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Great hike past multiple waterfalls! The majority of the hike is uphill but not too steep with several stretches of flatter ground to break it up. Plus there are so many nice breaks along the creek that it’s nice to stop. There are really two falls on this hike, so after you pass the first large waterfall keep going further to an even better one!! Heard from other hikers that it’s even cooler to go during the winter time because the waterfalls completely freeze over! Will be back to see that. Also wear waterproof shoes during the spring season because you have to cross the creak four times, not difficult but will get regular sneakers wet.

2 days ago

Beautiful beautiful falls and trail, lots of spring wildflowers!

I used Google maps and got to the trail head no problem. the road there is really rough so go slow! The hike to the falls is lovely (left at the fork) the right fork is just beautiful.
on the right fork you cross the creek several times. Some of those crossings are very iffy. Unless you want to go UP a very steep incline to no where special turn around when the trail turns and starts following a small feeder creek. The last 1/3 of a mile or so is very steep with lots of loose rocks and leaf debris. Even with poles I slid once descending.

22 days ago

First off, do not follow the directions to this trail using the link provided here. You will spend more time looking for the trailhead than it takes to hike this trail when you finally find it using some other app or website. Once you get there, this is a lovely trail that gives you a couple of options. For an easy, spectacular view of the falls, head left at the fork. The falls are a few meters ahead. If you are more ambitious and can do a moderate 2 Miles (one way) at a steady incline and with numerous creek crossings, take the right fork. Enjoyed both immensely!

28 days ago

Nice gentle walk along a beautiful creek. There are several small water falls along the way. My wife and I enjoyed the views going to the falls as much as we enjoyed the falls. The trial is a little confusing. When you come to a “Y” in the trail, go to the left and you will immediately cross a small creek. The falls are straight ahead after crossing the creek.

very nice in winter

1 month ago

This is a great little trail that really comes alive in heavy rain seasons. Water features are awesome and great spot for photography in many areas.

This is an easy hike! Have visited this area many many times! The best time to go is now after all this rain! I love this place!

Trail is very easy to follow and a nice waterfall at the top as long as water levels are not too dry.

3 months ago

Great little trail to an impressive waterfall! It was almost all frozen and truly beautiful.

4 months ago

This hike isn't for everyone! Its almost straight up & you cross the creek several times, but once you get there its totally worth it! The first waterfall you come to is not that far, but is so beautiful! Will definitely hike again!

The trail up to the AT shelter was approximately 4 miles. Our group was three relatively fit adults (20-23), but adult life has taken its toll it seems because it was one of the more grueling hikes we've done in recent memory. Another nearby hike we do regularly is Margarette Falls, but I'd question classifying that as an intermediate trail, whereas I'd rate this one more like intermediate+ to the low-end of difficult.

It was rocky in the beginning segments, and after the first bridge crossing its relatively leisurely, but after the 2nd or 3rd bridge it's straight uphill the rest of the way. At least 2 miles are straight up the side of the mountain. It's beautiful, for sure, even now in the early part of winter.

If you're an experienced hiker, or confident in your level of fitness I wholeheartedly recommend it. It's a fun and pretty trail with variable terrain and isn't *very* heavily traveled, but there were some nice older ladies who put us to shame when we went. We felt like we were dying on the final leg up to the shelter.

I guarantee I will be very sore tomorrow.

I'm a pretty avid hiker and hike often, so I'm no stranger to climbs or working hard to get to a destination. In my humble opinion, the "reward" at the end of this trail is not worth the effort it takes to get there. For some reason, I hike this trail every 3-4 years and remember why, each time, the reason I don't hike it often.
Like with any falls, the flow depends on the rainfall (duh). That is particularly true with these falls. I have been before and it has been a little more than a trickle. Don't get me a wrong, it's beautiful up there, but it's hard to justify the climb you have to make to get to them. If you happen to get the place to yourself it's pretty peaceful. Just be prepared to work for it.

This is a nice little trail, the waterfall is nice and you have climb down to iy but it's a good trail. I added a few miles to it exploring the area a little. mostly mountains at the top but there is a ton of places to go and see what's around the corner so to speak. It's not to steep and the rating of moderate is about right. levels out once you get to the ridgelines. This would be excellent hike with the fall colors at peak as there are many various trees so it will be a good mix of colors. I'll be back for sure.

