Photos of Ernestville Trails


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Good little hike.
Got a little confused at first because the GOS didn’t take me all the way up to the correct parking area. I parked down near a gate with no trespassing signs. You can drive about 1/4 mile on up the gravel road to get to the correct parking area but if it has rained a lot then it will be very muddy, and could possibly get stuck if your in 2 wheel drive.

You will see a little wooden gate where the trail begins.
A lot of rocks, watch your step on this trail. Trail had a slight incline almost the entire way with the incline getting a little steeper near the end. A lot of mud and water today from heavy rainfall last night. The trail itself had turned into a water run off in some areas it was like walking through a very shallow creek. I had hiking boats on and still got my feet a little wet.

Highly recommend walking down to the base of the falls. You can get much better pictures from that angle.