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Breath taking!! the waterfalls are beautiful. the hike isn't too long to the falls, but it is STEEP. wear good shoes, don't jump off any rocks and enjoy the view. I wouldn't say this one is kid friendly but definitely dog friendly.

a beautiful and very easy trail!!!!!

kind of confusing at parts, but that's part of the fun. it's beautiful there!!!!!

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body"....tell yourself that as you hike this one and you'll be okay. haha it is a hard hike, but the view and accomplishment of getting to the top is well worth it. Pack plenty of water, you will need it!

My absolute favorite trail to hike! Where do I even start. Well it's quite, other than the sounds of nature and mini waterfalls. The rushing water of the creek makes this hike very pretty. There are several different ways you can take, lots of cool things to discover in those woods. It is kid and animal friendly but I do suggest keeping your dogs on a leash.

great trail for biking....but that's all I'd recommend it for. too much bird poop to be on foot, and it's usually crowded.its pretty bring by the water though.

13 hours ago

sinking waters is a moderately easy hike. there's shade along the trail, with very little uphill walks. I would consider it kid friendly for sure.

lots of uphill walking, very peaceful and relaxing though.

Just finished this as a 3 day with my daughter and a friend. we parked at mt. harbour inn and shuttled to Hughes gap to start in the afternoon and get a few miles in for camp.

Water was abundant and we hiked fast but only progressed at about 1.5mph because the was so much to see that we had to stop and enjoy; that's why we're here.

Highly recommended section!

The park/battlefield is wonderful. The opportunity to walk around and learn about what happened here is something I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do.

16 hours ago

Started this hike at around 8am and we were lucky enough to miss the fog as it rolled in after we departed Charlie's Bunion. I would rate this trail on the easier side of moderate. There are a few water sources along this trail with one being marked near the Icewater Spring Shelter. There is also an outdoor toilet on the way up. The trailhead itself is a lookout that was very popular for motorist driving through. There were also restrooms located there. The view from Charlie's Bunion was well worth the hike.

Beautiful trail It is all uphill, so not really for those who have difficulty walking. We loved it and are looking forward to hiking it again.

Fun place to take your dog for swimming since there aren’t a lot of places in Nashville - but be careful - my car got broken into. They won’t let you park in the “secured parking” at the recreation center with a pet so you just have to take your chances. It’s a shame because this is a beautiful place.

Absolutely beautiful!

1 day ago

Nice easy stroll/hike. Longer than most “easy” rated trails which is nice and it’s not too populated. Follows a nice stream.

Great trail. Astonishing views, and fascinating flora on the other side.

trail running
1 day ago

Nice, easy trail with nice views of the lake. Especially fun trail run after a good rain!

1 day ago

I gave this a three due to road noise.
It is a nice trail to stretch your legs and walk your dog. The kids we saw while taking this walk enjoyed playing in the river.

Great hike
Foggy and rain most of the hike but cleared just as we reached the Bunion for 10 mins, then thunder storms rolled in just as quickly.
Good reminder to always be prepared for all types of weather while hiking.

Pedometer & My GPS had the distance from parking lot, around MR & back to car at just over six miles. I hike it with my pack at approximately 30 lbs for several days to get legs/back accustomed to the weight before heading out on multiple week hikes.

I would not rate this as moderate, it is very easy- the trail was filled with families with small children. I am 26 and moderately in shape. Beautiful forest trail, heard lots of birds. I would definitely recommend exploring the base of the waterfall, as the top portion was crowded with so many people it felt like Disney World. If you can climb down, the base is very peaceful.

Not technically difficult, but definitely a work out! You are ascending almost the entire way up. The trail itself is not too scenic, but the views at the top are beautiful. The last portion is still closed, but many of the trees have recovered from the fire. We went in early July and the trail was very cool and shady.

trail running
1 day ago

I run here about 2-3 times every week, and it's a perfect "loop" (you can make it 6.5 miles) for an evening run after work. Super well marked, and the facilities at the trailhead are a great touch (especially stretching on the porch after a run).

trail running
1 day ago

Love this loop for trail running, but the spider webs get a little outrageous, especially when starting early. Last time I went running (arrived at 7am), I ran through at least 50 large webs that kind of hindered the experience, but I'll definitely be back in the future (probably when it's colder, though).

This “Big Daddy” loop trail is one of my favorite and harder trail runs I’ve done. Got a little sandbagged on this one. Loved the traverse to Skyuka Springs. Hated the 2 mile climb to Bluff view Trail via John Smartt.

I did a variation of this to Lawson Rock Overlook. It’s a great 10 mile out and back from Signal Mt HS. Well except for the downed trees I had to get through going up plateau to Prentice Cooper but that was 7/6/16.

In the very beginning there are a few spots you can go swimming so make sure you bring a swimsuit/towel. 99% of the trail you’re going uphill so it’s a definite leg workout. In addition to going uphill you’ll also be climbing hundreds of steps. But the view at the top is beautiful & definitely worth the hike if you’re up for it!

It’s very slick coming back on part of the paved trail. I prefer gravel or dirt trails but paved it better for kids. Both of my kids fell. I fell with my 3 year old on my shoulders due to slick pavement. But worth the hike there and back. Does get crowded in the early afternoon. Morning is less crowded.

Hobo camp setup right when you go down under bridge. Garbage everywhere . Also more back alley then nature . Good for bikes I suppose

I did this one a few years before the wildfire, so I don’t know how it looks now. I’m sad to hear the top is closed.

It’s beautiful. The last part is hand-over-foot, but the rock gets super hot.

It’s very steep. Get an early start and bring water.

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