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Farner, Tennessee Map

We had a little trouble finding the trail head at first, but finally got there. The gravel drive to the tail head threw us a little. The trail head isn't much more than a dirt patch with a mud puddle in the middle so we just parked where we could. No signage but the trail is well maintained and obvious. We hiked up the north side first and there are some sections that are harder than I thought we'd encounter, but overall I'd say moderate is a good description of the trail. The double falls are beautiful and well worth the hike. We came back the south trail which runs along the creek/river and it was so nice. The sound of the water, the fall colors, the smell of the forest, it was awesome. The trail was well marked on that side too. The hike felt longer than described and another person told us it was a little over 4 miles. My husband and I are 58 and 56 and had no problems.

13 days ago

Hiked this trail to see fall foliage and we weren’t disappointed. It was gorgeous and we got many beautiful pictures. The forest was ablaze with color and the falls were a treat. Trail is easy to follow. Saw a snake on the way back. I think it was a garter snake.

26 days ago

Just hiked to the falls and back, very easy hike and the falls are nice.

Great hike and beautiful falls. Well worth it.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

One of my favorite hikes. The waterfalls are AMAZING. So worth it.

1 month ago

This is a great trail. As another reviewer noted, the start of the "mapped" trail on this site is the gravel drive in from the main road. I clocked this at 1.5 miles. If you zoom in on the trail, you can see gravel "road".
This is a loop, but the best part of the trail is all on the southern part of the loop and follows Turtletown Creek. You will hit the double waterfall shortly after the fork in the trail. You can then continue along the "creek" to the second waterfall, which is at the very "top" of the loop. We came back on the northern part of the loop and would not do that again. You move far enough away from the water that you no longer hear or see it. There is more elevation on this side, and therefore a bit tougher hike, but it is not as scenic. Plus, on this side we had to avoid a three foot long copperhead snake.

Going clockwise the first half parallels the river and the second half climbs a ridge. I imagine the latter is very pretty in early November.

Saw just a few other hikers on a Sunday in October. Both falls were beautiful- the second definitely worth the extra hike.

Don’t be fooled by false trails. The path described is on well travelled trails although not always clearly marked.

Exhausting but beautiful!

1 month ago

Walking by the river and suddenly you are on the side of a mountain will tall trees. The walk down to the falls is a bit hard on your legs but it is worth it. You can go real close to the falls. Bear in mind that this trail has lot of fallen tress so be ready to climb under or jump over one. It's an adventure!! Loved it.

It was a beautiful day on this trail, wasn’t too muddy after all the rain. The hike down to double waterfall was awesome, our dog did great. Continuing on the loop I felt the trail could have better markings as there are other paths. We followed our gut and did see blazes further on trails but sparse. Overall loved it and great workout for us 60 year olds!

2 months ago

Thanks Katherine! We hit the trail on 8/24 and it was terrific. I appreciated all the feedback about the gravel drive in. Views were great and trail was really well maintained considering the # of down trees and it's remote location. Saw one small snake, without issues. My hiking buddies and I laughed about how you hike uphill to get in and to get out. But it was a very do-able trail for the 50-something crowd. The second falls was worth the additional walk.......I think we liked them even better than the first, both are great.

Great beginners trail, loved both of the waterfalls on the trail!

The bridge construction is completed and the bridge is open. I just got off the trail - it’s in good condition and the waterfalls are fantastic, full pool.

2 months ago

planning to hike this coming weekend 8/24-25. Can anyone verify that the bridge that was "out" is now done and open??? Thanks

3 months ago

This was an absolutely beautiful trail from start to end! If you are looking for a challenging, but not too strenuous 2-3 hour hike that includes a creekside view and sound for a majority of the hike, well-marked and maintained trails, beautiful wooded area, 2 spectacular waterfalls and a great place to play in the water (especially for kids and water dogs!) then this is a great pick! We were very grateful to have read prior posts about how to route around the construction on the bridge, as we would have had no idea how to get to this secluded treasure! It was in the middle of no where, but definitely worth the drive! We hiked to the top fall first, followed by the lower falls trail. There was no way of swimmimg in the water near the falls as it was to rugged, but some great spots to wade in alongside the creek! Great hidden gem!

My family and I hiked this on a Tuesday in July. It was a fun hike and the waterfalls were beautiful. We got into the water at both falls and had loads of fun. The trail itself is mostly single track through woods and along the side of the river. Going down to the falls is mostly downhill, and the return loop has a stretch of uphill that requires some effort. Nothing too serious though. I highly recommend this hike.

We went twice first time say only 2 couples and 4 days later saterday saw at least 7 couples. We swam it it lots of fun. Did see a large snake. No other wildlife.

Absolutely beautiful place

3 months ago

We hiked this trail yesterday after torrential rains the night before. Lots of trees, limbs, debris on the trail. The falls were really rushing muddy water. A snake was sunning on a rock at the double falls.

There’s plenty of confusion about how to reach this trail. Follow these directions: On 68 South, go 21 mi. from Tellico Plains. Cross Hiwassee River Bridge. Turn right on Underwood Road. The Farner Post Office and Farner Presbyterian Church are on your right. Go .3 mile and turn left on Duggan Road. Go .1 mile and turn left on Old Farner Road. Go .5 mile and turn right about 75 yards after you see a brown Turtletown Creek Falls sign. Keep driving to road’s end, and trailhead is on the right .

