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Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee Map

Nice and mostly flat. Can def crank out some miles. Lots of blue blaze trails over to the gulf for some views. Some parts of the trail was like walking thru a green tunnel the foliage was so thick and green.

In my opinion some of the best views and waterfalls in the park. We started at Collins West trailhead and made the trek to Sawmill campsite #2 then dumped our packs put our tents up then decided to take the short trip over to the historic cabin built in 1910 .Very cool little cabin sitting in a green field. The next morning we took the Connector Trail over to Stagecoach and then over to the South Rim Trail and out to the Savage Gulf Ranger Station. I'll spare you the true details about how we ended up waaay over there at the ranger station instead of the CG loop back to to Collins West trailhead...

This was my third hike and my first one in August. The area looks completely different in the summer and not nearly as pretty as winter or fall. The spring was just a trickle. According to my tracker which is Wickiloc it was right at 14 miles, which when you are dead tired at 12.6 that extra mile or so is a killer. Do this COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Get the really bad boulder field out of the way at the beginning. This is really more suited as an overnight hike that a day hike. Just take plenty of water and give yourself way more time than you think you will need. The difficulty is up there with the Fiery Gizzard (maybe even more difficult). You are gonna feel it for a few days afterwards.

I completed this trail as a day hike. It is extremely beautiful. The mileage and strenuous rating are accurate. The path is extremely rocky along the old stagecoach section, and there are boulder scrambles in both directions from the beginning of the loop. This is a really nice hike, but I would recommend less experienced hikers build up to this trail and allot plenty of time for completion. Big Creek Gulf and Rim trails are easier and may be a good test run before venturing this way.

Great hike, great workout. If your going to do it as a two-day hike I recommend going counterclockwise and staying at sawmill campsite and rest up for the shorter yet more difficult last leg of the hike which is almost all uphill. The water was down quite a bit when we were there even though we got rained on for about 50% of the two day hike. There were a TON of crazy looking spiders that kept weaving webs across the trails too which was frustrating. I felt that I was constantly waiving a stick in front of me to try to avoid them. I definitely recommend trekking poles (two of them) for each hiker unless you're an extremely experienced hiker. I slipped and fell pretty hard once on a slick rock even with poles. The sawmill campsite truly feels like you're out in the middle of nowhere and you can forget about the port-a-potty at that campsite. FULL of spiders and nastiness. Otherwise very beautiful hike.

We just took a short hike to the water fall. The trail is rocky so have good hiking shoes and trek poles . Some place can be very slippery even when it has not rained in some time. Going in and coming back out has some changeling part of the trail but over all worth the hike down to see the falls.

My son and I did the Collins Gulf trail on a beautiful July weekend and spent overnight at Sawmill Camp backcountry camp. Instead of the loop we did down and back on this trail with full packs. This is a great variation of rock hopping, switchbacks and slight elevation forest trail. The elevation change was almost 1100’ over approximately 5.2 miles, most of which is in the front end from the trailhead parking lot. So down was not bad but back a different story.

This is a strenuous hike as plotted. I would recommend doing the loop rather than down and back if you do as a two day. Gulf trail down and rim trail back.

This is a nice, tough day hike. The trail is a great alternative to the busy stone door side of the park. I completed this on a beautiful Sunday in June, and I only saw two other hikers. Long sections include hopping over wet rocks, so it is slower hike.

This time it was after rain. Slick rock field to start. Water flowing across places it normally doesn't. Good times. Saved a couple of hopefuls from making a mistake. They'd never done the trail, and had started at 2 for a clockwise hike. Boulders last. In the dark. Wet.

If this is your first time on the trail, don't start after noon, and please, take the boulder field first. That part's bad enough when you can see. Also, some of the stable looking stuff moves, so, yeah.

Great hike once again! This is my second time hiking this one and I love it even more now. Very challenging hike. We saw a large rat snake (harmless but huge!) hanging out pretty close to the trail, and a hiker we ran into said he saw a rattlesnake sitting in the middle of the trail close to the end... be careful!

5 months ago

Hiked from Savage Gulf RS to the Stagecoach Campground for our first overnight backpack trip. As everyone has said, it's a fairly easy trail with several scenic overlooks. The sites in the campground were spread out nicely. We stayed at #10 which is the furthest from the water source. We learned a few things on our first trip. First and foremost, pay very close attention to terrain. I stepped on a rock and dislocated my ankle. Luckily we were about a mile away from camp. Second, there were a ton of ticks. It was down in the 30's at night, so I didn't figure we'd have a big issue. Well, we did. Use repellent. :) Overall, nice first outing (minus the ankle tragedy) to test our stamina and backpacking skills.

