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To experience the best at this place you need to take the trail from the overlook off of Chapman Hwy on the left side of the quarry. It’s rugged and secluded back there and would probably rank as difficult in many places.
Other reviewers are right though that the other people in the area aren’t always the best, but I know a few places to go to avoid them for the most part.

I don’t know if I would call this a loop because it branches off in other greenways. This is one of my favorites though due to being so close to home and UT. It’s fairly easy to find off Alcoa Hwy but traffic can get bad. The trails itself offers a variety of scenes which makes for a great ride on your bike.

I actually did a 5k run here but it doesn’t give that option lol It’s a beautiful loop with shade and sun. Very quiet area and great for a nice run or walk. Lots to offer!

I enjoy this area for many reasons, it’s great for hiking and kayaking. The uphill switchbacks are a great workout with beautiful views. There are 2 different entrances to the park, one with a boat launch and the other for hiking or biking. I recommend trying this trail.

I love Ijams and how close it is to Downtown Knoxville. There’s always something to see here! Easy to moderate trails that anyone can enjoy.

We broke this trail in half and both times we had a great hike! I believe it was the Hardwood segment going uphill was a burst of work that was full filling in the end.

We also did half of it on a fairly muddy trail (enough to bar biking but not hiking), but we had a pair of sticks between us and it was pretty fun! Little bits of slipping but lots of jumping. That was the Yellow Jacket run.

Definite do-able again.


9 days ago

Because of certain circumstances, we had to break this trail into thirds, but because of the varying difficulties and lengths, we were able to feel challenged. That bottom half of Chain Ring was a challenge if you caught it going uphill, and we did it both directions so we know!

Of note, it was pretty interesting to see Knox Forest School using such a beautiful area for one of their campuses.



Not a bad little walk. Better than some of the other greenways in Knoxville, TN.

17 days ago

This is a nice trail for a decent weekend walk. The paths are wide to accommodate bikes, so it makes it nice for dogs and strollers as well. During the spring and summer you can find many species of wildflower, but be sure to bring sunglasses for the few portions of uncovered trail. Be sure to make a restroom break before hitting the trail if you’re walking as there really aren’t any places to stop until you hit Tyson park. Same goes for places to throw away doggie bags. If you’re coming from the Bearden area be sure to go all the way to the end so you can enjoy the UT gardens. During the summer their are so many flowers to check out.

The major downside of this trail is the high traffic and the smell for the 3rd creek. Once you pass university commons and the creek widens it can be a little depressing to see all the trash, but with all the conservation efforts perhaps it will be a little cleaner in the future.

Overall it was a relaxing walk and a great way to enjoy some nature in the city.

A cool trail so close to the city! I suppose the views in the fall/winter would be better. There were no views from the trail, only at the observation point on the driveway. Parking was confusing . We didn’t drive all the way up until after we hiked - you do find more parking at the top. But overall a great trail.......I suppose that a little more than hiking and biking goes on up there in order for there to be warning signs and surveillance by the police department.

Kinda rocky in parts! Decent enough trail with ok markings ! We came across 2 trees that were down which were easily gone around and added to the morning’s adventure! It amazes me that we have these trails right here in Knoxville!!

1 month ago

Nice, quick fix for a trail run near the city. However, it's really geared more for mountain bikers than it is for hiking or trail running. Should be noted that the place feels a little seedy and I wouldn't recommend going alone.

Great hike with my wife and daughters!

The concrete trail is wide and in great repair! It had been raining hard for several days before I hiked the trail and there were no wet or muddy spots and that is huge for me. So why only three stars? Users are trashing the trail. There was nothing scenic about the trail. Finally, i was with the family and after a mile we turned around because there were no benches to let the little ones rest and we were worried we’d have to carry them if we got too far in.

nice shaded easy walk.

trail running
2 months ago

When I went, it was the middle of a hot day in early June. Only the north entrance was open. I encountered less than 10 other ppl during my 1.5 hours uphill towards the south parking lot then back on Wimp’s pass (begrudgingly only due to the name). It was mid-afternoon and all the people I saw appeared towards the end of my jaunt. Not over burdened by insects or “technical” terrain. The uphill was definitely that. The low way back was flat and easy. I think due to the proximity to Knoxville this system is excellent.

trail running
2 months ago

For what it is, it’s a great trail. A little bit of woods in the middle of the city. Just a quick getaway. Obviously it isn’t going to be Abrams falls, but it’s a good evening place to clear ur mind w a run.

I went with my mom. we both loved this trail


2 months ago

Great area to walk or exercise. All areas are paved. Restrooms are available. Safe and beautiful. Lots of birds to watch too.

2 months ago

Always a nice and easy hike. Great for kids with the nature center and play area.

NOT a great place to go if you have kids, or do not want to be around copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Took our dog with us for a walk, and almost instantly realized how much better our local parks are for this.

If you are into drugs, underage drinking, and young trashy girls in skimpy bikinis; then this is the place for you.

2 months ago

Very overgrown and little used. Hard to see where the trail is and would have gotten totally lost were it not for this app. Not for me.

The lake side trail up to the cemetery was a bit challenging . Other than that this place has easy hikes . Love the sights tho - very relaxing for a short Sunday hike.

Trail itself pretty easy and isn’t bad at all. However, people who visit don’t have enough respect to clean up after their self. Trash all over the place.

3 months ago

This is a good wooded trail BUT very buggy!! Lots of mosquitos and many little trails inside the big trail!

trail running
3 months ago

A beautiful neighborhood park that offers volleyball, soccer, Trail and paved running. A small dog park, frisbee golf, a small lake for fishing and large pavilion. Very family oriented but lots of open space for individuals needing some alone time as well.

Nice part is there are several side trails. Trail markings could be better at times. Overall, it was good cardio!

4 months ago

This is one of my favorite walks at Ijams. Semi-long, but pretty easy. Beautiful views. Well-maintained. I take my eight-year-old on his bike and my three-month-old in the jogging stroller, and we all enjoy it.

4 months ago

Loved this trail can't wait to try another trail with my dogs.

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