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Well worth the hike. Lovely not a hard hike at all was able to do it with my 2yr old granddaughter.

28 days ago

great hike, beautiful waterfall. starts easy and then gets moderate, well worth it.

Great hike! Easy trail. Lots of beautiful cascades. Make sure to take a camera. Nice foot bridge at one crossing. Second crossing is rock hopping. If you're adventurous go up the hill to the right of the falls. There is a small path following the river. Lots of water crossings, a little rock climbing and you will find a two tiered falls in a small canyon. Well worth the extra hike. It is a rough hike to these second falls, not for the feint of heart. Hard core waterfallers hike on.

1 month ago

Wow, rough hike. Steep descent on the climb to the river. At the river it's easy to get on the wrong trail. There are places with no trail that you hike in the creek. When you cross Davis creek there are two blue blazes on a tree. FOLLOW THE PATH TO THE LEFT. This trail is tough to follow. Lots of blow downs. Overgrowth makes you question if you are on the trail at all. Just stay by the creek. NUMEROUS creek crossings. Trail goes right to the falls if you are on the right path. Watch your GPS closely to make sure you don't get off trail. on't forget steep descent on the hike in means steep ASCENT on the hike out. Falls are nice but not spectacular. Margarette Falls down the road is much better.

Probably the most beautiful trail in the area! I went three days ago and the trail was lined with gorgeous wildflowers, mossy rocks, and all the while you can gear and see the stream along your route. The trail does get very rocky in places and has a few stream crossings but nothing too difficult. The trail ends in a canyon with the waterfall cascading down to a pool. My dog loved swimming there, and it's an absolutely breathtaking spot.

Beautiful hike with a rewarding waterfall at the end!

I love this trail. I’ve hiked it in all seasons of the year. I don’t recommend it during icy/snowy weather because your hike on rocks can be pretty slick at times. There is a small water crossing, but there are rocks placed across that are almost always above the surface. There are multiple mini falls along the trail as well as the large one. There’s also a couple steep trails on either side of the main waterfall you can climb up.

1 month ago

Fairly short trail but with a nice payoff at the end. The falls at the end are truly impressive and worth the hike. You are on a gravel road for about 0.75 miles and then another 0.7 to the falls. Kind of rocky at the end, so not good for folks with poor shoes or mobility issues. You are beside a roaring creek most of the way, so that makes for a lovely sound. You have to make one creek crossing, so if the water is running high, you may have to get a little wet to get across. We had no trouble crossing, and it had rained two days before.

2 months ago

This hike is a hidden gem. Top notch photography location. Hike gets a little rough toward main falls. Lots of loose rock. Wear good boots.

beautiful waterfall

This is one of my favorite hikes! It’s beautiful from the beginning of the trail to the end

Awesome hike!!!

What east TN represents well: waterfalls, peaceful woods surrounded by giant rock cliffs making a holler. Marked well with blue blazes.

3 months ago

Some strenuous ups & downs but also nice sections along the top of the ridgeline with great views of distant mtns & French Broad River. Well maintained.

Beautiful all the way. Parts were quite rocky

3 months ago

Had a falcon guide I used to find this waterfall. After asking a couple of locals, one lived over the ridge from the trail, I had no leads on the location. It took me two attempts before finding it. The key turn I missed was when I crossed the creek for the third time I didn't turn left and follow the trail upstream. It was 19 degrees out with snow and ice and after hitting 2.5 miles I turned around. Noticed that was the route to go and followed it. Stopped and went back because I had gotten too wet on the hike to justify any reason to continue. When I got back I loaded up my map and compared it to the map in the falcon guide book. I stopped .2 miles from the falls when I called it quits on 1/ 13/18.

On 1/27/18 I went back and seeing two American Bald Eagles on the drive up had me excited for the hike. I found Marys Falls this time in warmer conditions. It was a great treat to have found. I'm sure summer months will involve much more bush whacking that I dealt with.

4 months ago

We took a dog hiking on this trail and he loved it! It was snow covered and icy and gorgeous. Very easy and short.

One of my favorites! Go up to Bailey when your there.

It was a little rocky at times but overall pretty good. Not the best trail for just starting out. I was definitely feeling the burn.

Nice little trail. Have not been doing much hiking of late so it was a good one to start getting my trail legs back

This is not an easy hike! You start out crossing a wide creek more than ankle deep. Once you find the trail marker on the left, I would recommend going right and following the yellow blazes so it isn't as steep. When you get to the next metal marker with the name on it, veer to the left to stay on Jennings trail. There are a ton of deep Creek crossings, deep brush, narrow pathways, 2 big trees have fallen and block the path. Use this app to help guide you. I had a signal with Verizon which helped get me out. I took my husky but I wouldn't recommend it for any pets, it's not well maintained and extremely rough and dense in a lot of places. I won't hike it again and I'm an avid hiker!

great trail. wouldn't recommend for small children. parts are very rocky

Great trail though not for a beginner. its only 3 miles up and back but its a challenge. Beautiful scenery. Absolutely recommend this trail. I will certainly do it again soon. there are alao numrous other trails nearby.

Awesome hike. Beautiful falls.

From the parking lot, there's not much indication to take the gravel road (at least I didn't see any signs or markings), but we came to the trailhead sure enough. This was our first hike of our trip, and it was spectacular after a good rain! We brought our two pups and they had a blast crossing the creek and climbing the rocks. It definitely had a bit of challenge over the rocks, but it was a good quick hike. My husband, on the other hand, had a little more difficulty with a twice repaired ACL and meniscus.

We were the only people on the trail, luckily. We took our time and had a picnic by the Falls.

Wonderful hike! Very good aerobic workout for us 50 somethings! What a payoff!!

7 months ago

Trail marked as moderate....moderate +, closer to the Falls, the trail is rocky with larger rocks and boulders. We hiked in after a rain, the falls were beautiful.

One of my favorite trails, a bit strenuous but it's not too long. Took my mother in law here, she almost gave up but was so happy when she didn't and we got to the waterfall.

on Margarette Falls Trail

8 months ago

A nice hike with plenty to see. It gets a bit tough after the bridge...the trail there is composed mostly of rock sized between a pumpkin and a softball. Overall the trail is rather easy with moderate sections.

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