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Scenic and plenty of opportunities for fishing and kayaking. Hiked, paddled, and camped out on one of the little islands in the middle of the lake. Next day more hiking and some easy white water off of the dam spillway. Definitely would recommend this trail and surrounding area!

9 days ago

New Year’s Day 2019 first day hike great hike falls worth the hike

17 days ago

Great hike anytime of the year. The trail follows the creek the majority of the time adding to the beauty of the trail. I have hiked to Laurel Falls countless times both from the Hampton and Dennis Cove trail heads. I can't say that one path is better than the other. Both have their unique beauty in the journey. The Dennis Cove approach is about half the distance. If I am short on time I usually take that route. The "Death Stairs", as some hikers call them, will give you a workout. The Hampton approach is longer but an easy hike for the experienced hiker. I would take caution if the water level is high. There is a section on the Hampton approach that narrowly follows along the creek. I have never had problems there, but it is good practice to be cautious and ready to turn around if water levels are covering the trail. Some beginners may find this trail challenging with one large climb and the narrow portion of the trail right next to the creek is a bit technical hiking over the rocks. For experienced hikers though, this is very easy. No matter what your experience level it is very enjoyable and may become one of your favorite hikes!

This trail was absolutely beautiful!!! It’s really easy until you get to the stone steps to go down to the falls. It is totally worth it to see this gorgeous waterfall. The trek back up the stone steps is even more challenging! We were lucky and someone had left a walking stick so we grabbed it. Definitely came in handy for the stairs. The entire hike you can see water and it never stopped being gorgeous.

It is a pretty scary drive up the mountain to get there, but I promise it’s all worth it to see the beautiful falls!

Great trail!! The steps at the end are tough but well worth it.

The hike is short, but you feel pain in your thighs the next day. Beautiful hike with lots to see. When they say the stairs are difficult and long, I would agree. There's probably 500 steps, or more, going down to the falls. If your not athletic at all, don't do them. They have a bottom way to get to the falls that I heard was popular as well, I was just informed to go this way. Definitly a good exercise.

Also, the road going to it is very windy. So be careful!

I got through about 1.5 miles of the trail and got a little spooked from the 2 signs I saw warning about bears once I got deep in the woods and I decided to turn around. The first couple of miles were beautiful though!

beautiful scenery through most of the hike.

2 months ago

simple hike of the highway

Fun, short hike. Be aware, even though it's listed as moderate, there is a very steep (pretty intense) staircase to get down to the falls.

Very pleasant hike a couple weeks ago. There is ample parking at the Forest Service sign just down from Oliver Hollow Road. There is good parking at the other end also. The shelter and surrounding areas were closed due to bear activity, but we were day hiking. The views from the dam are incredible. We were there just after a flood and the south end was very boggy, but easily passable.

I am a beginner in hiking and not very fit at this time. I tried this hike and loved it. except, I was unable to get down to the waterfall. I only made it halfway down and barely made it up again. I will attempt this again once I am more conditioned to do that. I am 40-50lbs overweight and 50 years old. but I will try again soon.
so I would say the trail is nice for beginners but the falls...Lord have mercy!!!

on Laurel Falls Trail

3 months ago

have been doing thus trail for 40 years now every since i moved here from California. My husband(at time friend/boyfriend) and his three cousins walked it and swam at falls and along tge way everyday for the first 2 months of my moving here. It is a wonderful hike. Easy except for going back up rock steps if you take the high route. We still take the route that follows the river all the way. A flood took out part of that trail and that is why they rerouted it up the jigger trail which also makes it higher. Since you are already on higher trail when you get to the stop over for gikers to camp go to left of it and follow that trail to a pretty waterfall sliding down a huge rock not far out of way and beautiful

Beautiful moderate hike - even (especially?) in the rain.

Beautiful hike down to the falls. Most of the hike is moderate, but the trail down to the falls is long and steep. Stone stairs are helpful, but can be slippery if wet. Falls were awesome. Well worth the trek down.

4 months ago

Pretty good hiking path that is worth the adventure.

Moderate hike, access to the lake at various points along the trail. Highly recommend.

awesome hike wore the dig down pretty good.

4 months ago

My 3rd trip to this beautiful waterfall and I would definitely do it again! I definitely think you should take the trail by the river, over the trail by the campsite because of the better view.

hiked this trail at 730am and it was beautiful and peaceful. The only strenuous part was the stairs coming back up from the falls, very rocky.

5 months ago

Gorgeous Waterfall at the end

Nice hike, not too difficult for its elevation gain and length. Manageable slope most of the time. The waterfall was cool. 4 stars bc there are pretty much no views in the summer when on the mountain. However, we ended our hike with a dip in the lake which was amazing.

5 months ago

This was a nice, easy hike to take up an afternoon. We took the high trail and it was easy to miss the turn down the stairs to the falls. It’s a great place to take a dip

5 months ago

Today was our first time on this trail... if you aren’t familiar it can get sorta confusing! Once you come to the first split, it’s A LOT shorter & easier instead of cutting left.. (like we did) the waterfall is DEFINITELY worth the hike! We ran into 4 snakes, 2 were very close we could have stepped on.. wasn’t very crowded at all with several places to stop; so much beautiful scenery.... overall it was an amazing hike!! :)

5 months ago

Mostly easy hike. There were some short sections that might be just a little challenging to those who aren’t as coordinated (me). Loved the fact that the trail followed the river for a good bit.

Good easy hike for family even with small kids. Watch out for snakes along river.

A nice walk in the woods. The overnight rain left the rocky descent to the falls a little slippery. Overall, a good out and back trail making the falls very accessible. I was concerned that the warning signs about swimming near the falls had been removed. As a local, I am all too familiar with the drownings that have occurred here and this review is more to caution users of the trail to this fact than to add to what others have said.

6 months ago

It is a great 5mi hike. parking is limited but some trail magic parking just past the entrance.

Beautiful scenery all along the river that this trail follows. Can be challenging in places, this trail has some steep areas. The view is well worth it. Pictures don’t do Laurel Falls justice, would highly recommend this trail to anyone.

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