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Beautiful trail run.

Steep trail. Paved with plenty of rest spots. The views from the top and the AT is well worth the climb!

The hike is short and paved, too steep for wheelchairs (posted on a sign there). This trail is more for the view, which is excellent.

The views would make Drake proud.

A little buggy and got caught up a bit in the midst of some students on a field trip. The paved path was an awesome option for a stroller and our multigenerational group. Nice stroll by the stream.

The mountain is beautiful. The observation tower is beautiful. The black path is...hot and sunny and full of people. I liked taking the AT off of this path and while I get that this path gets you there quickly and easily, it was a lot of uphill climb for views similar to that of the visitor center. I loved the top and the tower but I think, should I do this again, I'd take the AT up and avoid the black path. There are a lot of areas to sit and rest and the kids loved scrambling up the rocks that line the inside of the path. You maybe as lucky as we were to make friends with someone on the path. But if you want something that feels like a nice wilderness hike this may not be it. Now, if you want fairly easy (it's vigorous going up that grade, don't be fooled) and that gives you a sweeping view almost the whole time with no stumbling hazards and the occasional place to rest, this path maybe for you.

Need to come back by the time we made it to the top it was dark but still very awesome

Hiked this a couple times, the most recent being last summer. I rated this a 4 out of 5 & the only reason being its spectacular views from the observation tower. Even thow this trail is a relatively short hike the trail is a constant steep climb up to the overlook. But the view is totally worth it. Keep an eye on the weather, it can change as u make your way up the MTN. If is a clear day you can see for miles & miles. It is breathtaking the 1st time you make the summit.

Such a beautiful falls! We loved the reward at the end. But the hike back is treacherous! ( went went after a wet spell which made it very muddy and strenuous). You hike down to get there and up on the way back. But it’s worth it if your in the proper shape to get back. If your not in good physical shape this isn’t a good one to take. The walk back will leave you worn and torn.

Parking is super crazy, wish they had some sort of shuttle around here. Trail is a short burner. Views are great. Wow there are some out of shape Americans—glad to see folks trying it anyway.

Absolutely love this trail. The trail itself is pretty steep on the way up, but there are views all around, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. Every time I drive through the Smokies I make sure to stop at this trail, especially if it's clear and sunny. Last time we were able to spot a black bear alongside the road as we drove to the trail head. There are also plenty of wildflowers growing along the trail as well.

Nice paved trail. Takes some effort getting up but it’s totally worth it. It is a little colder at the top but so so beautiful. My husband proposed to me up there and it was a wonderful memory I’ll never forget!!

Awesome! We loved it! It’s cold up there and VERY windy so be prepared. Totally worth it though. With the paved path easy for the kids too!

Always love the drive, whether spring or when open in the winter.

Not really a trail. A steep short paved path up to the observation tower. A decent amount of people around and some AT-thru hikers starting in early April. A nice little shop and bathrooms by the large parking lot.

beautiful view. step hike, but worth it

I wouldn’t call this a hiking trail by any means, I honestly wouldn’t have walked up if it weren’t for my significant other telling me how amazing it was. Granted the view from the top was amazing and there are real trails that lead up to the same place you can hike if you want the true experience, but honestly the crowds and actual trail makes me want to rate this as 1 star the view makes me want to rate this as 5.

Very steep climb, but beautiful view from the top. Paved trail, and the Appalachian Trail crosses near the top.

Very foggy that day

1 month ago

Nice trail that is well kept. We hiked with 3 boys ages 6-9 and they had no problems. We started around 9am and didn’t see anyone else until we got to the top - nice and peaceful! It took us about 90 minutes to hike up.

Paved trail, short hike, easy/moderate grade steepness. The appeal is the sunsets and sunrises, that being said it is luck of the draw to catch a view of either. The fog can stay in the area all day or roll I out of nowhere. Last fall I hiked up to try to catch the sunset and it was actually clear... the sun was sinking and the colors were starting to explode across the horizon and then it was if the good lord slowly blew smoke across the tree tops... the fog started slowly and snakily rolling over the contour of the trees killing all visibility in minutes. In this case the best bet is to hurry down to the parking lot, and start driving down the mountain. There are several pull offs that are below the fog line at times offering amazing views of the sunset/sunrise

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2 months ago

Mostly paved trail with a few walkout spots, overall fun and easy.

Lives up to the hype. Absolutely beautiful view. Worthy of a tougher than expected 1/2 mile jaunt to the tower.

Closed Dec 1-March 31. Wish the app told me this after I drove 2 hours to get here!

If the tower (knew it was closed) was open a 4 Star. Used the Dome pathway as a start for my hike to Andrews Bald. Up to the tower base, across the short section of the AT and down the Dome bypass to Forney Trail.

The reward of the Dome pathway is the VIEWS coming (4 Star) back!!!!!! Even the views from the parking lot are 4 Star!!!!!!

Love this place! Amazing views!!

I would say this is a easy trail it is short and completely paved

Not sure I’d call this a hiking trail. This is a tourist stop. 1/2 mike up a paved pathway. Lots of people. Parking is crazy. The lookout is great. Highest point in the Smokey mountains and highest point in Tn. My son was 8 and thought it was cool to be higher than clouds. Actually, we was in a cloud part of the walk.

my favorite stretch of road in the world. breathtaking views everywhere.

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