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Hike along water almost the entire way! Beautiful!!

First time here on Jan 1. The falls and river after heavy rains, bouldering, and climb to the rim exceeded expectations. Old mining town ruins were an unexpected bonus. Will definitely be back.

This is a great trail especially when the water is up. Watching the kayakers on the way up. Some technical up to the falls. Simply beautiful

One of the best in the SE!

What a gem! Finally made our way over. It's got the best of everything - creekside trail, nice switchbacks, history, waterfalls and bridges...went out on a nice cold rainy day so my boyfriend and dog and I had the whole place to ourselves. Watch for the sharp turn right up away from the river - if you get to the little dam you've gone too far. Didn't realize the trail continued after Laurel Falls but the rocks were slippery enough to make us forget. Beautiful tall fall! Hiked our way up the ridge towards Snow Falls but had to turn back as we were fighting daylight. Finally made it back to the car before pitch black only to realize we were locked in. Guy who let us out said to be careful after dark as there is supposedly a momma panther and two cubs back in there. We didn't hear or see anything thankfully...Some nice campsites along the way! Can't wait to go back. I'd bring some trekking poles and snacks and a headlight in case you get drawn into hiking farther than you planned!

Great hike, little toasty this time of yr but still a great hike.

The view from Buzzards Point off Snow trail is breath taking.

Beautiful hike. The river has so many amazing pools and waterfalls it was really cool. The history of the area and the old mining camp is neat to explore. Will visit again and go to the lookouts. Highly recommend for a day hike.

Love this trail. Have done it during all seasons. This weekend we still had beautiful colors to the trees. The new bridge before the trail splits (Snow Falls, Laurel Falls) looks great. Not very fond of walking on logs and was happy to see it! Highly recommend it. Keep in mind that getting to Snow Falls, or Bryant overlook (crossing above Laurel Falls) involves a creek crossing and may not be doable depending on current/depth of water.

Great trail, really nice falls.

Most beautiful hike I’ve been on! Water holes to swim, many many waterfalls, huge rock formations, history, it’s got it all!

One of my favorite hikes! Highly recommend!

This has to be my favorite hike yet! Such a rewarding view, so beautiful. It is rocky and has challenging footing but that's what makes it adventurous! Very steep climb if you want to go on top of the waterfall but once you get up there the view is most definitely worth it. This trail has so much to offer from some of the stone structures along the way to a few mines and neat bridges, it's a hike I would do over and over again.

Well maintained paved walkway with restrooms available. Great views over the water with plenty of shade.

I took my toddler and preschooler on this trail to ride bikes and nature watch. We weren't disappointed. Very easy, paved trail that we all enjoyed

Great evening hike with lots of lightening bugs. I’m from California so seeing lightening bugs is a treat!

Water holes for swimming and playing in the water were so fun! Perfect way to cool off after a long hot hike. The trail to laurel falls gets rough for the last mile or so. We took our 1 yr old dog and he was completely worn out. Our 8 year old daughter was able to make it as well. It felt like a lot longer than 2.5 miles. Cool history, it's an old coal and iron mill. Some original structures are still there. The waterfall was hard to access to play in it. Rocks around it were very slick and there were copperheads as well. Overall, it was fun but just wore us out!

Beautiful trail.. the bridge that was out going to laurel falls is back up and better than ever.. we were the first to get to cross it according to the ranger we met on the trail. I wish I could post a pic of the new bridge. Only complaint would be that it would be nice if there were signs periodically letting one know how much farther it is to the falls.

This is my "go to" hike. I have hiked all over this area. Great hike weather you go to Laurel or Snow Falls or Buzzards Point. Lots of little payoffs all through this hike. I have also camped several times near the top of Laurel falls. I have hiked it in all 4 seasons and think I like winter the best. Saw a Bobcat above the falls in July 2018, very cool.

So far my favorite hiking trail! So many cool and beautiful landscapes to the falls. Worth the hike and the drive there. I’ll go again.

5 months ago

The hike to Laurel Falls was well worth crossing the river where the bridge is out. They are currently working on it. With all the rain we have received during this season, the amount of water that is falling is incredible. Like other reviews I have read, I was super glad that I wore hiking pants. You have to climb over a few trees and the bugs and poison ivy is bad this time of year. I doused myself in bug spray before heading out. Laurel Falls trail is clearly marked although Snow falls trail gets really tricky in several spots. I finally arrived to a trail marker with an arrow pointing up and then there is no clear path of which way to go after that. So I never made it to see Snow falls. The hiking trail itself and the beauty you see along the river and the bridge across was worth the attempt to find it though. I will definitely return for more beautiful hikes. I can’t wait to get pics of laurel falls in each season.

Great hike! Only thing I would change if I could do it over is wear pants... lots of poison ivy this time of year! I covered myself in bug spray but my boyfriend had a few ticks on him

Fun hike full of challenges

Worth a 2.5 hour drive, and we didn't even finish it. Water was high and there's no bridge. Talked to a guy in the TTA today and he said they aren't replacing the bridge because of safety concerns. We both thought it funny since it's even more sketchy to cross the creek on rocks.

Either way, I'll be returning for a solo run soon so I can complete the trail without leaving anyone behind.

Well worth it, regardless of the weather. I had almost no landscape view, but was still amazed with how amazing the overlook rocks, river and waterfalls were in the fog.

love this trail. it's right down the street from our house. we go and hike some part of it about once a week. the trail is sometimes a little tricky to find, so keep your eyes peeled for the white plate trail markers!

Great day hike! Be aware that there's no official crossing at the water. However, follow the pink flags down to a few logs laid across the water for your best bet at crossing. Take your time and you will be fine!

If you gained anything from this info, please pay it forward by picking up your trash and leaving no trace.

I like this trail a lot. Plenty of parking, paved walking trail that has a short stretch through the woods and alongside a lake. There were lots of dogwoods along the path. Pet friendly, doggie bags provided, a couple of playgrounds and swings. Lovely trip.

Prettiest hike ever.

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