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if your looking for a hike to kick your butt this is one of them. From the start, up, up, and up. We were expecting a little clearing to see the tower before we got there but there wasn't. Be careful as others have said about the road going up, alot of blind curves and narrow road.

I hiked Lower Gap up to the outlook tower this past weekend from 11PM - 2:30AM. Hiking up the mountain by moonlight was one of the best hiking experiences I have ever had! Great moonlight views. I slept in the outlook tower since and watch the sun rise early in the morning then hiked back and finished the loop. The views are amazing!

12 days ago

Probably the hardest day hike we've done in the Smokies yet. The trail is definitely on an incline for most of the way up, though on the first leg it didn't seem too steep. The difficulty lies in the return trip, where you and your poor knees will figure out just how steep the trail was all along. The little rocks and roots hidden under the leaves along the Low Gap section of this trek added another challenge to the return trip as well. I'd definitely recommend hiking poles for this one. That being said, the 360 view from the top of Cammerer cannot be missed if you are serious about exploring the park. We went on a perfect, sunny day and could see for miles and miles in every direction. It's absolutely stunning. There was a good-sized group already there when we reached the top, but there seemed to be plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the view without bumping shoulders. A lot of people seem to compare this trail to Alum Cave to LeConte as they are fairly comparable in difficulty, length, elevation gain, etc.. I think that while the view from Cammerer beats LeConte (or Cliff Tops), the hike up to LeConte beats this hike, simply because of the sheer number of views and constantly changing scenery it offers along the way. That being said, both these trails were breathtaking (often very literally) and anyone who wants to get out and see the park should definitely do both.

The drive up to this hike is a skinny 6 mile back-country road, it’s pretty bumpy and has a lot of blind turns so drive carefully. Being Nov 9th, a lot of the trees had already lost much of their color. The trail was covered in leaves so it was kind of slippery, and there were also A LOT of large loose rocks which made the steep elevation a little more tricky, especially going down because it’s very difficult to get sure footing. Our GPS clocked about 6.5 miles to get to the firetower and back. Nice views from the top but it’s a little rickety and not somewhere you want to spend a lot of time. Overall decent hike, but definitely bring your hiking poles and wear good boots.

Where to begin! The view at lookout is absolutely breathtaking. We went around the fire tower to a secluded rocky area to eat lunch. Hike is slippery with leaves but zero snow and well maintained. The 2.9 miles on low gap are very rocky and rooted so you have to watch your step the entire 12 miles. The 2.1 miles on the AT are similar incline but smooth out the last mile. Took us 2.5h to the summit and 2h down. Might too Leconte as my Favorite Smokey hike

Beautiful trail. All uphill of course but very little level areas. Awesome views. Amazing at the top

Enjoyed this hike immensely! The path does ascent, but the trail surface is pretty flat. Not a lot of boulders to climb over except at the top. Once you reach the AT, piece of cake. Going down was more difficult for me. Glad I had a walking stick! Round trip with break was six hours. One of my new Smoky favs! Really enjoyed seeing the snow as well!

Good Hike but not too hard, lots of really big trees, easy to follow, beautiful trail, did a mile down the Old Settlers Trail and back on the way Down to see rock walls and old cemetery, some how my recording stopped and didn’t record last 1.5 mile or so

This trail is the toughest day hike I have done so far. Lots of uphill climbing and if done at decent pace your quads will be on fire. Burned around 2000 calories on this trail and finished with break at the top in under 6 hours. My advice would be to take it slow to avoid injuries. The tower was really cool and the 360 view is unlike any other any the park. I would say probably best or 2nd best mountaintop view depending on the conditions that day. The back/return section is almost all downhill and it’s tough to keep up a good pace without practically running down the trail to avoid falling on the rocks lining the trail. Take your time and avoid injuries to knees or ankles on this trail. I wouldn’t recommend this trail to anyone with ankle or knee issues. However, your prize is a view at the top that is pristine!

Very challenging cardiovascularly on the way up. On the way down, footing is the challenge due to loose rocks. It was a very colorful hike and the view from the top is worth it. Because many trees are already bare, there are distant views before getting to the tower which are encouragement along the way. 10/10 recommend if you have forgiving joints.

hard but worth the views.

Nice trail with a water fall. Started out early and it had snowed the night before. Cold in the am but warmed up and melted everything on way back. Took about 4 hours and the incline was steady on way in. Watch out for roots and rocks, especially if wet! Love my trekking poles...also, not too touristy

This bad mamma jamma is pretty much up hill all the way in. My legs are sore and I’m beat, but the waterfall at the end was definitely worth the hike! Gets a little chilly up at the top but it’s also November so that’s expected. Definitely recommend!

20 days ago

The top was worth the view. I did an one night (stayed at a shelter off AT) and then went to the peak next day. Very worth it, but it is pretty non stop up, however it’s gradual.

This trail was tough. It was abnormally warm today which I think added to the difficulty. If you experience any knee issues be sure to take knee wraps for the hike down as the steep grade and loose stones are brutal on the knees. The payoff was provided by the terrific views at the top. It is one of the best hikes in the park in my opinion.

This trail was fun. Definitely a lot of loose rocks covered in leaves which I could imagine on a wet day would be a little tricky. Pretty steady incline up til the last mile or so. Then a scramble the last bit to get to the lookout tower. Which has incredible views. There were a couple trees down today but you’re able to navigate your way through them

Well marked and maintained. No major trees down after the wind storm last night. A couple partially obstructed views along the way, but the real pay off is the views at the top.

Beautiful trail that leads to a gorgeous view at the top. Hiking boots are a must in my opinion, as the trail can be very rocky and footing can be unsteady. Hiking poles would probably be a good idea too for coming back down. The trail is moderately challenging but very rewarding.

Great day for the hike. Trail was in surprisingly good condition considering all the rain the night before. I had proposed to my wife on top of the tower over 12 years ago. So we went back today to celebrate my 40th bday. Had the whole peak to ourself for well over an hour, and enjoyed a nice picnic and peaceful nap. Definitely not for young kids. Glad we pushed through and made more memories.

"Everything hurts and I'm dying." - Leslie Knope abd me Beautiful hike, but rather steep and rocky. It levels out once you get to the AT. Some ups and downs once you get to the firetower. It was cloudy so no view and it took us 6.5 hours with breaks. If you complete this reward yourself with a beer.

One of my favorite hikes in the park. I left at 4:30am and barely made it in time for sunrise at the fire tower. Pretty spectacular

What a way to spend a 27th wedding anniversary. Hike 13.4 miles round trip. Beautiful weather, beautiful clear day making views go on forever. The elevation gain is a killer on this trail. But the old lookout tower and the 360 degree views make it worth it. I would highly recommend doing this hike.

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