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This place was nice since it had a few different trails. My partner was supposed to meet me out here but the rains cut it short sadly. However before they rolled in I was able to go through 90%of the trails and it was nice to jog through and it is very well traveled but not crowded in the least which is nice. I would recommend for those who just want an afternoon or morning jog with the pup or partner.

Peaceful hiking trail, didn't see anyone else while trail running it.

1 day ago

Great hike. Water wasn't too high in October, below our knees for sure. The window cliffs were a great spot to chill out and eat lunch. Hiking out on the switchbacks was the hardest part, but it wasn't very difficult or long. Close enough drive to Burgess Falls to add that on as well for a full day.

Great hike following the creek most of the way. First mile and a half is pretty easy and takes you to a nice overlook of the water. The next 1+ mile gets a bit more rugged and elevation begins to increase. Several nice foot bridge crossings. The remainder of the trail will test you. A pretty steep climb and one slightly depressing section that seems to lead you away from the sound of rushing water. But the struggle is so worth it. Enjoy!

Very nice hike. Trails are usually pretty wet being near a dam, so bring some good boots. The sights and the swimming hole are epic.

Nice relaxing hike.

NOT a great place to go if you have kids, or do not want to be around copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Took our dog with us for a walk, and almost instantly realized how much better our local parks are for this.

If you are into drugs, underage drinking, and young trashy girls in skimpy bikinis; then this is the place for you.

I go here by myself at least twice a year just to get in the river after a good sweat.

Gorgeous waterfall! I took my 86 year old mom to see!! It’s right by the parking lot!!

Very pretty sections, but also long stretches on old road needs. Alltrails map is wrong just past the Halls Shelter when going counter clockwise. Based on the size of the maple trees, the task was moved higher on the hill several years ago.

Awesome place to hike. Don’t be afraid to go a little off trail to check out the nature itself around the creeks. Also warning-on the cliffs, when you get there, don’t let a weak stomach get to you and stay in the cable area. Me and my friends went around the cable railing and climbed the side of the cliff to another cliff rock. Very nerve wracking and intense even if you are careful. Awesome hike to take friends!

Beautiful place! Highly recommended

on Grundy Day Loop Trail

9 days ago

Nice easy trail for hiking. Not ideal for trail running, 3/4 of trail is exposed root bed.

As a novice hiker, I chose this as my first hike. I am 40 yrs old and in slightly less than decent shape. with that being said, this hike is doable for those who are motivated. the first 2 miles go by fairly easy. the 3rd mile is a bit more challenging, and the 4th mile is grinding. but, as in many cases, the effort is worth the reward as the cascades are absolutely beautiful. please keep a close hand on the little ones once you reach the cascades, especially in wet or cold weather as rocks become slippery. otherwise, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

this is a difficult but doable hike for those in decent shape. the hike becomes more challenging as you progress. starts off easy for the first couple miles, moderate for the 3rd mile, then it gets more difficult. pace yourself and the effort is worth the reward. absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend starting this hike as early as possible on warmer days. you won't be disappointed if you reach the cascade. enjoy the fruits of your labor!

10 days ago

Great trail. The map on here is wrong, make sure to get a paper map when you register. Camped at shelter 2, beautiful site. worth the hike.

Trail itself pretty easy and isn’t bad at all. However, people who visit don’t have enough respect to clean up after their self. Trash all over the place.

This is an excellent trail with some spectacular river/waterfall views. Though this trail is rated as moderate, I found it to be an easy hike due to its gradual climb. The best views are only about 4 - 5 tenths of a mile from the trailhead. A must see if hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

The waterfall at the end is worth seeing, so I’m glad I did the hike, but I often found myself a bit bored. Most of the trail doesn’t have much to see besides a little bit of the river. The last mile or so is also brutal, with endless climbing over rocks. Still, not a bad trail at least once.

16 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I drove over from Nashville to spend the day and did three of the shorter hikes in the area. all of them a moderate hike as far as skill level goes. the falls were a beautiful sight and so was the gorge and some smaller falls as well. definitely worth the trip. Next time I may camp and hike, as there is still more to see!

this was a very cool kayaking trip, it took about 3 hours total. the cave was beautiful from the outside but the inside is dark and it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust. we didn't go very far inside but it looked like you could explore further into it if you have a flashlight. beware of the spiders and cave crickets! kayaks, canoes, and other paddlers will fit inside the cave but its probably too small for any boats. we got surprised by a sudden thunderstorm on the way back but took shelter in an empty dock.

Very peaceful. ❤️

Great trail for Sunday afternoons! Easy, good workout without the treadmill!

This trail was a bit difficult, after you pass the gravel part. Glad I did it but I wouldn't do it again. Didn't have any views on the trai.

Very beautiful meadows.

beautiful hike and the falls are amazing,did the whole thing in 5 hrs including the chill time at the falls

22 days ago

Such a great hike! Relatively easy too!

22 days ago

A must do hike if your in the area- you will get wet, depending on how much rain the area has had the water could be high, my 6-year-old son loved it but if the water had been higher, there is definitely enough current it could be an issue for smaller kids(even with the cables). The area is gated so check the posted hours and plan accordingly but it is well worth it

23 days ago

Nice water fall can’t get close

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