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I’ve been on several hikes that have far better natural aesthetic qualities, however, Ijams deserves a huge five star “thumbs up” for its proximity to an urban area. Great place for people to learn and value their natural world! Wonderful educational programs about conservation, e.g. gardening, birding, hikes. *****

ok lots of people enjoying the day

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washed out
12 days ago

One of the tunnels is flooded and closed off. Still a good bike trail!

15 days ago

We’ve had LOTS of rain so the trail hasn’t had time to dry, very muddy. There were several Heron in the lake which was amazing to see. There was lots of road noise around the lake area. Still a very nice trail.

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23 days ago

2 months ago

Clean, well maintained greenway. Much of it recently resurfaced.

2 months ago

Nice, paved trail with good river views.

Very easy, flat greenway. Great views of the river.

Great short loop with a few steep points. Nice views of GSMNP and quarry from above. Get pretty slick after heavy rains. Easy access from parking, Ijams and downtown, but still feels secluded and peaceful.

Really fun trial close to downtown. The expert trail was a little overgrown and had some fallen trees that made navigating and staying on trail difficult at times. Overall had a good time and will definitely be back.

Nice trail. Easy to find and follow the trail. We went on a weekend where there happened to be a 5k run so there were far too many people. Not a strenuous hike for sure. Follows the river in spots and has a boardwalk past a cave. That was pretty neat to see. Visitors center and rescued birds were very nice. I’d recommend for a quick walk in the woods.

Nice trail. We went the “back way” on the loop, going clockwise. It was more difficult that way—the uphill section is quite steep for about a quarter of a mile. I can see that coming the other direction would have been an easier climb. But the scenery was nice, and my kids all seemed to enjoy it.

4 months ago

Really enjoyed this trail. Saw raccoon and snake. Nice hike

Wonderful short hike! Took my 2 & 5 year old. Was a little challenging for the 2 yo. Had to carry her some. Definitely need good shoes. The majority is uphill and downhill. Slippery especially with leaves this time of year. (November)
The cemetary was really neat. Theh granddaughter of a couple people buried there had left some info about them.
The outlooks were very pretty.
Not too crowded.
Saw about 5 couples so not too crowded.
If you wanted to continue you could always do the other trails once you loop around. There's tons to explore around there.

Great quick way to get outside with the family close to home!

This is a great place, but remember it is not a park. It is a TWRA wildlife management area meant for hunting. During hunting season Sept.-May, only the Western Perimeter Trail, Will Skelton Greenway and Whaley Trail are open to the public. TWRA is funded almost entirely by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and pays for the management of this WMA. The public should not use the interior trails during hunting season, for their own safety and out of respect for those hunters that pay for the management of the WMA. A bullet can travel a long way and hunters will not expect members of the public, nor see them through the woods and brush, to be using those interior trails.

4 months ago

Sharp’s Ridge Loop Trail is a roughly 4 mile moderate loop hike located inside the 640 loop in North Knoxville. It is convenient for a short morning or afternoon hike when time is limited and provides a few nice vistas looking south toward downtown and the Smoky Mountains beyond. The canopy of trees can be thick in the non-winter months which can be a nice respite on hot summer days. The only drawback to the trail is that it intermingles with the mountain back trail that parallels it and due to poor marking, can be difficult to know which one your actually on and therefore dangerous. I recommend hiking it at non-peak times to minimize this danger. I’ve also been told it is a good hike in wet conditions because of how well it drains after heavy rains.

I agree that this is a neat trail for being pretty much right in Knoxville. The river walk and cave are pretty neat. My daughter and I also went up the tower trail a ways-nice spot to sit and take in the view. Will probably walk it again sometime since it’s so close.

Did the river walk trail as a family. Great trail for all levels especially younger kids. My six year old loved it

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5 months ago

Ratings are all relative :) I gave this a 5 as this seems perfect when you think about a trail that is in a city. I’m not from the area so this was the first time I had checked out this area. This particular trail was pretty great. It was diverse in the type of scenery...from river views to rocks to seeing a cave to a pond etc. Definitely an easy path. I only came across a couple groups of people which was nice as well. I went at 6 pm on a Wed night though. I bet it gets crowded on the weekends though. I would go again and frequent often if I lived in Knox.

Ps. You can make this trail a bit longer by veering off the path periodically on the other side trails.

This also is more along the lines of an easy trail vs moderate.

For a hike in a city this is as good as it gets. I wish I had access to something like this in IL. I agree with the person that reviewed this trail the same day as me (10/2/18). I went in the evening and while more people were there most of the trail was quiet...so think they were on other trails or right by the quarry.

I did record my distance and I hit 2 miles but I did double track certain areas going back for pics etc after people would leave so it is definitely less than 2 if you don’t double back.

It has an incline for most of the mountain side of the quarry. Only recommendation is to get there with sufficient time to do the trail at the pace you want before dark. I had to jog in spots to make it through before dark when the gates close :)

Oh and I also wish I had my hiking boots instead of gym tennis shoes, but I didn’t pack them this trip.

If I lived here, I would go here frequently. The pics do not do it justice.

This is a 1.1 mile hike (not 2 miles like AllTrails claims). It is more easy than moderate- the slight ups and downs and twists and turns keep it fun. Bringing hiking poles would be a good idea to help steady yourself on the ups & downs as the ground is damp mud with leaves on it and not ideal footing. I was glad to have brought one of my poles since I was baby wearing as well.

Some beautiful sights and wildlife. We saw some big spiders and a turtle on the trail! We ran into our share of cobwebs, but none were giant or full of spiders so it wasn’t even that annoying actually. There were some mosquitos towards the 0.75-1.0 mile range but that’s about it. My dog did this easily as well (she’s an experienced hiker though).

We hiked at 11am on a Tuesday in October and were the only ones out there. It was very peaceful and a lot of history to be learned here.

The cemetery was especially interesting because a living family member posted 2 photo frames with the deceased persons information and stories on them along with flowers. It was very neat to read about the family and learn about what happened and their struggles ages ago.

I will definitely be back- this is a perfect short hike that isn’t too easy or too difficult.

The steep mountainside makes it feel like you’re high up in the trees. It’s very popular with bikers so if you hike it, listen and watch for them.

It really needs to be marked better, though. We ended up on the bike-only trail by accident and it could have been dangerous. No blazes made it guesswork the whole way.

It's a good trail for a nearby escape. However, I feel a little uncomfortable when by myself having known the area and its reputation. I always have my dog with me and she loves her mom so that helps.

Most trails appear to be of easy to moderate + difficulty. Intresting trails and scenic greenways. Plenty of activities for children. Pet friendly areas. Plenty of parking. Close to home.

A great little park on the south side of the city. Lots of fun walking along the river and good for all ages.

Great quick little hike with some really good views and lots of shade. Would definitely recommend to others.

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6 months ago

This is a wma hunting management area with MTB trails most of the trails are in a wooded setting running along the river .It stays wet for a while after a rain but a nice place to ride. beginner to intermediate trails with a couple of advanced short trails.

6 months ago

Great little taste of nature for when you're in Knoxville and can't leave your responsibilities behind to get yourself to the smokies.

Great place to take your kids and pets, will be coming back again!

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