for a quick trail run if you’re looking for a smooth surface, non technical, with some good ups and downs. No stream crossings. 4 mile loop makes for a nice run if you’re an out of town traveler, close to down town. Good trailhead with maps at various locations out on the trail.

Nice trail with the dogs

Great trail. My wife loved it. We had fun and great views.

There’s really nothing to this trail it’s just a 3 mile hike by a river. I came into this hiking thinking is a least see one waterfall since you see some in the pictures but I was disappointed to find that this hike is really nothing special. Only reason I’m rating this 2 stats instead of one is because I went off trail and hiked by the Collins river instead of the trail.

Well maintained and very friendly and helpful people in the visitors center. Definitely will be back.

Defiantly on my top ten list!

Great trail with beautiful overlooks most of the way in winter and spring. wildflowers. waterfalls. creeks. lakes. rock formations. Plenty of side trails if you have time. Moderate trail overall for this area due to the length . It is fairly easy in some areas. Sewanee is a great place to hike and just be. The campus is beautiful. Trails well kept and marked.

Great hike! It’s a real workout

Superb hike! Wonderful views of the lake. The path could use some maintaining and the blazers could be more frequent.

6 days ago

not considered a trail to me,a nice quick walk next to a big pond and baseball fields.

This was really good for getting back into the hiking groove. It has a good amount of altitude increase to make it challenging but it isn't just incessant. All around an enjoyable hike.

Great day hike! Streams and rocks made it more adventurous but still friendly for all ages. Beautiful views and flowers would be beautiful in the spring.

This is my second time to attempt a full trail at Nesbit Park. I went to the map and found that what is labeled here as blue trail seems to also come in contact with the orange trail. I set out on the orange trail since it was labeled as only for hiking. It ended at a bench near the river, then seemed to flow into the blue trail. I think he blue trail is for hiking? Either way, this park is very confusing. For better exercise I reccomend hiking the trails labeled as biking.

8 days ago

Did this trail May and October 2017. Starting from Sugarland Visitor Center's left side to Park Headquarters then across and to the left on Park Headquarters Rd. NOT comfortable (road) on this part, NO walkway over road bridge!! Only (TN side) trail that allows dogs.

Many flowers, strong walk bridge over Pigeon River. there is a short off trail path to the Smoky Mountain sign for photos. There is a square post you can place your camera, set timer for photos!

There are sections (before walk bridge) where you can see how close the Nov 2016 fire got to the trail.

Difficult because of steepness at times but worth it for the views. I would recommend a walking stick, plenty of food, and plenty of water for the long journey. We started at the overlook and hiked 10km to defeated creek camp and 10 km back. It was about 12.5 miles round trip and took us about 6 1/2 hours.

11 days ago

Our first hike of 2018 and it didn’t disappoint. It was raining and 50 so we didn’t see many people. The trails where well marked, the trail width was good and the falls were beautiful. The area would be great for camping and hiking all the trails.

11 days ago

Easy trail to above the falls. Many nicely laid out rock steps down to the bottom. There are hand rails most of the way down. Be careful there are wet spots.

VERY crowded and because it's a one-lane one-way road, you feel rushed because there's a line of cars behind you. So stopping to enjoy the view would mean backing up traffic in the middle of the forest. We caught a very tiny & quick glimpse of a bear that was very far away and in order to do that we had to pull over into the grass, get out of the car & walk to make our way through a heard of cars & crowd of people who were standing on the tip of their toes trying to see passed the person in front of them. There was a blockade set up so people cdnt get further in to see & some people were on the blockade to see if they catch a glimpse of the bear. We managed to make our way to a boulder that was big enough for us to stand on. just as we finally got up there and was able to see something in the distance, a ranger came and told everybody to disperse. so then you have a crowd of people trying to get back to their vehicles all at once. We sat in our car for what seemed like forever because we couldn't get out. it was a disaster. And we drove 2 hours to get there for that. I think the idea what Cades Cove was supposed to be is a great one, but when you take that idea and put it into practice it's a disaster.

All paved, would seem nice for a bike ride but not really so much for hiking. There were some pretty parts but also a lot of trash around the park. Also next to a sewer system so if it's a windy day I wouldn't advise it.

15 days ago

Dog friendly, beautiful easy trails with views and water access. Would like to come back and kayak here.

This is one of the better hikes near Nashville, hands down. This one is not for beginners as it consists of a lot of elevation. Really some great views over the Cumberland. Will revisit in the coming Spring.

on Bluff Trail

16 days ago

first time on this trail. Very nice view of the valley and skyline. Trail is pretty easy. Started and finished at Sunset Rock. Access to SR is a bit more tough with lots of stone steps to be aware of footing.

16 days ago

beautiful view

really beautiful. officially my favorite hike in chattanooga.

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