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So the only reason why I like this path is because you can and I suggest that you do go off path. You will get some really pretty scenery aside from what's on the paved trail. It is nice to go jogging in the morning or evening though and I have liked using this path for my morning jogs. Just make sure you pack at least two bottles of water since its summer and bug spray.

Beautiful place to walk with my 7 month old!

very beautiful place, with creek and waterfall.

Awesome trail for backpacking.

This trail needs maintenance badly. My friend and I decided to hike it spur-of-the moment today. I hike all 12 miles of this trail 2-3x a year. I expect it to be weedy and overgrown when it is late summer.

Well, it is only mid-May and it is already overgrown. In 2 weeks, parts of the trail will be covered. Bearwaller needs "friends" or rangers with weed-whackers. My friend and I turned backed after going out from the picnic/camping/marina area trailhead to the 2.5 mile marker. It was just too dang weedy.

Yeah, there are nice overlooks and the trail gives you a workout, but it isn't worth the weeds. I took 2 ticks off of my ankles when we got back to the car. When I got home to Nashville, I discovered 3 more tiny ticks on my socks and 2 more stuck in my skin. I sprayed bug spray with Deet on myself before I did the hike, but it didn't do the job.

If you hike this trail, be prepared for overgrowth and ticks. Wear long pants and use bug spray. I personally will not hike it again until maybe late October.

4 days ago

Terrific trail with some stunning water views! The waterfall is well worth the hike, and the going back flies by. My two larger dogs did pretty well with some of the more slippier rock sections, and would recommend being ready to assist a small dog in a few spots. Highly recommended, we had a blast!

Great, easy trail with beautiful lookouts!

Nice hiking trail with some hills, part of it along the creek. We clocked it at 2.4 miles from the parking lot.

A quick hike with a great view!

Love this place. Hike here a few times per week! I enjoy the variety of the trails.

pretty muddy in spots, good for a family trek, but seemed like you were still in the city most of the time; lots of traffic noise ect.

8 days ago

I would recommend this trail to anyone. there are some pretty steep and challenging areas. bring a hammock to set up near the falls, you will need a nap.

8 days ago

Nice hike, would recommend hiking shoes. Lots of rocks to walk over, there's a drop off in the water, below the falls, 20 feet out from the falls.
Beware small parking lot!

10 days ago

dude i hiked to the fountain and passed it to finish the trail that led to absolutely nothing but poison ivey and poison oak !! don’t keep walking stop at the river 10/10 would do it again

10 days ago

Great hiking trail, but can get pretty muddy in spots.

Beautiful trail, lots to explore!

10 days ago

Great trail. The map on here is wrong, make sure to get a paper map when you register. Camped at shelter 2, beautiful site. worth the hike.

Great hike once again! This is my second time hiking this one and I love it even more now. Very challenging hike. We saw a large rat snake (harmless but huge!) hanging out pretty close to the trail, and a hiker we ran into said he saw a rattlesnake sitting in the middle of the trail close to the end... be careful!

nice urban paved trail... lots of man made structure all along the path but very beautful still... less natural than all your other trail though

**UNTIL MAY 21: The sections past Sycamore Falls are closed for pipeline maintenance. (Per the signage out there)

The part of the Fiery Gizzard to Sycamore Falls is lush, beautiful and cool with a lot of Hemlocks throughout.

there are nooooo waterfalls on buffalo mountain lol. beautiful views from the overlooks and pretty quiet once you get past the overlooks. be cautious about snakes, have seen many timber and copperhead up there.

longer trail, 4.8 up but it is a constant gentle climb. Have seen many rattlers up there the last 2 years so use caution if you have dogs

love this hike! but lot is small and always full, be prepared to possibly park down by the National forest sign

15 days ago

NEVER AGAIN! If you like having to pull ticks out of your body while hiking then this is the trail for you!

I brushed 3 ticks off of myself and found FIVE different kinds of ticks on my dog. My hiking partner had 2 on her and 6 on her dog.... we didn’t even do the whole trail. We hiked MAYBE 0.5mi because we gave up after continuously finding ticks crawling up our legs.

Getting there: go behind yellow gate, turn right to the water, there is a tin hiking sign and white blazes to follow.... if you dare.

Great payoff and interesting bluffs

This is a quiet somewhat deep woods trail. Slight elevation and slightly overgrown foliage. Very peaceful environment. However, even though it was an 80degree sunny day there was so much mud on this trail that at times it was not worth doing. High top waterproof hiking boots a must!!

I went after the area got some pretty good rain, so there was a lot of standing water. As a result, tons of buggies. Great trail though, plenty of ups and downs to keep things interesting. Mostly shaded the entire way through.

Great trail for Sunday afternoons! Easy, good workout without the treadmill!

It rained recently, so some of the slopes were a bit muddy. Recommend trekking poles for post-rain hikes. The trail shown might be an old trail; the path I took is significantly different and lacks obvious trail blazes, but leads to the right areas. Strongly recommend bug spray at this time of year; the mosquitoes were out in force! All in all, good trail, had a lot of fun.

Exactly what I was looking for!
Quick fun little hike with a lot of mini rivers and waterfalls into a rewarding view at the top.
Not terribly difficult and up and down in around 45-1h for a moderate hiker.

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