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4 days ago

great trail very slick when wet the last 1/4mile of the trail is impassable due to large trees on the rock path next to the creek.

Absolutely beautiful trail. The hike upwards is definitely difficult if you're out of shape, but the views make it all worth it. There is a waterfall near the middle which is a great place to rest. Then there is a rather challenging walk up to the bluffs, with small caves that you can sort of walk through. On the bluffs, the view is absolutely magnificent. I would recommend going in the autumn, since it gets very hot at the top.

on Gee Creek Trail

9 days ago

This is a fun trail! It’s challenging if it’s been raining - the rocks can get very slick- but that just makes it more interesting ... right?

I agree with the moderate trail rating. Maybe moderate+ after a rain. There were several places I had to go to all fours to be sure I kept my footing.

The first creek crossing has a bridge and is near the beginning of the trail. The second crossing is at the main falls. The third crossing is not very far after that. The 2nd and 3rd crossings can be challenging getting across and keeping the water below the top of the boot. I wish I’d had my lake shoes.

29 days ago

Beautiful hike and quite easy. Recent massive rock slide across the creek after the waterfall. Near the final creek crossing, you must climb over rocks which could be a little difficult but worth it. After the final creek crossing at the large waterfall, the trail continues for a short distance before the trail just ends. Lots of poison ivy and oak so watch your step. Just past the concrete structure where they used to mine quartz is a short trail up with nice view overlooking the creek. We had rain the night before but the trail wasn’t wet and hardly any insects.

1 month ago

Would highly recommend this trail! Did it with my dog and she enjoyed swimming in the creeks. Was one of the easier hikes I’ve done and was fairly short. The directions on this app took me to the Gee mountain caves and not the trail head so be careful when you arrive. We just walked about .5 miles and found the trailhead no problem. The waterfalls were BEAUTIFUL.

This is a really great trail! Not too hard, so families with small children are welcome! (Not too small though. And bring water. Always bring water. XD)

1 month ago

Directions to the trailhead are spot on. Hike upwards along Watertank Branch for a short distance. Turn to the right when trail splits (rather than continuing along creek). Yes, the trail is steep on first section, as it was poorly designed. There are numerous outcroppings with good views toward the river, not just one. The trail (trails, in truth) levels out along face of bluff. I saw numerous climbers hiking in while I was leaving. Worth the very short, but strenuous hike.

2 months ago

A lil steep but definitely worth it...I already wanna go back lol

Wonderful hike for family and pets. there are a few creek crossings and wonderful views of the creek's many waterfalls. I have hiked this several times. The beginning path is pebbled with stones, so wear good walking shoes (I always wear reef shoes and wore them the first time. This was a mistake as I felt every single one of those stones. lol). It is shaded by the canopy of trees most of the way. It is a very enjoyable hike with few people on it. The last time I went I did not see a soul.

Wow! What a trail. Made it up to the overlooks of the Hiawassee River. Strenuous, but doable. Beautiful views worth the effort. However, following the actual trail as shown on AllTrails was impossible. We found ourselves in thick brushes and vines with plenty of thorns going up trying to meet the trail as shown. Found us wandering around in the woods, crossing the imaginary trail 4 times, never able to identify it! Noticed later that all the recordings of this trail by hikers seems to be different every time. Loved what we saw on the bluff, but ended up looking like we lost a fight with barb wire 藍 Needs a sign or two to help a hiker keep out of trouble.

Was a a tough climb and a lot steeper than I expected but it was a fun challenge and the view was more than worth it!

Did this hike twice. Both with children and a dog. beautiful views up top. nice areas to climb and children truly enjoyed. Be careful with drop offs with little ones and pets. Nice little river at bottom to hang out after the hike as well.

very beautiful place, with creek and waterfall.

4 months ago

dude i hiked to the fountain and passed it to finish the trail that led to absolutely nothing but poison ivey and poison oak !! don’t keep walking stop at the river 10/10 would do it again

The hike is steep but the view at the top is so worth it. Can’t wait to go again.

5 months ago

Absolutely love this hike! I drive nearly an hour when I want to hike just so I can come to Gee Creek Trail. The small waterfalls are absolutely breathtaking, plus I’ve seen kids swimming under the one at the end of it. There are two rocky parts that are difficult to cross if you’re new to it or just don’t like that kind of thing, but once you get the hang of it it’s not bad. I’d recommend going after a light rain (if you’re used to the trail!) for a really lovely addition of small streams along the trail.

5 months ago

We only goes half the way . It was wet ans the Rocks was very slippy. Maybe next time

Loved climbing the rocks and the views of the river were great. At some points you may have to get on all four extremities. The trail doesn't go all the way to the top but there are still some awesome overlooks. once you get to a bunch of fallen trees you'll have to turn around.

5 months ago

was not able to locate the trail for the second creek crossing. look forward to another trip.

5 months ago

Some places on the trail can be hard to navigate if you go past the waterfall. But overall it’s a beautiful hike.

6 months ago

Great photo ops here! The trail up to the main falls gets narrow at one point, but manageable. Can't wait to go back.

Creek was way up and raging we felt it was to dangerous to cross so we only got to hike half of the trail. The trail follows the creek at one point it was a little difficult to navigate / climb the rocks.. I will try agin later in the year after the creek drops. And yes like the other reviews there are a lot of baseball size rocks on the trail but we didn’t find them that hard to hike.

7 months ago

Four stars

7 months ago

Fun trail to take the pup on.

7 months ago

My 6 year old's first big hike! definitely a few troublesome spots where the terrain is very narrow and rocky. The path overall is rocky, but not bad. The water was beautiful!

This was a pretty good hike. absolutely beautiful. Lots & lots of hills....the scenery is so beautiful!

beautiful trail easy to follow but not for children or the faint of heart. trail was completely empty the path was very Rocky but it was really very pretty. many small waterfalls.

If you are using Google Maps for directions then they will take you to the exact spot described above. Keep in mind there is only room for about 3-4 cars by the trailhead. I am not sure how far down you would have to go for another spot.

The drive in is nice, especially in the fall. The trail is exceptionally difficult to follow at times, even from the beginning it is easy to lose it but this was mainly due to the amount of leaves coating the ground when I went. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you do lose the trail, which I did several times, you will still end up at the right spot near the end.

The trail does follow a cliff edge for the latter half of the hike. It is straight down but there is plenty of space and there are trees to help you along the way. The trail is rather steep and you will be going straight uphill for the majority of the hike. You will need to use your hands to climb in some sections and lift yourself up over rocks. If it has rained recently I would recommend skipping this trail unless your confident in your ability. The hike is steep but very short. It probably takes about 30 minutes at most to reach the overlook of the river.

The return was definitely easier to see the trail but some spots were more difficult going down than up, especially areas that required climbing. This is very basic climbing that shouldn't be an issue to anyone in shape or confident in hiking.

Overall a really fun quick trail if you want a challenge, but there are definitely better options out there.

Nice exciting trail. Nice deep hole to swim in under big waterfall. There are rainbow trout in the creek also.

10 months ago

I have hiked this trail several times and always enjoy it. Best time to hike it is summer or fall when it is dry out otherwise the creek crossings can be challenging when the creek is flowing hard.

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