Top of the gulf, in the gulf, swinging bridges, waterfalls. campsites, springs, history, and challenging terrain all add up to a great trek. Can’t ask for much more fun!

Great challenging trail. With all the rain it made the water crossings a bit more challenging. Made for a slower pace.

Great hike!! Strenuous at times, but worth it!

I only did half of this trail starting from Collins West Campground and ending at Sawmill Campground. I would deviate from this trail and follow the Stagecoach Road trail to Savage Falls Campground. This trail is a bit harder than others, but it offers some truly great sites. Collins West Campsite had a cliff where you could brush your teeth with a view before heading out for the day! Horsepound Falls offers a good break spot. Then there is Schwoon Springs right before you get to Sawmill Campground. This spot provides a fantastic hangout inside the cliff, hearing the water crash on its way down the rocks. Such a great sound to witness! This trail really does offer many features.

Great hike...always enjoy it

also great as an out and back to horsepound and suter falls in winter

8 months ago

can do as shorter 3.4 roundtrip to savage falls in winter is great as well.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. While it has some easy sections and some moderate sections. There are also some very strenuous sections as well. We hiked it clockwise and started with the waterfalls. I’m pretty sure no matter which way you go that last leg of each side of the trail will definitely test you. I hiked this with a 15 y/o and a 16 y/o and my kids and I hike pretty regularly but we woke up this morning all walking funny. It tests the legs out most definitely. But it is an awesome trail with lots of beautiful scenery. We didn’t get to see the views at the look out points because it rained off and on all day and we hiked in the fog a lot. But would definitely do this trail again but maybe next Time backpack it. Have fun everyone.

Don't pass up the Boulder Field.

This is a hard trail . Do not underestimate it. There are tough areas on either end but Very beautiful and plenty of spots to rest. Beautiful falls and ice formations in winter. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful park. grab your pack and go!

11 months ago

My first backpacking trip. I started with my dog at the Ranger Station. Stopped at Savage Falls about a mile and a half in. Beautiful, but were on a time crunch to make it to camp in time. We hiked in to Stagecoach Rd Campground. Between 5 and 6 miles total. You need to leave the Ranger Station no later than 3PM to reach the campground before dark, and we left between 2pm and 3pm. A fairly easy hike if I wasn't carrying all my gear for the first time. We made it into camp right at dark, and thankfully managed to set up without too much struggle by lantern light. A very friendly campground neighbor had already gone and gotten plenty of water from the spring and shared it with us so I wouldn't have to find it in the dark. She said it was pretty precarious in the dark. A few decent overlooks, but all very much the same as another reviewer mentioned. Day 2, we took Historic Stagecoach Trail to the Connector (canyon) to Hobb's Cabin Campground. Day 3, we took North Rim back to the falls and then the Ranger Station.

Went back again. Started to rain with a mile left. Not a fun ascent out, but I'll be back. Ran with company this time. She was gassed leaving. Took too much water by far this go around. Guess it helped me keep a slower pace so I didn't outpace her too badly. What I do for fun is other peoples idea of torture. What is happening to me??? This thing is bad if you start too late. Possum Creek is still worse, but this is currently second place. Bearwaller soon. I have to know what it's like for comparison. Be careful once you hit the SR. The way down is sketchy, and the tiny rocks want to roll under your feet in good hiking shoes.

I liked this trail, overall, more than the Gizzard. Starts similarly, though even more treacherously, but is just as much of a workout. So far, South Cumberland has my heart as far as my home state parks go. Prepare as you would for completing the Gizzard and you should be fine.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

This was a great backpack trip. The whole trail is beautiful and pretty difficult terrain.

Good, challenging trail. We hiked it counter clockwise and saved Suter for the end. The east portion of CG was rough, so we tented at Stagecoach Road Campground instead of Sawmill as originally planned. The river and the sinks are great, and Horsepound is a great place to stop for a break. Suter is beautiful and a great way to end the trek.

This place has gorgeous views throughout the hike. Multiple options are available for different distance hikes. I really enjoyed the hike.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The last bit up coming from Sawmill campground to the cars is a very difficult hike. The rest of the trail is moderate to easy. Wonderful views and campsites. The climb at the end is well worth it for the waterfalls.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This is a fun and challenging hike. The difficulty rating is accurate, I'd leave young children at home for this one.

I solo hiked this in less than 6 1/2 hrs. I wouldn't consider it difficult but watching your footing is important. Trex poles were helpful. Lots of waterfalls. Worth the hike.

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