My husband and I just visited this trail the other day, here it is June. It was beautiful but the water wasn't really running in most areas, although the waterfall was enough to get some good photos.
A good thing to remember is to follow the tree markers and how the path has been laid out, because there's a few areas where it gets a little hairy if you're new to the area. My husband and I went from the starting point, around the top of the waterfall, around the corner going down beside the rocks at the base of the waterfall (gorgeous area), but we had no idea the path continued past the waterfall down there! And we made a mistake of forgetting the map/the app wouldn't load.
We ended up turning around and going back out the way we came. Nothing is marked down there to show where to go any further. Make sure to bring the map with you or a screenshot of the map, if you go out seeking to walk the entire trail. Again, the app didn't work for us off of wifi and service.
I'll give it 4 stars for the pretty photos I was able to capture:)