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Did the trail today starting up Little River trail to the Cucumber Gap, then down the Jakes Creek trail. Great variety of terrain but very manageable. The hike along the river was outstanding, with many Appalachian Tiger swallowtail butterflies. They were plentiful and swirled around us as well as many congregated on the ground. Then the Cucumber Gap trail was an up and over, but not too exerting. We actually encountered a full size bear on the trail. We kept our distance and were fine. The final leg passed through remnants of older log homes as we neared the end. We absolutely loved this trail loop!!

awesome short trek.....a leg workout 4 sure.....bummer the cliff top portion was closed....

Couldn’t go up to the observation deck due to renovations but pretty Hike up. Found a trail that connected to forney trail. Nice hike.

Great trail. Beautiful views at every turn. Hiked to lodge and then went to Cliff Tops to see the view as the view from lodge was beautifully foggy. Will come and do it again. Took me about 6 hours with some stops for snacks and views with an hour at the top.

There were many great views on the way. Left the trailhead at 7 am. saw quite a few people near the end,that's why we left early.

Lovely hike in the beautiful lush forest, with a waterfall at the end. My first "long" hike. Being from Florida I practiced for a long time on the uphill treadmill, and it worked, because it wasn't too hard or too steep for me, and I enjoyed it so much I have sought out vacations with beautiful day hikes ever since.

Very nice hike. I took my wife and daughters age 7 and 10. It's a tough go, but a nice view at the end. In the summer, bring a swimsuit because there are some falls to swim in.

It’s a really beautiful trail! It’s mostly wooded, flows a creek for the first half, and a ridge for the second. We took it slow with our packs full of gear for an overnight in the backcountry. I took us about 5 hours to get up with plenty of breaks, and 3 hours to get down. Without a pack, it would be doable for most people.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. My wife and I enjoyed being by the river, and the tighter spaces of rugged terrain this trail offered. Without a doubt worth the hike to see the cascade. A favorite for sure!! This was about 10 miles stepping distance due to the terrain, and was hard but doable.

My stepdaughter and I hiked this trail on April 5 and we had a great time. We spent 4.5 hours in hiking time only, and had a nice rest while enjoying the view and the hot chocolate at the top. (Bring some cash). There were still some icy patches on the way up, but they were melted by the time we went down. It's worth watching your step in the icy spots! Overall, the hike was not as hard as I expected. it is popular and busy, but we enjoyed visiting with the various hikers we met. Highly recommended. The views are stunning.

Date: 7.8.18
In: 8:18 AM
Out: 4:01 PM

We started the trail as soon as we arrived at the park and there were already a lot of cars at the lot from overnighters and early birds. The hike was scenic, picturesque, and has all the payoffs you would want in a trail. Even though we made it up there in 3 hours and would have made it back down in another 2 hours but we decided to wait the clouds to clear for some pictures so it ended up being a much longer hike than anticipated. Thank goodness for our wait because just as soon as we were about to pack up and leave, we got some nice break in the clouds and were able to take quite a few photos!

The only thing I could say that was a disappointment was the atmosphere at Le Conte Lodge. Prior to coming, I had looked them up and was excited to experience the hospitality that people raved about on almost all review sites. Alas, we did not get to experience the same courtesy afforded to other guests. While they were not rude, it was definitely standoffish. It was a sharp contrast to the friendly, kind, and courteous hikers that we encountered on the trail.

No matter though because we had so much fun and will definitely make this trail on our must do list whenever we visit the Smokies!

trail running
4 days ago

Ran this 3 times, each time a little farther until I made it to the steam engine without walking. Great training with steady ascending elevation and various terrain.

If you want a challenge, this is your trail! I hiked it for the first time and I am definitely coming back!

We had a great time on this trail with our two young kids. (6 and 3). They loved going across all the little creek bridges and checking out the beautiful brook! Took us a little over an hour with them. The kids said they were mountain climbing so it’s pretty rocky. Gorgeous trail.

easy trail but disappointing waterfall.

We made this hike to the cave this past weekend. It was a great hike for the whole family.

There are lodges and food 5 miles up, the actually peak extends further so the round trip will be closer to 11-12 miles or even more depending on how many of the side trails you explore.

5 days ago

This trail is pretty tough if you aren’t a seasoned hiker. The trail is a steep incline to the falls. The waterfalls along the way are pretty as well. Rainbow falls was beautiful at the end of the trail but it had rained recently. Coming down was much faster but took us 3 hours of hiking to do this trail there and back. Nice hike.

strenuous for those who have not hiked, but doable at a slow pace.

beautiful hike up. No views at the top due to clouds, but a great time with the family getting there. Views at the parking lot were perfect.

my favorite trail in the Smoky mountains.

Not much to see till you get to Charlie's Bunion. The end definitely makes the hike worthwhile. It falls on the easy side of "moderate", with a good path and slow inclines and declines.

Very challenging & technical trail to run with lots of elevation & rocks. Good training run.

Absolutely beautiful! Well worth the trip!

This was a great hike! The weather was not exactly ideal.
Encountered fog, freezing rain, high winds.
No view from the top though but would definitely do this hike again.

Nice hike. Great views enjoyed the sound of the stream during the hike. The new summit location was nice.

8 days ago

Great trail, widely unknown and unmarked at the road compared to the other popular trails such as Ramsey Cascades and Porter Creek. This wonderful trail was like a lush zen garden that followed a very active creek with mini rapids, pools, and mini waterfalls. The soothing sounds and sight of a running creek was heavenly while hiking. As others have stated, you enter to the left of the ranger residence on Greenbriar Rd about 1 mile in off 321. There are a few graveled parking spots next to the road off of the resident driveway. Only one downed tree you have to duck under near the beginning of the trail. After that, the way is clear. Stay left of any sign or intersection if you want to see the ancient steam engine sitting in a creek off to the left. It’s not a railroad locomotive type engine but one with big wheels used off track in logging nearly 100 years ago. I would love to know all the true history behind it besides the operator losing control from the stories I “googled.” It had to tumble down the mountain from somewhere that was once important to the area during the logging era. It would be interesting to hike and see the spot it actually fell from. This was far enough in for me to turn around and head back. It was a great hike that I will repeat, hopefully with company next time. There is enough cover that I actually started while it was raining and stayed dry. Not like needing sunglasses on this trail while trees have leaves.

Hiked this last week on the one day of sunshine surrounded by thunderstorms! It was relatively easy with amazing views throughout. A bit crowded at the end of the trail but 100% worth it!

Fairly decent hike. Only went to the cave and back, but worth every step. Elevation change wasnt bad

Hiked on July 5, 2018. I would definitely rate this trail as mod-difficult due to the incline. We are somewhat inexperienced hikers. Took us approx 4hrs 30min up to the cliff tops and back, with short stops. Did not get to enjoy the view for as long as we would have liked due to a thunderstorm. Trail is mostly shaded. Beautiful views along the way!

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