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I thought it was beautiful, will definitely return

Ganier is a great shaded hike. Very rocky trail in some parts. Good workout if you are able to walk quickly up the ridge. Saw deer and turkeys today.

2 days ago

This will easily become one of our favorites! Good elevation changes. Good views. One very challenging section, but most is fairly easy.

Excellent hike. Good elevation changes. We saw a snake, accidentally stepped on a lizard’s tail and saw it break loose, lots of squirrels and chipmunks, of course. It was a solid 20 degrees cooler under the shade of the trees on this trail than it was elsewhere. 8&9 year old kids managed this one easily, but it was a little scary for their mom as they wanted to run downhill with large drop offs on one side of them. No such worry for adults. Just know if you’re taking kids you’ll want to be sure they’ll listen when you tell them to slow down.

Nice shorter hike! Begins with quite a climb, but of course going back is all downhill. It took us half the time to get back. We saw a baby rabbit, several interesting bugs, and plants we hadn’t encountered before. LOTS of ticks this time of year. At the top of the trail we took a rest (hiking with two kids the rest was necessary) We discovered 4 lone star ticks- two on my son and two on me during that rest. Not yet latched on, thankfully. Once we were aware of them we realized they were on the ground and all over the vegetation at the top. Be prepared with bug spray and long pants.

6 days ago

Very nicely designed, maintained and it has lots of parking and bathrooms. The red hike is legit when it says difficult. short and sweet. The trails connect in different areas so you can really customize it to fit what you want. Will definitely be going back.

Great trail to spend an hour on after a day of work.

One of my favorite trails at Radnor Lake! Love the views of the lake through the trees.

16 days ago

The trail is a decent place to get in a couple miles in and makes for a relaxing scenic walk in some sections. Depending on what time of day, the trails can be fairly open.

Perfect setting walking around the lake. Bird and animal sounds the whole way. The second half of the hike follows a paved road that takes you out of the beautiful wooded environment. Very easy hiking. Went on an 80 degree sunny day so the path was dry.

1 month ago

Red trail + blue loop is about 4 miles. Good elevation changes. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the back stretch that is mostly old farmland that is now just grass fields. While pretty not my mo for hiking. Wide trails make for good running if that’s your thing.

No leashed dogs on a near 3 mile trail? Highly disappointed.

All types of level trails from easy to moderate. All tails are nicely marked and manicured. Very peaceful and beautiful even though it was quite busy. I would definitely go again!

Really nice trail for moderate elevations during a walk that doesn’t take a lot of time. I recommend it!

Beautiful sunset hike. The wild turkey calls on the walk made extra amazing!

1 month ago

Really love this walk any time of year.

Easily my favorite park and trail in Nashville

Great trail car free!

Decent elevation change. A lot of streams crossing over the path. Great wooded getaway in the middle of the city! It was pretty muddy the day we went. Only drawback was that a portion of the trail backs up to a subdivision and you can see the houses. There is a way to cut off that section of the trail, but I didnt realize that until later.

What a sweet spot! Amazing lake views and so many trails you can choose from. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trial but they are allowed on Otter Road which is just as beautiful. :) Perfect for an afternoon walk.

2 months ago

I only hike with my dog because
1. he's a german shepherd lab mix so he has all the energy. It helps to wear him out and helps me to "keep up"
2. He makes me feel safe.
I was excited to do the full loop but when I got there I sae the no dogs sign. I was sad but we did enjoy walking where he was allowed to walk. Parking was really difficult, not a lot of spots and very busy.

Although parking is at a premium, if you’re a bird watcher, it’s worth it. Very pretty scenery, even I the winter. Love anyplace with a bit of history. I’m not a huge fan of paved paths, but something about this place where I didn’t mind. Could have been the company too.

3 months ago

It was nice. Great if you have a dog and like to view open fields.

No running. No camping. No venturing off trail. No picnicking. No biking. No parking outside the incredibly small designated lots within the designated lines. No talking. No breathing. Blah blah blah.
It annoys me when I go hiking and there are so many rules posted everywhere that I spend half the time running thru the list of ‘Don’ts’ instead of enjoying myself. Kinda takes the fun out of it all.
Overall it’s a nice trail particularly this close to Nashville. It was rainy and cold but it was still fairly crowded. I can imagine on a nice day tons of folks descending and maybe physically fighting over parking spaces (which could provide its own entertainment I suppose).
Trail was largely flooded while I was there however I would guess that’s typically not the case. It’s basically a pleasant stroll thru the woods. Nothing too strenuous.
Will look for different hikes next time I’m in the area.

3 months ago

Heavy traffic, overcrowded parking area

3 months ago

Definitely a lot harder than I was expecting! Lots of inclines. My Fitbit said I climbed a little over 100 flights of stairs on this trail. My younger dog did great, my 11 year old dog didn’t do so well on this hike. Overall really great trail, I just wouldn’t recommend doing this trail after a rainfall!

Oh wow. Absolutely glorious

Great hike, beautiful views. There were a lot of people but all of them were nice. On the way out there was a line of cars waiting for parking spaces, so get there early!

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