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Brentwood, Tennessee Map
trail running
4 days ago

Despite the tag and reviews stating otherwise you CANNOT run this trail. there are multiple posted placards which forbid running. this is sad because it's very runnable and quite fun.

That said, I still ran it.

I’ve never been disappointed with my time on this trail. It can get busy and parking is difficult @ times. Don’t let it scare you; be patient - it’s worth the wait!

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid 28 years now this is the nicest park there is. Always a ton of wildlife out I’m glad they have the rules they have there it keeps things nice. Parking is difficult if you go on the weekends but besides that no complaints.

11 days ago

Great exercise in a hardwood forest terrain. The trails at Radnor are jewels that require continued public support. We love hiking there. Combined South Cove with Garnier today while training for upcoming Utah trip.

This trail has strict rules. No running very little view of the lake the first half. So many people was just very disappointed. The park was nice just limited. Won’t go back

23 days ago

Short and intense. Basically all incline with 2 short level ground spots. Want cardio, don't have all day? This is your spot. Nice scenery all the way through, mostly tree canopy covered for sunburn prone folks. Ends in a beautiful hilltop clearing with covered benches on the perimeter.

26 days ago

This is a really fun trail with some nice scenery and a few challenging spots broken up by some relaxing strolls. Great trail if you have a dog that requires lots of exercise, my Pyrenees Husky mix is tuckered out after this trail.

27 days ago

My local favorite! Every part is beautiful and only about 1-2 tough inclines if you do the blue trail backwards

trail running
30 days ago

Really well kept trail system that's nice for trail runs without having to travel far. I ended up weaving through the different trails here for a ~8mile run, and there were some good climbs (specifically the red trail).

I've been on this trail several times and never been disappointed. I usually do the paved lake trail from the visitor center to the trail, and the nature is simply beautiful. Nowhere else in Nashville can you clearly see such biodiversity.

1 month ago

Nice hike off Wilson Pike. Beautiful property and lots of parking.

1 month ago

My husband and I did this loop and the south lake trail today less than two hours. Very nice. Bring walking poles and knee support if you have knee issues. Parking is limited btw.

We saw so much wildlife on our morning hike. A Barred owl, family of turkeys, many deer, blue heron. One deer came right out of the woods close enough I could have touched her.

1 month ago

Signs got me lost so I had to use the map got lost three times but it was a pretty challenging run with the inclines and loose rocks

easy trail, actually whole family enjoyed it. First trail I have been on and seen wild life. saw two large owls,a fawn six deer, several turkeys all on one trip and they did not seem frightened they all got close to get a look at us. highly recommend you walk it if you enjoy wildlife.

Nice trail. It was crowded but not uncomfortable and plenty of space to walk. Saw Turkey’s, an owl, and a deer on our outing. Will go again.

2 months ago

Great loop. WiFi available during the hike. Start in the West parking lot - start walking up the paved road. When the lake comes in to view, look for a right entrance into the woods. Stay right. The loop should take you about 19 minutes to get to the next trail crossing. For an extra workout - touch the sign and retrace the path that was just climbed.

I really enjoyed this Park. I was lucky enough to see a doe up close , turtles, a chipmunk and wild turkeys. The hike was beautiful and challenging in some areas, but I was carrying a heavy load due to training for the AT. I am from Florida and can’t wait to come back to visit .

I love all the nature in the back yard of our beautiful city!!

I love all the nature right here in the back yard of our amazing city!!

dogs allowed on otter while on leash, not allowed on actual hike.
beautiful place, only bummer was how many people were there with their trash and kinda ruining it for. otherwise great little place hidden within the city

I thought it was beautiful, will definitely return

Ganier is a great shaded hike. Very rocky trail in some parts. Good workout if you are able to walk quickly up the ridge. Saw deer and turkeys today.

2 months ago

This will easily become one of our favorites! Good elevation changes. Good views. One very challenging section, but most is fairly easy.

2 months ago

Excellent hike. Good elevation changes. We saw a snake, accidentally stepped on a lizard’s tail and saw it break loose, lots of squirrels and chipmunks, of course. It was a solid 20 degrees cooler under the shade of the trees on this trail than it was elsewhere. 8&9 year old kids managed this one easily, but it was a little scary for their mom as they wanted to run downhill with large drop offs on one side of them. No such worry for adults. Just know if you’re taking kids you’ll want to be sure they’ll listen when you tell them to slow down.

2 months ago

Nice shorter hike! Begins with quite a climb, but of course going back is all downhill. It took us half the time to get back. We saw a baby rabbit, several interesting bugs, and plants we hadn’t encountered before. LOTS of ticks this time of year. At the top of the trail we took a rest (hiking with two kids the rest was necessary) We discovered 4 lone star ticks- two on my son and two on me during that rest. Not yet latched on, thankfully. Once we were aware of them we realized they were on the ground and all over the vegetation at the top. Be prepared with bug spray and long pants.

3 months ago

Very nicely designed, maintained and it has lots of parking and bathrooms. The red hike is legit when it says difficult. short and sweet. The trails connect in different areas so you can really customize it to fit what you want. Will definitely be going back.

Great trail to spend an hour on after a day of work.

One of my favorite trails at Radnor Lake! Love the views of the lake through the trees.

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