After you leave the double falls, walk along the creek and up for a while until you come to a T. Turn left to go to the other falls. To leave, go back the way you came until you reach the T. Go straight to make the loop to return to where you started.

Nice short fairly easy hike.

One of my favorite places to hike to!

The drive in to the start of the trail was almost 2 miles of very windy gravel road with a small creek that you have to cross in your car. We almost turned around but are so glad we didn’t. Both waterfalls are amazing! The trail was more rugged than we expected and walking the entire thing was almost 5 miles total. The trail itself is not very well marked so there was one time that we had to double back to get back to where we needed to be. I would not say it would be good to do with small kids. I have a 6 and 2 year old that I would not take on this one. But for me and my husband it was definitely worth the hike!!!!

mountain biking
5 months ago

very nice just don't. try to mountain bike it. seen lot of wild animals alongside the trail ...... oh yea the bridge is out as GPS rout takes you to trail head

Beautiful hike! Love that you can hear the river throughout the first part of the hike.. beautiful falls. I used the address below to get there (1234 farmer road) and did t have any issues.. you’ll want to pull on the dirt road and follow that until the end.
*** Be careful driving on the dirt road, I saw a dead dog on the side of the road, not sure if it was hit by a car or attacked by some stray dogs I saw near the body.. definitely a somber start to a beautiful hike.

UPDATED DIRECTIONS (5/13/18) I read previous reviews and plugged 1234 Farner Rd into my GPS. It would have taken me there but when I was about 0.6 miles away I could not go any further because the road was completely closed due to construction. Luckily, a resident watched me as I got out of my car looking very confused/frustrated and walked down his driveway and asked if I needed help. He gave me great directions to get to the falls from the other side. So, if you are on TN-68 S follow these instructions instead:
When you get close you will go over a set of rail road tracks on TN-68 S
Very shortly after crossing these tracks you will take a LEFT on Mountain Vista Rd
Stay on this until you come to a T in the road+Stop Sign
Here you will take a LEFT on Underwood Dr
You will then cross over a second set of railroad tracks
Very shortly after crossing these tracks you will take a LEFT on Duggan Rd
Then you will take a LEFT on Old Farner Rd
On your right hand side you will see a sign for Turtletown Falls and the dirt road will come up shortly after the sign, take that the rest of the way! It was such a wonderful hike and I’m so glad I was able to find it despite the construction—SO worth it! My Honda Civic made it across the creek but I noticed a car parked just before the creek on my way out, and that would’ve been a suitable option too (for those of us with small cars), as it’s not far from the trail head. As others have said, I highly recommend going left to see the “twin” waterfalls first and then going right to see the other big waterfall series. When I was coming back from the second waterfall I veered slightly to the left instead of going right and took the path along the ridge back—doing a loop instead of an out and back. It was uphill (more so than not) but clearly labeled and easy to follow.

nature trips
6 months ago

Great scenic trail! Definitely a must see! It is a loop and one tip that I can give is when you pass the first waterfall you will find the split. If you keep right you’ll be continuing the main trail and if you go left you will see the second waterfall. I’m so glad we went left because we would have missed the second gorgeous falls. The trail is not very long but it is pretty steep on the way back from the second falls. Hope you enjoy the trail as much as we did.
P.S.: Please, read previous comments on correct directions as the map in this app takes you to some private property.

This is a very rewarding hike with plenty of blooming wild flowers this time of year. The previous reviews were very helpful. To add to what was already said, the 1234 Farner Rd address is accurate and led me directly to the dirt road which leads to the parking lot. There are no additional signs to the trailhead but keep going, the road will dead end at the parking lot. There is a small creek you have to cross with your vehicle just before arriving. I was in a Honda civic and this was no problem for me. The trail which leads to the falls does not have a sign but it is marked by white blazes just beyond the entrance. The loop begins at a fork with a small brown hiker's sign marking the trail on the left which goes to both waterfalls. The trail on the right is unmarked but is apart of the loop which I took on my return trip. The falls are running strong. I saw what I believe was coyote poop on 2 occasions. But no other wild life. I saw very few people and my chihuahua and I enjoyed this peaceful hike. Go check it out!

7 months ago

Really nice trail. Big surprise was there are two really neat falls to see. The first falls appear to be twins. Once you see this falls continue on the trail to the second one which is really gorgeous. For your return to the trail head you can go back the way you came along the creek. We choose to make the loop so we took the high trail which is
very easy to walk. It is up hill for a ways but
It levels off and your walking the ridge line. You really don't get a good look at the Hawassee river but the gorge is quite interesting. From the hard top road it's several miles on a good dirt road. Go hike this trail it's really a pleasant experience .

7 months ago

Another beautiful walk. A wild turkey flew over us just as we were starting out around 4pm. I’m glad other reviews said to go to 1234 Farmer Rd to find the USF rd because where the App directions took us looked like it could have been a scene from Deliverance.

Perfect place for a day hike with the family. Other than a few steep climbs, not a bad trek at all— plus the AMAZING views will keep you pretty distracted, and triggers a strong sense of motivation to explore more! We went in mid March 2018 while it was a bit chilly + snowy and had a blast!

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