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1 day ago

Some areas was hard to tell if you were on the trail. Would not recommend for children under 9. Very steep for some of it. Great hike and good reward on the top. You need sturdy shoes due to rocky areas. Get out and explore!

2 days ago

The waterfalls were great. The hike there sucked. Tons of spiders and the roars of semi trucks on the highway right next to you for most of the way. There are much better trail options in the area than this one.

listen to this one, true review. this hike is legitimately along the interstate THE ENTIRE WAY until the water falls, which are actually pretty cool. Nobody mentions the crazy amount of rocks, roots and ankle rolling at parts of this hike btw...however, when you make it to the very peak after the steep incline, its definitely worth it. a moderate rating is fair I think, all around....also, the all trails app says the total hike was 6.4 miles.

Very pretty. Lots of birds. Shaded.

Like all of the other reviews stated, there is some trash at the beginning and you can hear car noise the whole way, but I thought the view at the top was worth it. The hike up is strenuous so I would make sure to bring enough water and wear good shoes. Lots of roots and rocks to walk around.

2 months ago

The falls are pretty neat to see, they are actually all man made. It was put in place to divert water away from the interstate. Parts of it make nice swimming holes. Continuing the hike up above the falls, the area has been burned out, so trails are badly erroded. Up on top, since the trees are burned out its very hot up on the rock. Cool view, kind of a dime a dozen view, but cool nevertheless.

I would recommend this trail because it is a very modest hike to the falls. The falls are beautiful & really worth seeing. Note; you can tell that these have been modified by man, but it is still beautiful. Bring a garbage bag & help us keep it clean, some have left trash along the way.

As everyone has stated before, there was trash at the beginning, not very much parking and the trail was tough with many rocks, climbing over trees and lots of roots if you go to the top. The trail to the falls was pretty easy but you should not attempt the top without hiking boots. I saw a group with flip flops and I advised them that it would be tough going to the top in those type of shoes. I brought wireless headphones to block out the traffic noise. The view after the fog cleared was lovely at the top.

nice hike...good water falls. plenty of shade especially earlier on the trail but bring water for later up the trail.

3 months ago

The waterfall isn’t but about 10 minutes into the hike! It’s gorgeous and worth looking at! The hike all the way to the top was hard for my family and I, so I would recommend for more experienced hikers. Many switchbacks and pretty straight up the mountain so the incline was pretty steep. Gorgeous views on top of the mountain as well!

trash on trail. nice view at summit. can't get away from traffic noise. good place to stretch legs on a trip.

Don't be discouraged by the first quarter mile of this trail, there seems to be lots of partying going on here, graffiti and trash everywhere. The waterfall is man-made, but still worth seeing. The remainder of this hike is beautiful. The overlook is worth your walk! if you're not sure footed, I would avoid this trail if it has recently rained, there are lots of slippery areas.

4 months ago

part of the trail is near the interstate, if you want to skip that portion you can park on Shelton hollow lane and see the waterfalls and go directly to the top. the rest of the hike is rather unremarkable

Loved this trail. There was some trash at the beginning that makes me wish i would have taken a trash bag and rubber gloves. The falls were awesome and it is nice to have the ridge as a destination. You can see for miles and the entire powell valley from the top. The kids cooled off in the pool in the lower falls at the end. There is a massive rock in the middle of the woods that the kids did some climbing on.

Short hike but not easy. Water falls are great and trail is short so wasn’t a issue but if not in shape it’s not easy getting to overlook but worth it. We took our dog and he had a blast. Water was nice and cold

Close to the highway.

Triple Falls waterfalls were really nice. We hiked on up to the Devil's Racetrack, really nice views at the top.

waterfall was great. view from the top was amazing. trail wasn't maintained great. lots of places to play in the creek

5 months ago

Gorgeous Waterfalls!!

This is a great hike that’s not too long to get to a beautiful view. The falls, which are beautiful, are about a half mile into the hike, then you cross a bridge and the hike gets a bit steeper. We had to look really close for the trail in a couple places where it’s really rocky or a tree was down. Overall, one of my favorite hikes because you get waterfalls and a beautiful view at the top of the mountain in a hike that’s not too long or strenuous.

6 months ago

My husband and I parked at Shelton Hollow Lane. Make sure you don’t put it in apple maps took us to the wrong road ...google maps worked. We had our 2 dogs witch I was scared because it is really steep and they are only 6 months and a year but they loved it. I see what people are saying that the highway being right there but it still beautiful and definitely worth the trip. It’s not over crowded or anything it was beautiful and we had a blast

6 months ago

This hike was GORGEOUS. There are plenty of waterfalls to look at. As well as streams. It was a nice layout of the trail with lots of rocks so be aware of that. We did have to cross streams at times to get to the trail. There was a lot of mud. Also, this is “moderate” but the hike to the top was strenuous. We fell a few times and had to stop for a bit to catch our breath. It’s a straight up to the top kind of hike. Overall, this was beautiful and I loved it!

Great hike, very very steep to the top but some good views for hike close to Knoxville. Water is beautiful in the falls and dogs would love it.

Except for the litter and graffiti, this place was awesome. Once at the top, the view is terrific!

7 months ago

My fiancé, dog, and I did this hike the other day after work. It ended up being exactly 5.3 miles, but took us around 2.5 hours to complete. The first part of the hike is very disappointing because you hike along the interstate. However, once you hit the waterfalls, it becomes a beautiful hike. There is a parking lot somewhere that you can skip the first part along the interstate. The view is completely stunning! Definitely worth it!

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