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mountain biking
1 month ago

Local single track, and love it. It’s an 8.5 mile ride. Well maintained and has a lot of mountain bike activity. Runners, hikers, dogs are allowed to use this trail. No motorized vehicles are allowed.

I see someone mentioned “mountain bikes only” , that is Not correct, and his top speed... slow actually... is 21 mph. If he hits a pedestrian he will be at fault. All TN public park trails that allow mountain bikes allow walkers/Runner’s. Pedestrians have the right to use it and have the right of way. Bikers must yield to pedestrians.

Pecking order TN public park trails;
1-Pedestrians right of way comes first, except on trails including horses. On those trails the horse has the right of way, then pedestrians, then cyclists. (Horses always have right of way on trails that allow horses)
2-bicycles, mountain or road bikes on paved trails.

Now does it make sense to run and hike during peek hours on a heavily trafficked mountain bike favorite? Probably not a good idea but it is your right in TN.