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Linden, Tennessee Map

Fun hike with lots of armadillos & spider webs! Trail has a few areas where it’s hard to follow. The park seemed deserted. We only saw a handful of people around the park and met only one group on the trail.

6 months ago

Great trail. The map on here is wrong, make sure to get a paper map when you register. Camped at shelter 2, beautiful site. worth the hike.

10 months ago

Another very well maintained TN state park. The shelters and campground restrooms were very clean. The moderate effort Eagle Point hiking trail is well marked. Nice elevation changes. Campsite #2 offers a spectacular view of the river and a very ample area for several campers. While sitting on the flat rock at the overlook at #2 a bald eagle flew by us treetop 30 yards away...WOW!! There is no water at the campsites so you need to pack it in or you can traverse down a very steep slope to the river. Overall..excellent park with friendly rangers!! Will return.

backpacked it with a boy scout troop 2 weeks ago. excellent trail for an overnighter with inexperienced backpackers. both shelters are in good shape with picnic table, trash can, and fire ring. the stoves in shelter wont heat them up that much, only cut the chill. the trail is harder than you might think, as there are several good sized hills that will challenge you. all in all a good hike.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

We went with our Boy Scout troop I would say if you have allot of boys with hammocks shelter 2 is awesome. But your selection for tent sights are limited. Shelter one has allot of great spots for tents around the shelter. As far as filtering water. The climb down to the Tennessee river is pretty difficult. I would suggest presaging water in the cemetery. The hike from there to shelter 2 is pretty easy so someone could drop there Gear and walk back with a empty pack to bring water for the group. Over all it was a great hike although if you hike into 2 then back around the loop past one you will have allot of big hills on day 2.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Great 1st backpacking trip. Trail well marked. Stayed at Shelter # 2, the place to stay. Great view.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Me and my son just hiked this with his Boy Scout troop this past weekend. We stayed at the regular camp sites Friday night which I have to say are pretty nice. On Saturday we hiked up to shelter two on the river. After dropping some of our gear we then hiked around the north part of the loop over to shelter 1 which at times could be difficult if your not used to hiking. The biggest climb we had was probably 160 - 180 feet up to where shelter 1 was. All in all it was a pretty good trail but I sure wouldn't tackle this during the summer months.

Monday, August 21, 2017

My son and I went this past weekend for an over night trip. We enjoyed the trip and the staff at the park were very helpful. The trail is mainly wooded and well marked in most areas. Even we're not well marked with blue blazes the trail is worn enough that it is easy to follow. Pay attention to signs that direct you on the correct trail so as to not get on one of the bike trails. We stayed at shelter 2 along the river. You can walk in or reserve the shelters. If you reserve them you have them to yourself. There is a bike trail that runs along the river below shelter 2. We were able to make it down the hill to the river to swim which was very nice on a hot and humid day following the hike in.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

We started from the playground and went towards shelter 2 instead of shelter 1 as our original plan was to stay at shelter 1. We got to shelter 2 relatively quickly with little to zero difficulty even though everyone in our trio were wearing 25-35 lb packs. We met the another backpacker there that we got a long with really well and decided to stay the night at shelter two so we could enjoy the great views longer. The park is named Mousetail Landing for a reason. Our tent which was in perfect condition before we set it up was no longer when we woke up. Mice chewed through our bathtub floor and some of the mesh which is sad but should be pretty easy to fix. My tip would be even though there aren't any bears to go ahead and hang your food to keep the mice from destroying your expensive backpacking gear.

Because day 1 was so unassuming we took our time packing up camp and sat on the cliffs for a couple hours then left around 10:30 am heading towards shelter 1. This trek was much harder coming from this direction. We spent at least an hour going uphill in one stretch. It took us 2 hours to go a mile and half which is very unusual for us. So make sure you have enough time and WATER if you plan to go this way. When we eventually got back to the playground and to our car it was around 4:00 pm and we were exhausted. We did take about a 30-40 minute break at shelter 1 to eat lunch but it still took a lot longer than we expected. After talking to the ranger when we finished he said that we went the hardest way to do and complete the trail.

