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Fairview, Tennessee Map

Beautiful and not too heavily traveled compared to other trails in the area. Great facilities on site.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Lovely shady low traffic trail for horses. About 1. 1/2 hours at easy pace. Pretty creek ford. Rocky in some areas due to wash outs.

Nice trail - lots of tree cover and sense of quiet. Some along road and then exposed under power lines which dropped it a star but would do again!

I would not call it a hike but a nice and pleasant walk in the park. The park was mot crowded with smoke opportunities to take some nice photographs. we enjoyed our walk

Very pretty! Nice and secluded

This trail is great. It’s not over crowded. There is a great nature center with information and a friendly staff. There are lots of trails that connect to each other. Just know that there is part of the trail that leads on to a mature reserve with more trails. Those trails are great, but the nature reserve part does not allow pets.

4 months ago

Nice trail to get some exercise! My dog came with me, some parts are a little steep so it is slower going with a leashed dog. Hiked around 11 a.m. and did not see another person on the trail. That being said, my face caught many spider webs, so I would advise using a stick or something similar to wave in front of you. I used bug spray beforehand, but the bugs didn't bother me at all. If you are not hindered by the possibility of spiders and insects, this is a good hike!

Nice trail.

6 months ago

horseback riding
washed out
6 months ago

Great walking trail for daily exercise! Very easy, well-paved, yet not too crowded.

nice clean trail

10 months ago

Nice add on if you hike the Perimeter Trail but want to do a little more.

Beautiful trail, even in winter. Excellent markings-no way you'll get lost. Very quiet with little foot traffic- a hidden jewel! Varied topography and options to hike a mile or about 3.Lovely small waterfall with bench to sit and enjoy. Watch for the Big South Fork Trail midway and add another mile. Challenging enough, but not strenuous. Probably not for toddlers unless they can fit in a backpack, and not for mobility impaired.Nice visitors' center with bathrooms and picnic area. Highly recommend for a 1-2 hour hike. Cute town of Leiper's Fork is worth the 15 minute drive to get melt in your mouth comfort food at Puckett's.

Wed Nov 14 2018

Nice hike but we're all were covered in seed ticks by the end. Definitely going to douse my body in bug spray next time.

I'll give it 5 stars. Why? Because it's so peaceful. Now those who say it's not strenuous are not 63 years old, Are not 40 pounds overweight, either. Yes, there are a few hills that I found really strenuous. I have not hiked in 10 or 15 years, that's one reason it is so strenuous. But, in the fall of the year like it is now, this is absolutely in credible. I highly recommend that you fuel up by getting some biscuits and gravy at the loveless cafe before you come here. The guys at the visitor center are incredibly friendly and one of the guys looks and awfully lot like Santa Claus. The trails might be easily marked, but as I sit on this delightful little bench, I'm lost. I have been following the signs to the dry keep Creek trail and ravine ridge West loop and another sign that said back to the visitor center, but I'm lost. I've been lost for about 45 minutes. I've taken a few trails by following the signs only to find out that 30 minutes later I'm back at the same sign. I'm not worried, not at all. Getting lost is something I enjoy doing. So, I'm pretty happy right now.

Wed Oct 10 2018

I was skeptical of Bowie Nature Park after a so-so experience on the Horseshoe trail, but I am so glad I gave this trail a try! I started out on the Lake Van trail which is very scenic but the terrain is quite uneven with a lot of tree roots to step over. I then connected to the Loblolly trail- very wide and even with some of the biggest loblolly pines I've ever seen. The Twin Lakes Loop trail took me to Lake Byrd and Lake Anna, small but very peaceful bodies of water with picnic shelters near by. I was struck by the contrast between the more wooded Lake Byrd and the openshore of Lake Anna. I took the Sycamore Springs trail which took me past its namesake spring with a tiny waterfall, the sound of which is louder than you might expect from such a small creek running parallel to the trail for a bit. I linked up with the Perimeter trail to return to the parking lot, and that last hill is quite steep to finish strong! I got a great overview of what Bowie Nature Park has to offer, and I will definitely return again for more. I also noted that this park felt exceptionally safe despite being rather isolated for stretches, and I, like other women I saw along the way, was comfortable being on my own here.

Sun Oct 07 2018

My biggest frustration was locating the trailhead which is in the back of the parking lot next to the nature center. While there are signs along the trail that indicate which direction to go, there are many points that paths intersect and the signs don't tell you which trail is which. There are great ravines to cross through under the tall canopy of the forest. Unfortunately, this trail comes within sight of the Super Walmart toward the second half of the trail which really detracts from the hiking experience. The walk was pleasant overall, but it falls short of being an immersive nature trail.

We had a great time. We were able to run or jog most of it. Lots of options for different trails as well.

My home trail. It’s a nice, quiet trail with several connecting trails you can use to cut the hike short or make it longer.

Perfect trail for a long meandering in the woods. A few portions of the trail follow a clearing under power lines. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Other trails connect to keep you busy for a while.

Fri Jun 08 2018

Hiked this all the way out to East Fork Creek just past the deserted greenhouse and pond. Be aware, this is not the Inman Loop. The loop is within the park. This trail takes you out of the park on to private conservancy land, which is open to the public. Note: pretty steep going down and getting back out, even if you take the return trail to the right. Bring water. Found nasty small red deer tick, so check yourself. Will do it again in cooler weather and wait for fall color. Not especially scenic. Good exercise trail not too far from city. Closer to 3 miles than the listed 2.2 miles.

Sat Jun 02 2018

Fun little loop for a quick hike.

I liked this hike. This time of year you will be able to see deep into the woods as you hike along. It was for the most part daily level hiking with some grades up and down. It went in a loop so you do not have to worry about ending at a different location then your car. There is a small lake with some Canadian geese and mallard ducks.

This park has 9 short trails, all of which are under 1 mile. The total mileage for the park is 3 to 3.5 miles. It's not a big park, but it is delightful in many ways. For starters, it is in the town of Leipers Fork, a trendy, artsy town known to attract people in the music biz. Enjoy its restaurants and shops. Puckett's Grocery is a great place to eat, as is the Loveless Café. Check them out after you hike. The trails at Timberland are close to other trails on the Natchez Trace, namely the Old Trace and Garrison Creek Loop trails. You can easily do both in the same day. Warning: GPS's are not the most dependable in this area. But even if you drive around in circles, it is scenic. No commercial businesses on the Natchez Trace..no McDonalds, nail salons, etc. It is a pretty drive. The park has great parking and a visitors center. Folks in the center are happy to chat. I could just hang out there, quite honestly. There is a nice fireplace, bathrooms, maps and brochures, and free walking sticks to borrow. The trails are short and a person can configure various hikes. Make your hike long or short. There is variety to the trails. They go down to a dry creek bed and then up to a ridge- many times. You can get a bit of a workout, but it isn't strenuous, because the trails are short. I still recommend a stick or trekking poles. The trails are super-well marked with color-coded metal blazes that correspond to the map. You won't get lost here. The trails are quiet without much traffic. My friend and I only passed 2 couples and 1 single. There are benches along the way. These trails offer a good introduction to hiking. They are also good for Nashvillians like me who just want to get outside for a few hours. Bottom line: Beautiful natural area. Easy hike for those who are used to hiking, but there is enough ascent/descent that it could be difficult for folks who don't walk much. You will come upon trails that are on private property: Big East Fork Reserve. I have hiked on these trails too, but being on private property, they weren't well-marked the last time I hiked them, so I stuck with the trails in Timberland. I will be back and plan to make this a place where I hike regularly. No crowds. Just peaceful and pretty.

Standard walk in the woods

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