7 months ago

Nice forest walk. The trail sometimes a bit overgrown and in fall the cascades has no much water.

7 months ago

IF YOU SEE NO PARKING SIGNS YOU'RE NOT THERE YET- continue on up the rough gravel road to the left until it actually dead ends at the parking area. Nice hike (though pretty steep, in my opinion, considering you are traveling uphill the whole time until you turn around and come back down). Very lightly trafficked. Waterfall was nice, but didn't make it to the lake. Lots of nice opportunities to splash in the creek (some very deep spots to dunk in, though not really big enough to swim in).

nice hike. no views, but waterfalls are nice.

Low water levels but the hike was nice. Saw my first baby bear.

Beautiful Waterfalls and nice little hike

7 months ago

Beautiful trail with considerable incline the last mile to the falls. It is an extremely rocky trail with 4 creek crossings. Gorgeous waterfall.

directions worked fine for us. great trail along the river with a bunch of small pools and waterfalls to play in. recommended.

8 months ago

No place to park so we did not hike it. Not sure where those who do hike this actually park because there were Private property, no trespass, no parking, and tow away signs all over the area.

8 months ago

Easy trail with 1 creek crossing that can be rock -hopped unless alot of rain has fallen .A short uphill climbing part after u cross creek but nothing bad and is beautiful to see with snow or ice on the falls .Does tend to have low flow in summer months without adequate rainfall .

8 months ago

Beautiful place especially when wild flowers are blooming they are everywhere along the trail .Trail has a steady uphill climb but not bad .There is a steep part as you go down to the base of the falls but just watch your footing and it's not bad .Well worth going down to the base of the falls to get the best view .My favorite trail for wildflowers in this area :)

8 months ago

Do not follow the directions on the app!

You can follow the forestry service directions from Greeneville as previously posted. Here's directions from I-26:

(Copied from http://appalachiantreks.blogspot.com/2008/12/sill-branch-falls.html?m=1)

Take I-26 to the Erwin/Jonesborough exit #37. At the end of the ramp, turn right and take State Route 81/107 west for 6.5 miles, stay on Rt. 107 by turning left and continue for 5 more miles. Turn left on Clark's Creek Road and drive 3.1 miles (the last 1.7 will be gravel) into the Cherokee National Forest to a small parking area on the left. A small brown marker indicates the trail head for Sill Branch Falls -- the first part of the hike has an easy incline, when the trail forks, stick to the left and you'll immediately cross a small stream. Continue on up this steep section of trail and you'll soon arrive at the falls.

It is a easy hike and great for all ages! I recommend going in late spring when the water levels are high! in the summer there is not much water flowing down the creek.

Good little trail. We took the kids (3yr, 5yr) and it was just challenging enough to keep their attention. The directions the app gives are way off though. I will post a screen shot of the correct directions.

9 months ago

There were no trespassing signs everywhere. No thanks!! Then saw a huge bear. Not going back.

Nice short hike with young kids.

Easy to find trail head, if you're looking at map sign at gravel parking area just turn around, look for white mark on tree and obvious entrance. Our group was 4 & 12 year old, a Vizsla and reasonably fit parents. First 1/5 is easy, crossing over train tracks and heading up hugging side of mountain. It gets progressively more difficult as to trail becomes narrow with loose rocks and steep drop. A couple sketchy rock clambered areas, but nothing too terrible. Like I said a 4 yo can handle it! 2/5 way you come to trail crossing with blue markers to right descending down to river and a camping area. You can get drinks, bathroom and dip tired feet and dogs in river here. Probably a good stop on way back. We went first and my group, after rejoining this trail and continuing, became a increasingly discontent. But the cruel trail master that I am, forced the continued march onward. Trail opens up and is frankly just a nice walk in the woods. It is well marked and maintained. And yet we saw no one. It was a Monday so that may explain it. Finally, the incessant grumbling became too great to ignore and we abandoned continuing at about 1/2 way. Looking forward to trying again to finish it. This was recommended by NC High Peaks group.

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