Johnson City

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Hike was more challenging than I thought. Slippery rocks and roots during multiple unbridged stream bed crossings were found on trails other than the loop. We went clockwise from the picnic area on the loop and it seemed to be uphill most of the time. After White Rocks we took Tower trail down to Noggin and then Hartselle to get back to the car quicker. Noggin was narrow and steep with Hartselle being an active creek bed most of the way.

When we stepped out on to White Rocks we found more than one type of poisonous snake sunning itself and absorbing heat from the near by rocks. That was expected as possible so we were looking and cautious. No problems and good pics from a distance.

Did notice older men driving and parking around the around the picnic and camping areas. Got the feeling this could be a pickle park but we were not bothered nor did we see any casual encounters.