Lastly the wildlife is everywhere and that was wonderful. We only saw one other person on the trail and it was 4th of July weekend which is a major pro. Shelter 2 is WAY better than shelter 1 so get that one. Overall it was a good trip and hike but you will be in the green tunnel 98% of the time.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

We did a fun overnight, staying at shelter 2. This trail has times where it really feels challenging. There is only one real view, which is off the cliffs at the shelter 2 camp spot. My favorite part was that the entire time our trio was there, we only saw on other person, who was also overnighting at shelter 2. There was also a ton of wildlife. Tons of frogs hopping on the trail. We also ran into 3 armadillos, a snake, and other assorted wildlife. The trail is clearly marked, so you can't get lost.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

One of the best hikes I've gone to since I've been here. Trails were well maintained and were clearly marked. Great scenery and got some great photos out of it.

mountain biking
Sunday, April 16, 2017

This trail is not a good biking trail. It is not maintained at all. The trail is covered in sticks and logs, and the leaf path makes it hard to get any traction. There were some points where I would lose the trail because it is barely visible. We ended up getting on the blue hiking trail to ride back which was better groomed but too steep to bike. So we pushed the bikes up and rode back down which was doable but very tough. This is a great hiking trail with beautiful scenery, but I would never bring my bike back here unless the trail was cleared.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beautiful hike on a nicely maintained trail. Amazing views of the river. Lots of ups and downs. worth the climbs. Rangers at Mousetail are terrific.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Well marked trails especially from the trail head to number 2 campsite. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay over night but would definitely recommend breaking the 8 mile loop in half. Back side has some huge hill that make for some work to keep a good pace going. The Park Rangers are super helpful, they are top notch!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This trail is a bit harder than moderate if you have the weight of an overnight on your back. Lots of large hills that go pretty much straight up. A few switchback but more of them just go straight over the hill and these aren't small, rolling hills. The hike itself is rather boring, not much in the way of scenic views or anything. But the shelters are top notch and the overnight camp was very enjoyable. The only real view is the one from shelter 2. I'm in no hurry to do this one again.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Went this past weekend it was a great overnight hike!!! The trail is not too bad going up or coming down! The view is amazing! There was a no burn on the park so we couldn't have a fire outside, so we had to use the stove inside the shelter which was okay! Can't wait to go back! Saw a bald eagle in the morning when I woke up!! Make sure you get cabin 2 if you want the view overlooking the river!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Very good trail. Very wooded and several things for all the family.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Best view at cabin 2! Only 2 cabins and camp sites so Be sure to register before hand! Good clean well marked trails! Saw wildlife! Copperheads, hognosed adder, geese, squirrels, armadillos and deer!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Boy Scout Troop took 10 boys with 4 adults up to Shelter #2 for our first ever backpacking hike. In hindsight, we were a bit overly ambitious. Great experience and beautiful trails. If we were going again tomorrow, we would take a lot more water and hike from Trail Head to Shelter #1 and then to Shelter #2. A LOT more difficult when hiking from Trail Head to Shelter #2 and then to Shelter #1. Hence the reason of numbering them I suppose. Park Rangers were extremely kind and helpful.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Great hike. Would love to get back out there. Make sure to stay at Shelter #2.

Most of my commentary is on the video at https://faithdeblistered.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/mousetail-landing-state-park/.

