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I started my hike in the morning so I could enjoy some time swimming at the base of the waterfall (bring water shoes! Some rocks can be unforgiving). The trails are very well maintained and relatively easy. I was able to run up and down parts of the trail without any issues.

Great trail. A little challenging, but worth the effort

great hike. not to hard or long but is very rocky and can be slick. one stream crossing that can be wet but usually can be crossed on rocks. beautiful spot to have a picnic or swim

I wouldn’t really call it hiking. It’s more of a walk through fields, with a lake. Paths aren’t properly marked and there’s very little visibility (lack of elevation). Also, during the summer the paths have grass that’s tall enough to conceal the snakes, which there are. Better off going to Edwin warner

1 day ago

This is a great easy hike. There is maybe one or two steeper inclines on the way to the falls. We went once during the fall and the falls were dried up. We tried again today and they were beautiful. Our dogs loved it! A great short hike with well taken care of trails. A lot of people bring swimming clothes.
We did see a good bit of litter. We had a bag so we picked up what we could and hiked it out. It is a beautiful place for a picnic, but please carry out your trash!

This is a great trail. Very challenging, but well worth it at the end. I recommend hiking boots/shoes not Chacos! :^)

I followed part of the Old Johnsonville Trail and the Civi War Trail. A 0.6 mile section is closed down for an undetermined time due to rerouting the trails. Be sure to stop in the welcome center to get the map and they can mark off the section that is closed. The trails are marked well with blazes on the trees and anytime another trail intersects or a short cut is offered, there is a marking post that coincides perfectly with the map. One of the more accurate maps I’ve seen in awhile. Different civil war artifacts throughout the park and trails. Biggest bonus of this trail system is that nearly all of it is under the tree canopy but they also means you need bug spray. The map says the blue and red trails are difficult and they are not. The blue Trail is easy with moderate sections. The red trail is moderate with one short difficult section.

Very crowded since it’s whereabouts went viral. Definitely beautiful and fun, however it’s sooo trafficked.
It’s worth seeing though.

Nice easy walk, the primitive trail needs a little work. Doesn’t look like anyone has been down there for awhile. Didn’t have my bug juice, so didn’t venture down that trail, next time!

Did the Falls Creek Falls trail with my wife & kids (ages 7 & 5) without any problems. It's a great trail although it is a little rocky as you get up closer to the falls. The only disappointment for us was that there was not very much water in the falls themselves due to the lack of rain in the area. Other than that it was Awsome!

I really enjoyed this hike this morning. I was on the trail by six am. The trail head can be accessed right before you drive into the park, to the left and right of the ranger station.

Heading to the left takes you through the woods and along the stone fence and meadow. Slight inclines. Heading to the right takes you along the lake first. I opted for the left since it was raining and let the trees be my umbrella!!

I saw deer, a turtle, cranes, turkeys, and ducks. And heard the frogs!!

it was a great little hike. Pretty. There are some inclines and steps on it. There are also several felled trees at the moment that have yet to be removed from the trail but there are ways around them.

I'd do this one again and would even consider camping and doing it :)

trail running
3 days ago

Actually this is the Day Loop trail and it's a nice short loop. Some fairly technical sections to keep things interesting for those trying to get a quick run in. If you want to tack on some additional miles you can split off and take the Volunteer Trail out and back then continue.
Note: Limited parking will fill up quick on nice weekends, especially if people are camping. One porta-john but no water available.

Lots of down trees, but it was a nice hike.

Beautiful, marked well, great trail for the whole family, dogs allowed (leashed)

There is no trail here. Unless you count crawling thru rhododendron. Like on your hands and knees.

Nice easy trail while camping and geocaching at Bandy Creek last week.

Did the north side of the stream trail which was not very well maintained so the next time I will do the south side that sounds like a better option on my next camping trip to Bandy Creek Campground.

Hiked this trail about a week ago. Great trail. This app would have come in very handy when I was camping with my four Shih Tzu companions at Bandy Creek. Lots of nice trails in the area but was only able to log about 27 miles worth before returning home. Hopefully I will be returning to the area in the near future for an extended stay and lots more hiking.

The trail to the base of the waterfall is a bit steep and gets really rocky at some points, but definitely worth it! Great area to swim too! One of my favorite hikes so far.

Great hike! Not too challenging and lots of pretty sights to take in. You can take your time or breeze through it!

Tried to do this trail counterclockwise, blazes were pretty poor. Could be a nice trail, but there are tons of unmarked side trails and it's pretty easy to get off the main trail. Got off the trail somewhere around mile 2 and had to double back, got fed up and left. May try again this winter, tons of spider webs. Saw 2 deer and a camper that decided to squat and pee right in the middle of the trail.

4 days ago

Paved pathways get very slick after rain. Otherwise great walk with minimal elevation and friendly people.

Do not hike this trail unprepared. Not the hardest hike I've been on but I've been on very difficult hikes. We ended up going 11.0 miles with 1890 ft of gain on a hot June day. Big laurel falls was cool along the away and the sheep Cave was cool as well. We went on a low water day so we were able to explore a little bit more. We ended up taking a little bit longer of a route so your trip may not be 11 miles. Unfortunately there was a bit of trash and a fire that wasn't put out all the way. So please be responsible for others and animals around you.

quick and easy hike with gorgeous views

4 days ago

Very short 0.5 mile hike that leads from a parking lot down to the river and a long wall of waterfalls that you can climb behind. Waterfalls were awesome and rocks at the river were large enough to lounge on. Very good trail for those that don’t want to spend all day hiking, but still want to see something cool. Trail is pretty wet as you are climbing down a waterfall the whole time along rocks, man made stairs and ramps with cable for support. Spent about an hour at waterfalls and then hiked back up and drove a little further to the very nice on site beach where you allowed to swim. Swimming prohibited on this trail. Wouldn’t have wanted to try anyway. Not worth the risk.

Great little hikel! The trail is rocky and could be tough if it were wet. The suspension bridge is awsome! My kids loved it!

After a good rain this waterfall was amazing! We ventured out into the cave to find that waterfall as well♡
Definitely would do it again!

Not a bad hike. The trail was a little overgrown and some areas could use more blazes but overall its not a bad trail. There are lots of hills but it isn't bad. It is closer to 9 miles when said and done. You must be comfortable with spider webs though because they are everywhere.

5 days ago

love this app. I travel often just to visit trails and this app makes it easy.

5 days ago

Beautiful falls. Kid friendly. Life vest and Water shoes recommended.

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