6 days ago

Nice flat trail for running, walking or biking. It's mostly shaded except for a patch on the Elizabethton side. Parking could certainly be an issue at times.

mountain biking
9 days ago

Nice trail to get miles in. I grew up walking the train tracks that were once here and its really nostalgic for me. It can get a lite crowded so we always start on the Elizabethton side near ingles or pizza inn.

Steady incline, really beautiful at the top. There is a picnic table at the end! Overall, great sights and workout

18 days ago

Along with other reviews, I like the first 6 miles best, but even with the highway parallel this is the best bike trail in the area I think. There is a station to pump up your tires/has tools to replace flat tire. As of 5/18/20 the traffic light sidewalk crossings in Elizabethton are under construction, so you will have to stop several times to go around the caution tape and cones. I would start either at ingles in Elizabethton going to JC. The Trek from E to JC is harder than the reverse. Have fun!

If you want fresh air and exercise, white rock loop is a great option. It’s a little easier to go counterclockwise then clockwise, but you see all the same things either way. Don’t miss the little out and back overlook about a half mile from the camping area, or the out and back to Tip Top For a nice spot to refresh and grab a snack. Continue past Tip Top to do the Lone Oaks Trail on the backside of Buffalo, which gives you almost 10 miles and another 1200 feet of elevation gain if you do it all.

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1 month ago

Well marked and maintained with ample parking areas at various points along the trail. I parked at Ingles in Elizabethton. Highly trafficked, especially near the Johnson City trailhead. 20 mile bike ride round trip. The only negative is the number of road crossings.

Challenging but great hike near JC! There are other trails throughout so be sure to keep your AllTrails on :) steep inclines in places, forested with a few great views. Enjoyed it but I like challenges.

Beautiful views. Safe hike. My husband and I took our 3 girls. 9, 6, and 3. We also had our dog as well. We back packed our 3 year old. This was my first hike in YEARS. It was challenging. I'm not a quitter and neither are our kiddos. We all made it and got some gorgeous pictures along the way!

Hiking trail is pretty average but the sunrise view is incredible!

2 months ago

Not the most scenic views, but a great hike for exercise (you’ll earn your trip to Sonic after), with a couple good overlooks and some running water as you start and finish. Combine with the White Rock loop for a pretty legitimate 1/2 day hike.

Trail is good shape as they were completely maintenance today. Great views and a good workout.

Hiked this route for the first time today. Trail had lots of switchbacks, very well maintained. I would rate it moderate. Beautiful views, peaceful and quiet. I'll be coming back to this trail again.

3 months ago

Windy with snow showers. Gates are closed until mid March. A few cars parked at the gate. Saw no one. Trail is in good condition. A few rocky areas and narrow sections along the mountainside. I recommend trekking poles. Nice views. Can see Bays Mountain and Chimney Top to the west and Iron Mountains to the East.

great little trail to do if you are near Johnson City and need a quick hike with decent views from Buffalo mountain. it's steep with lots of switchbacks but I think that adds to the fun of the trail. At the top there is a picnic table and bench for you to sit and decompress. I'd definitely do it again.

3 months ago

4 months ago

Great trail! I took my dog their today hardly anyone. She loved it had a good time. It’s her first hike actually.

Closer to 4 miles from the parking area. Steep but worth it

a pretty trail with a couple of great lookout spots. can be a little steep in places and the (I assume) rhododendrons get a little overgrown here and there. but a well maintained and marked trail

Great hike, weather was warm for January. Not crowded at all, saw only 6 people and 5 dogs. Trail slippery with leaves still covering the trails. Moderate hike some harder inclines.

6 months ago

Not even close to being in my favorites, but a good workout in the woods anyways. Try to avoid the trail after the leaves have fallen, as there are places that become a little treacherous footing. Lots of human imprints on the landscape and views, which add to my own particular dislike of the trail, but which is to be expected being in close proximity to a large town. Not well maintained with lots of blowdown and litter.

Nice views at the top. Slippery on the leaves on the way down.

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