Photos of Cove Creek Trails

Cove Creek

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First off, this trail is closer to 21 miles, the actual trail varies from this map.

We parked our cars at Mountain Harbour B&B on Friday at 12:15. Then we took their shuttle to the trailhead and started hiking at 1:15 PM from Hughes gap. There was about 1 foot of snow on the ground when we began.

We hiked at about 35 minutes per mile. We only ended up hiking about 2 miles, because of the storm we saw moving in on the horizon. The wind began to pick up so we decided to make camp at the first available location. The best spot we could find ended up being in the middle of the trail.

We begin packing about 7:30 AM the next morning, and started our hike about 9 AM. We hiked about 2.5 miles before having lunch behind the restroom at Carvers gap. The conditions were extremely slushy with snow sometimes 2’ deep. We had a tough time keeping moisture out of our boots. This problem would persist up until the final miles of the trip.

After lunch we hiked about 5 miles to the low gap trail shelter where we made camp for the night. The rain moved in once again and persisted all night.

We awoke about 8:15am with the rain having finally stopped and began packing quickly. We hit the trail about 9:30am for the most difficult leg of the trip. We traveled up and over hump mountain which was the most daunting part of the trip, from there it was about 5.5 miles, mostly downhill to the B&b. The worst part physically was the impact on my knees coming down from Hump mountain. It reminded me of the 14er’s I’ve done in Colorado with steep grades and big steps down for miles. We descended 3,000’ over 5.5 miles from the peak to the B&B. We arrived at the Mountain Harbour Inn about 3:30p and went straight to Carolina Bar-B-Q which did not disappoint!

We loved staying at Mountain Harbour and highly recommend staying there between your hikes. David and Shannon were great hosts.