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Hike was more challenging than I thought. Slippery rocks and roots during multiple unbridged stream bed crossings were found on trails other than the loop. We went clockwise from the picnic area on the loop and it seemed to be uphill most of the time. After White Rocks we took Tower trail down to Noggin and then Hartselle to get back to the car quicker. Noggin was narrow and steep with Hartselle being an active creek bed most of the way.

When we stepped out on to White Rocks we found more than one type of poisonous snake sunning itself and absorbing heat from the near by rocks. That was expected as possible so we were looking and cautious. No problems and good pics from a distance.

Did notice older men driving and parking around the around the picnic and camping areas. Got the feeling this could be a pickle park but we were not bothered nor did we see any casual encounters.

This trail offers some pretty good views at the summit, but it is by far the worst marked trail I’ve been on. I do not mind unmarked trails, or having to venture to find my way, but there is a highway of trails that are either marked blue or white with no indication of where they go or why. This trail would be better if it were unmarked as it would be less confusing as the markings that have no rhyme or reason. That being said, it leaves a lot to be explored especially if you take a wrong turn. It would be easy to keep walking In small loops unintentionally

kind of confusing at parts, but that's part of the fun. it's beautiful there!!!!!

Good hike with several good overlooks. The loop is the best trail here. Most the others are hard on your legs

road biking
1 month ago

The first part of the trail was interesting and well maintained and kept you alert for stops.
The second part of the trail was noisy and traffic made crossings difficult but if you wanted a place to eat and rest you had many choices.

The trail is a little hard to follow because there is usually a big gap between markings. Also, the trail is very small and you will hit overhanging branches and foliage. There is mostly steep inclines and declines with little medium walking ground. The views are amazing though, definitely worth all the hike! When you get to the road it is a little tricky getting back on the path but just look and you should find it no problem! Hiked a total of over 5 miles and they were all worth it! DO NOT go on these trails when it is raining because some parts would be impossible to pass.

Had a good hike through Buffalo Mtn today. The trails kind of cross each other. We did some of the white and some of the blue. Some pretty views over the white rocks. Like the others said...there are no water falls on Buffalo Mtn. The trails were pretty well maintained with a couple small downed trees, nothing that couldn’t be navigated over though. Good hike!! Will be back to hit the trails I didn’t get today!!

This is a great hike and will take you around the entire mountain. It does take quiet a while to complete

suuuper fun!! i went with three of my friends, we’re in highschool & it was really great. i would definitely recommend this as a half day, bonding type of hike.

Good family hike good view needs to be marked a little better

The trail is marked by the white blazes and I had no difficulty following them. The trail also seems to be well maintained. I did venture off trail a couple of times just to explore or to see if there was a view. Overall great hike with some rewarding views!

there are nooooo waterfalls on buffalo mountain lol. beautiful views from the overlooks and pretty quiet once you get past the overlooks. be cautious about snakes, have seen many timber and copperhead up there.

Beautiful trail that follows a stream for the first segment then winds up the mountain with a lit of switchbacks. Definitely a more strenuous hike, but the views on a clear day at the top are worth it.

4 months ago

Nice, well kept trail. Would rate it as easy. It’s completely flat.

I hiked here yesterday. It was mostly all uphill and constant switchbacks all the way until you finally reach the picnic table, then it straightens out some. I would rate this definitely a more strenuous hike.

Fun hike. Needs better markings. Blue trail confusion

road biking
5 months ago

Great place to take a safe long bike ride. Packed gravel and pretty decent scenery make this for a great spot for a spin.

This trail is very rewarding with a few steep elevation gains and beautiful views. I hiked it this afternoon and only saw one other person, so the woodland solitude just outside of town was well worth it! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the trails are very poorly marked. I'm very glad I had my All Trails app with me, otherwise it would have been easy to get lost. Even still, the navigation was rather tricky, so come prepared with maps and or a GPS.

Has a great overlook that is not difficult to get to.

Beautiful fall/winter hike. Long views. 5 & 6 year old kids loved it. Wear hiking boots - NOT tennis/running shoes!

Great hike. There are a bunch of trails that connect and it’s very easy to get around . We ended up hiking a few different trails and did 4 miles.

Great views, but definitely challenging with a lot of cardio.

it was snowing with a lot of clouds when I went. parts were very steep and the trail markings are a bit confusing. the payoff might be better on a clear day

Nice little hike if you want to just get out doors for a little bit and do a light to moderate hike.

I hike the loop once or twice a week year around. It's a great place to bring kids and (friendly) dogs. And a good trail for exercise since it has a pretty good elevation gain, but nothing too strenuous. I typically hike the loop + Tip Top in about an hour and twenty minutes in a fairly fast pace for exercise. Allow for 2 - 3 hours or more if you want to walk in a more leisurely pace or are bringing kids, or if you just want to take your time to enjoy the views on a pretty day.

It is more strenuous to follow the loop clock-wise than counter clock-wise as it is a steeper incline going up the east side of the mountain to White Rock compared to going up the Cascade trail on the other side. For an extra challenge as far as getting exercise, follow the Tower Ridge trail up to the towers instead of the loop towards White Rock once you see the sign . It is shorter, but an even steeper incline. It will merge back to the loop at the top, but you have to go a little bit back in the "wrong" direction of the loop if you want to see White Rock going that way.

The views from Tip Top are good towards the south, but kind of overgrown towards Johnson City in the summer months (better in the winter). The views from White Rock are very nice year around, and on a clear day there are mountains as far as the eye can see.

I will say that the people that come here looking for the waterfalls (and I meet people that do all the time) will go home disappointed. There are a couple of small streams, but no real waterfall. If you come here during or right after a heavy rainfall you might see some water-flow in the "cascade" and in the creek that comes down by the gate (still not what I or anybody I know would call a "waterfall"), but normally it's just a small trickle. Tons of options around here to see real waterfalls, but this isn't one of them.

There is nothing "moderate" about this trail. It's beautiful, flat and well kept. There are several places you can start this trail and walk as far as you wish but remeber you have to make it back to the point which you started from. The change is seasons are beautiful and calming along this trail.

9 months ago

Love taking the dogs. Haven't done the whole trail with them but the pretty section in JC is shaded. Hubby did the entire trail from JC to Elizabethton & needed water, had a hard time finding places to get water so he went off the path to fast food stops. Be prepared to carry water & refill container. There was a porta-potty at the beginning and end. Less trash cans to put doggy bags in, bring your own. Hubby really liked the trail as a runner he said it was perfectly packed to run on but got extra hot at the end as no trees to shade u.

the trails themselves were fairly easy to stay on. however, the trails were poorly labeled. and you didn't know which marker was for what trail. the view was beautiful, hence the 4.

Great hike and dog friendly

The loop was a perfect hike to get outside for a little while and immerse in nature. Very quiet and calm. Challenging in some parts but very worth while.

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