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Love the trails at Bledsoe.

2 days ago

Definitely a good place to go if you want a relatively easy trail with pretty water views. Could also probably haul a kayak to the beginning section for a calmer area to paddle

LOTS of dogs & all were off leash. Tennessee does have a leash law and while I think it’s great to let dogs run free, this is not a place to bring dogs that aren’t always friendly with others. I kept my dog on leash the whole time, but I was the only one doing so.

You can tell it is mainly used for mountain biking. But not a bad walk through the trails.

Great park to walk and bike. Great for kids. Riverfront park section has a playground. There is also a walking suspension bridge here to cross over to downstream tip of Long Island. Now overtaken mostly by Eastman on the other side, this Island was the Mecca for Cherokee people's. It was sacred land taken from them in a "treaty" causing the famous split of chief dragging canoe to form the chickamagua tribe that settled in the Chattanooga region. This tribe cursed, terrorized and raided white settlements, all the way up to Pennsylvania, for decades as revenge against the treaty. Lots of history and energy in this area. Great to watch wildlife such as beavers and blue herons near sunset. Long Island is a great place to meditate and reconnect

3 days ago

Awesome trail, beautiful view! Did this one during the warmer months, prepare to trek through the creek more than a couple times.

This was the most beautiful hike I have ever been on! It snowed the entire way up, was anywhere from 10-20 degrees, and absolutely stunning. The falls are breath taking, especially surrounded my snow. It took us 5.5 hours to complete the entire hike, and we stopped several time to take pictures and eat a snack. If you take this hike during the winter, expect to slip and fall on frozen tree roots and rocks. It’s still totally worth slipping to see the falls! The first 2 miles are very mild: wide trail with gradual incline. The second half is a pretty steep incline, you have to jump rocks to cross the river several times, and the closer you get to the falls, you’re climbing nothing but rock. I would not recommend small children attempting this hike.

This trail is awesome for a simple day hike!

This is a gorgeous trail with lots of interesting sites to see along the way. A really beautiful hike!

Had a blast on Sunday!

Long, moderate to strenuous hike. This was actually to Buzzard Point via the Snow Falls Trail. When you get up to the top where you walk between the two huge rocks, take a left and it takes you to Buzzard Point. Stunning views!

The trail wasn’t very well marked in few places. People aren’t picking up dog poo on the trail. A couple miles of the trail are only 50 yards from a highway. The parts of the trail deeper into the woods and near the lake were really nice.

12 days ago

What a ice sculpture. 1/4/18 temp was 5 degrees windy and snowing. The cascades was completely frozen no water to be seen only heard. The trail itself seemed to be fading in the snow covered trail and I kept forging ahead and sure glad i did. The trail starts as a old fire road for the first 2 miles. Then comes a sign showing 2.5 miles to Ramsey and wow did the terrain change and the closer you got the falls it got more challenging. Well worth the burnt calories.

We enjoyed the hike and the swinging bridges. Loved the view. Perfect with kids and dogs on leash. It was very cold but sunny today.

15 days ago

Good short beginner loop. Easy hike with minimal elevation change and a well defined path. Excellent wildlife spotting opportunities with a mix of under canopy and open field hiking.

Very nice hike. Starts easy then is definitely a climb with a lot of roots, steps and rocks. Trail was easy to follow and well-maintained. I went early (8am) to have some solitude. On my way back I passed a fair number of people. Falls were running but also had some ice. Very pretty. Trails only had a little ice, nothing to worry about. Took me about 4 1/2 hours, hustling pretty good.

I’m only giving this a four due to the fact that the creeks were so high that we had to take our shoes off and cross the first cold creek...we ran into another couple coming back who turned around at the sixth creek crossing and they were equipped better than us. So we left...I was extremely bummed. The water level is still pretty high...bring some waterproof boots or come back when the water level is a lot lower. We came out her on a whim, will definitely come back but better prepared.

18 days ago

Great trail, very easy terrain and beautiful views of the water.

A quick hike for two hiking fans who don’t hike often! I was a little nervous about the moderate rating, but it was definitely manageable! We went down to the gorge so there were a lot of downhill steps which was the hardest part for me as someone with bad knees. Beautiful sight to see the bottom of the gorge and the base of the waterfalls this winter with icicles all about!

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24 days ago

24 days ago

Only giving it one star because we drove 2.5 hours, only to find the park closed. There was no mention of a closure on the website or social media. It was closed due to flooding and according to a ranger who we spoke to at another park , it will remain closed through Monday, December 26. Can’t wait to come back when it’s open and see the cliffs... and give it more stars!

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