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It's an easy hike, but it's a nice one.

Best view we’ve had in the Smokies! My wife and I did this trail the day after we had hiked around 10 miles. Even being a little sore, this trail was doable but moderate. The trail was uphill coming back from the Bunion. Well worth it, was great!

Great trail! Very strenuous the first leg on the New Found Gap until you get to the Boulevard. There is one section toward the end of the trail before you get to the peak that is very narrow, muddy and over grown, but keep pushing through and it clears back up. The hike is definitely worth it! The most amazing views of the park! Would not recommend for young children, as it is on the difficult end of moderate, and the top peak is on a cliff with not much room for moving around.

Started this hike at around 8am and we were lucky enough to miss the fog as it rolled in after we departed Charlie's Bunion. I would rate this trail on the easier side of moderate. There are a few water sources along this trail with one being marked near the Icewater Spring Shelter. There is also an outdoor toilet on the way up. The trailhead itself is a lookout that was very popular for motorist driving through. There were also restrooms located there. The view from Charlie's Bunion was well worth the hike.

Absolutely beautiful!

Great hike
Foggy and rain most of the hike but cleared just as we reached the Bunion for 10 mins, then thunder storms rolled in just as quickly.
Good reminder to always be prepared for all types of weather while hiking.

The view was amazing! The hike can be rough in spots because it goes straight up hill, but the trail evens out along the way providing great spots to take breaks. The only down fall was the fog. Luckily when I went, it wasn't too thick. I highly recommend this hike. I am a beginner hiker and it wasn't too vigorous.

Did the trail today starting up Little River trail to the Cucumber Gap, then down the Jakes Creek trail. Great variety of terrain but very manageable. The hike along the river was outstanding, with many Appalachian Tiger swallowtail butterflies. They were plentiful and swirled around us as well as many congregated on the ground. Then the Cucumber Gap trail was an up and over, but not too exerting. We actually encountered a full size bear on the trail. We kept our distance and were fine. The final leg passed through remnants of older log homes as we neared the end. We absolutely loved this trail loop!!

There were many great views on the way. Left the trailhead at 7 am. saw quite a few people near the end,that's why we left early.

Lovely hike in the beautiful lush forest, with a waterfall at the end. My first "long" hike. Being from Florida I practiced for a long time on the uphill treadmill, and it worked, because it wasn't too hard or too steep for me, and I enjoyed it so much I have sought out vacations with beautiful day hikes ever since.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. My wife and I enjoyed being by the river, and the tighter spaces of rugged terrain this trail offered. Without a doubt worth the hike to see the cascade. A favorite for sure!! This was about 10 miles stepping distance due to the terrain, and was hard but doable.

This is a beautiful hike with several great vistas along the way. much of the way up was overcast and made the warm day very pleasant. The trail never gets too strenuous but you will have a steady climb and a good workout on the way up. We met hikers of all ages on the trail. When we reached the Jump Off it was clouded in with no view at all. we sat down to eat and after a couple of minutes the clouds blew through and the view was beautiful. we stayed for 30 minutes and talked with a couple of other groups that came up after us. The clouds came and went several times, giving us spectacular views then hiding them again. The hike down was faster since it is mostly downhill. We took our time going up and made it in 2.5 hours. The hike back to Newfound Gap was right at 2 hours.

Not much to see till you get to Charlie's Bunion. The end definitely makes the hike worthwhile. It falls on the easy side of "moderate", with a good path and slow inclines and declines.

Hiked this last week on the one day of sunshine surrounded by thunderstorms! It was relatively easy with amazing views throughout. A bit crowded at the end of the trail but 100% worth it!

Well marked trail with great views. Not too difficult. Would definitely do this one again.

Not that hard, well marked with great views.

Favorite trail. Take the beautiful Appalachian Trail to Charles Bunion. Charles Bunion is one of my favorite views of the Smokies. The panoramic view at the top is majestic. Watch for wildlife along the way. I saw a bear cub, buck deer, birds, and multiple small animals. Friend has even seen wild pigs.

FYI, this is not a Chacos, open toe sandal, trail. There are plenty of toe busters, rocks and water breaks, you have to step over and around.

14 days ago

I did this hike on July 3, 2018. I really enjoyed the section up to the waterfall. The trail starts out wide and runs along the river. There are places where you can look into the river, or climb out onto the rocks within the river, but be careful because it can be slippery. As other reviewers stated, there are lots of roots and rocks to step over so I had to pay close attention to my steps. I'll also echo other reviewers in saying that you need to look up to see the waterfall otherwise you might miss it. I intended to complete the trail, but I ended up only going a mile or so past the waterfall because the bugs were starting to bother me, even with several re-applications of Deep Woods. Even with the bugs, it was a very enjoyable hike because I saw only a small handful of people, so pretty much the only thing I heard along the way was the sound of the river. I also saw a couple of deer, and many butterflies. It's worth noting that the road to the trailhead is gravel, and it's narrow in some sections so you may need to pull over to allow oncoming cars to pass.

15 days ago

Great hike. The log bridges make for some amazing photos.

Great views. Great cardio experience. good mix of through hikers and day hikers

17 days ago

Definitely a challenge and so worth it. Went out early in the morning and we were the only ones on the trail. It was beautiful and amazing up and down. Highly recommend!

great trail. starting on the little river trail section makes the elevation change be more gradual.

Great trail.
I had to form a group with other hikers because a bear was walking on a trail just like humans without a joke. I'm assuming it was due to families brought lots of food and had them at shelters along the way.
other than that views were spectacular and you do not want to miss them at the end.

Sections were on the tougher side of Moderate but it was an enjoyable hike out to Charlie's Bunion. It was foggy on the day we hiked it so not much of a view at CB. Lots of hikers out there but we still saw a couple of deer and a few squirrels. Good signage at the trail splits although the sign at CB was laying down. No fee, restrooms at the trailhead, and plenty of parking.

Nice hike through the National Park, with some great views at the turn-around point, which make the hike worth it. The weather held up, it wasn't too hot or muggy or rainy, which was great. Although it is a long hike, it isn't too difficult. Lots of parking at the trail head if you get there early.

Loved the hike. Our favorite was the areas along The Little River. Once away from that area the bugs were horrible and the trails were “closing in”, I assume from lack of use. We stopped on the return and had our lunch and soaked our feet in the river...best part of the day.

Great trail, but very rocky. Would rate it at high moderate level. Unfortunately we got stuck in a big storm as we were finishing up. The view was amazing from Charlie’s Bunion. Would definitely do again!

Beautiful hike with all of the rhododendrons in bloom! The beginning of the trail is a smooth gravel path, however about a mile in it gets pretty rocky so make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear. Also, pay attention when you go to cross a rocky stream because if up don’t look up, you’ll miss the waterfall.

It's beautiful. The views are extremely nice. Well worth the walk.

This was our favorite hike in the Smoky’s! We included the Jump Off on our way to Charles Bunion (an extra 0.6 mile). The trail starts at the Newfound Gap parking lot, and it’s about 4.4 miles until the Charles Bunion lookout, which is absolutely breathtaking. We could have spent all day at the lookout! Highly recommend.

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