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Chuckey, Tennessee Map
2 months ago

very, very dry, lots of pretty little cascades on the way up. It would be nice if the signage included the distance if Middle prong trail and Turkey Pen Cove trail. No worries, I'll get them next time. The falls were tiny today. Planning on coming back in the winter or early spring. All in all, a good place to hike.

3 months ago

Lived in the area 30 years and just hiked this trail last week. No bears. Went with three 20-somethings and 3 of the 4 of us slipped when crossing the creek at least once. Trekking poles helped immensely. It was a warm summer day so the cold water at the top was nice and refreshing to splash around in when we reached the falls. Lots of mushrooms and snails along the way.

Several trees down and very muddy! You have to pass the creek several times! Hike wasn’t difficult but the waterfall wasn’t as big as I had hoped after we got up there! Make sure to read directions or you will miss the trail!

the trail is not marked, except a new trail head every mile. the beginning is well kept nicely shaded. then starts to narrow and looks unkept. if you try to finish the loop you have to re find the trail because it gets lost. after that it clears up and is wide open again.

5 months ago

Really buggy on way up the trail. At 1.3 mile, I look over to the right off the trail above the stream and a bear was in the stream walking the same direction, so I decided to go back where I came from.

I had already done a hike earlier in the morning, so I only walked about a mile of this trail before turning back. It begins in the Horse Creek Recreation Area in Greene County, TN, at the back parking lot of the campground (not sure the campground is still open to the public). The portion of the trail I walked was in excellent condition and had been cleared of downed trees in recent weeks. It parallels a creek much of the way, and several opportunities for photographs were found along the way. I crossed at least three wide foot bridges that crossed the creeks, which were very full on the day I visited. I intend to return in the near future to do the entire loop.

6 months ago

Had lots of fun hiking this trail. It is a little different than other trails and you have to look for the trail at one of the creek crossing which kinda made it even more fun. Lots of blown down trees though and be prepared to get your boots wet.

9 months ago

Great parking, but the trail is poorly marked. Be prepared for multiple creek crossing.There is a beautiful view of the creek the majority of the hike. Lots of downed trees and limbs in certain areas. The falls were frozen over and beautiful today!

Thu Sep 27 2018

This trail starts with a gravel (slightly washed out) Jeep trail then narrows into a single-person path to a waterfall. I was surprised this was marked an easy trail, because you have to cross the creek at least seven times - not easy crossings either. The creek was up on the day I went, so my feet got wet since water was up to my calf. Some of the crossings had big rocks to jump on, but at least three did not at all. The creek would have to be really low to not get wet at least once. After the Pete’s Branch split, it was not particularly steep until the very end. It’s a well-maintained trail. The Waterfall was peaceful but there are not a lot of dry places to sit and enjoy the view. I wish I had brought a blanket because the nearby rocks were wet from overhead drippings of the rock facing. Still, it was a great place for a snack and to enjoy the peaceful waterfall.

Mon Sep 24 2018

This trail follows a rough gravel road for a little over a mile. With a mild incline and several tricky creek crossings but still manageable to cross. Once the road ends you follow the blue markers for Pete's Branch Falls on the left for another half mile to the falls. Definitely worth the trip out there. The falls are amazing!

Sun Sep 09 2018

saw bear last week high up on trail

Sun Aug 26 2018

Trail follows a rocky jeep trail 3/4 of the way to the falls. After road ends trail becomes more pleasant.

Sun Aug 26 2018

Loved it! Long two miles up to falls tho and rocky and elevation makes it "moderate" for sure to me! Trail narrow at times and lots of creek crossings so plan on wet feet! Beautiful area!

Thu Aug 23 2018

Lying here on a blanket looking up at falling water at the end of a two-mile trek on the Squibb Creek Trail, I am content to spend a few moments contemplating the two rays of sunlight streaming through the treetops above and the gushing water dropping twenty-five-feet down what looks like a hundred crevices in the rock face. To get to this little piece of paradise in the Sampson Mountain Wilderness, park at the picnic shelter adjacent to the Horse Creek Campground (you can’t drive any further without four-wheel drive). From the parking lot, head up the rocky road and take the first footbridge on your left across the creek. After a few creek crossings you will come to a fork in the trail. Take the path across the creek to your right. If you miss the fork and stay left of the creek you will come to a Turkey Pen Trail sign, and you need to turn around and cross over the creek. After you do this, you will see the sign for Squibb Creek Trail. From here there are about a dozen more easily manageable creek crossings (I stayed dry the entire trek), but at times it is a little difficult to discern the trail. Also, there are several small waterfalls along the trail. If you aren’t using technology to guide you, you might be tempted to believe you’ve reached your destination prematurely. The trail does ultimately dead-end at a larger falls! It sits in a small cove, and the only way out is back down the trail. Although this is a shorter trail, it is rated moderate because there are portions of the trail that become pretty rocky and steep. I would still describe it as fairly “Easy,” but perhaps flirting with the lower end of the scale of “Moderate.”

on Squibb Creek Trail

Sun Aug 05 2018


Sun May 27 2018

Crosses the creek several times. Hard not to get wet feet especially with kids.

Mon May 21 2018

Beautiful trail, easy to moderate. Lots of stream crossings and slick rocks though. Went after a night of thunderstorms. Probably easier to step stone across during dryer times of year. Good parking area too

Thu May 03 2018


Great for people just starting out.

Mon Nov 27 2017

Nice trek up to falls. Stream not too wide but make sure to bring poles for the numerous crossings (at least 15 times).

We couldn't make it all the way to the falls. We heard what sounded like a bear so we decided to turn back. It was a beautiful hike.

on Petes Branch Trail

Fri Sep 29 2017

Today the waterfall was nearly dry. Lots of garbage on the trail. We didn't see any wildlife except for an old wild recliner hanging out near a primitive campsite at the end of the part of the trail that vehicles can access. Easy hike, not much slope until you get close to the waterfall.

Tue Aug 29 2017

The trail needs to be marked clearly. I ended up missing it and going down the Turkey Pen Trail ( I think that's what it's called). I'm going to try again soon.

Definitely some elevation gain but a good hike. Saw bear scat and tracks so that kept me on my toes. Had bear spray but really didn't want to have to use it.

Tue Apr 04 2017

River was wet. double back. took time to meditate. took time to be kind.

Thu Mar 30 2017

I think some dissapointed hiker might followed the main map above, which actually incorrect in a way that it does not follow the Squibb creek trail all the way. It misses a right turn and it goes on the turkey pen trail. This will not lead to the main waterfall. See my recording for the trail, if you want to see the large waterfall. Note: I suggested an edit to the main map that may fix this

I was a bit disappointed. The waterfall was nice, but I don't think it was worth the hike.

Tue Feb 28 2017

I didn't think it was worth the hike

on Petes Branch Trail

Thu Sep 15 2016

The fall is near dry. Great hiking

Mon Sep 12 2016

We did this hike 9-10-16 with two kids, 11&8 -great hike! Everyone loved it. There were lots of cars at the picnic area but almost no one on the trail. The waterfall is lovely and would have been even better if it hadn't been so dry lately. Two members of our party got stung by yellow jackets on the way down, there was a ground nest on trail. The kids wished we had brought a change of clothes or swimming suit, since there is a neat place you can swim near the picnic area. I'd come again in the spring, there was evidence that there would be nice wildflowers.

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