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Cool view but was not an overall great experience. Very narrow trail and is not clearly marked.

Ted lied!

Actually, we went the full 12 miles but it turned into about 14 with the spur hikes. The ridge hikes were easy but the ups and downs were treacherous and torturous. By the time we went up the last elevation my heart ripped open my lungs to find even one liter of air. The bones in my legs turned into a fluid alloy, and the hot steam ironed even my underwear. My stomach searched for even a few calories as the inner lining turned inside out to reveal nothing but emptiness.

The truth is, it was a great hike but strenuous just as we were seeking. All the numerous ravines. water falls, and overlooks made a tiring trip with the while. No, Ted didn't really lie, but the long hike is for the healthy.

Nice little nature walk. Beautiful rockhouse. For those of you with walking problems make note it does have a bit of an elevation change.

Definitely lived up to the reputation of being a beautiful and difficult hike. Didn't make it to RP unfortunately, we had to keep pushing onward to get back to camp before sundown... Didn't make it. Luckily I had the foresight to turn my phone off to save battery for just this occasion. My wife's phone battery died just as we got within sight of a campfire. Needless to say, be prepared when you start because hiking the gizzard portion takes longer than you would expect. Aside from the hellacious terrain (accurately described by Lance before me) the sights are amazing. We are definitely going back but will leave camp early enough not to repeat. I'm thinking about running this trail at some point... Could hold a great race on this trail. I'm thinking about calling it the Tongue Torch Trail Marathon, sponsored in part by Zaxbys...

Moderately challenging. The sweat you work up is 100% rewarded by the views of hiking on a clear day. Personal recommendation is to continue on 0.7 miles further and check out Myrtle Point... roughly 270° views from that lookout point. Great trail, would love to do it again and stay at the lodge.

Lots to see. Plenty of spots to camp. there's definitely some tough spots with incline and rocks but also some stretches of level trail.

1 day ago

The trail was great, and the cave was amazing! You definitely need headlamps if you want to explore it. It was very open inside and not too far to the other entrance.

2 days ago

Love this trail! Beautiful and challenging, we camped for two nights by the falls. The top of the falls is an excellent water source for filtering, less precarious than trying to collect from the falls themselves.

just an ok short day hike with a few good views of the duck river! trail head was not advertised so it was harder to locate....

3 days ago

Not moderate! We tried to find the trail on the other side of the Upper Falls.amd the blue dots.were very confusing, even for experienced hikers.