Some points I’d like to make are:

Difficulty: moderate (can be strenuous for some)
Miles: roughly 12 miles (this includes hiking mountain bike trails to make a figure 8)
Marking: Clearly marked but easily confusing since mountain bike trails criss cross the trail in numerous places
Shelter: Stay at shelter #2. Shelter #1 has no view.
Terrain: dirt, mossy, rocky; bridges can be slippery if recently rained
Water sources: Take plenty of water. Hardly any water unless it rains
Trail conditions: Lots of blowdowns and debris on the trail
Nothing but ups and downs. Hardly (but some) flat hiking

Sunday, December 13, 2015

we enjoyed this trail definitely more than a moderate trail. enjoyed our stay at the shelter by the river. The other shelter not much of a view. also think this trail is a little further than it said. we will definately be back to hike this trail again.

on Eagle Point Trail Loop

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It was very clean and the trail was very easy to follow. I stopped periodically to look at the streams and small creeks.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beautiful hike! Especially for the western half of TN. Nice long length. Great view of the river at one of the backcountry camping locations.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I love mouse tail ever single time! I have hiked this trail a few times and always enjoy it. The trail itself is not always perfectly marked. Most of the blazes are great but be really careful when closing on the loop because it's easy to get turned around and end up back at the shelters. There are a few little streams but each one has a bridge so you don't have to get wet unless you want to. I've never encountered more than one or two other people on the trail even in the summer, but I always see plenty of armadillos, which you can get extremely close to before they even look up. There are some strenuous hilly bits of trail but they don't last too long and you can always take breaks. Don't miss the old cemetery. There are lots of graves from the 1800s including a really creepy one that says "he is not dead but only sleeping". Shelter number 2 has the most spectacular view of the river and a great little bluff to take a break so I would say stop there for lunch or choose this shelter if you are going to camp. Definitely a fun and peaceful trail that I would do again and again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beautiful trail and very clear sign. Just follow the blue blazes to complete around 8.5 miles round trip.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The overnight trail begins next to the playground near the Ranger Station. The trail is well-marked with regular blue blazes. The trail is a lollipop loop trail. The trail ranges from soft and mossy to rocky with many roots. The trail winds north, gaining and giving elevation as you pass from valley to valley. Although there are several creeks on the first mile or so of this trail, there is no readily available running water near the shelters. About an hour up the trail the trail splits for the loop. A sign marks that Shelter #1 is to the right while Shelter #2 is to the left. It took only another half an hour or so to reach Shelter #1. The shelter is a screened box with a dirt floor. Eight wire bunks line the wall. A wood stove is present, but the exhaust system was missing. There's a fire ring, picnic table and trash can as well. There is no water nearby and no view of anything. I pressed on to Shelter #2. The trail from #1 to #2 quickly descends to follow the shore of Lick Creek, which is a wide bay connected to the Tennessee River. The trail commingles with two mountain bike trails (marked with different colors) so pay attention for the blue hash markers. Near the junction of Lick Creek and the Tennessee River the trail starts uphill to Shelter #2. Shelter #2 is the same as #1 except it has a great view of the river and water is accessible, though down several hundred feet to the river. I stayed here overnight, watching the sun set, barges push by and recreational boaters zip up and down the river. From #2 back the trail loop junction is a quick twenty minutes or so. All in all, not a bad trip. Reserve or stay at #2 for sure.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Completed this trail a few times. Nice easy trip.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Have done this trail several times and camped at both shelters. Started at the trailhead near the ranger's office. Great hike close to home; fun in winter. Hit 12F one night at the shelter overlooking the Tennessee River after a beautiful vista at sunset. Perfect trail for anyone learning to do overnighters or learning to navigate with a topo map. The park hand drawn map is out of scale and the entire foot trail is interlaced with mountain bike trails, so a novice can get turned around if not careful. The cemetery is a settler family plot, very interesting. Saw bald eagles fishing below overlook; awesome experience. Park staff is outstanding. This a great group hike for a campfire and fellowship at either shelter.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

we actually went to hike the 3 mile trail cause we brought our daughter with us and she did grate. we decided to hit trail head at the playground and hike to the first shelter, grate hills and very fun. Ranger Chad was extremely helpful very good support here. definitely going again.

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