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Did it today within 2 hours to the summit. Short, not really scenic but steadily steep so it's good training. On top is a lookout tower.

The views were spectacular and the climb wasn’t as bad as I thought. I lucked out with perfect weather (65 and sunny)! Pretty slow burn with some short steep sections nearing the top. About 4 up and 3 down. Watch those knees on the decent! 100% worth it

I think it’s rated difficult more for the distance. It slowly ascends for the first half up 5 miles but it’s never super steep. Steepest part is probably around 2.4 miles up these stairs to this cool overhang section. We did the 10.3 miles (my watch had more like 11.5 but totally could be off) with 2 adults and a light pack in 3:36 - stopping for lunch pee breaks and some photos :) we did jog on the way back a bit. Trail was super beautiful with stream next to It half the time and then very cool changes in scenery and terrain up to Le Conte camp. We were expecting the end to be a mountain head but It seemed to be about 5.5 miles up to Le Conte lodge and from there you could take a myriad of other trails, so we assumed that was roughly the turning point. We went when It was about 50 so super enjoyable and not slippery. I could see this being scary and dangerous when icy. Overall highly recommend !

we hiked from Childers Creek to beyond Big Bend area for a total of 7 miles. Very nice hike. Good trail. A little wet in a few spots but nothing we couldn't get around. We will do this trail again.

One of my new favorite trails. Followed a stream at first. The cave and the bluffs are rest cool. Past that the trail becomes narrow and a little more difficult with great cable railings and awesome scenes throughout the entire hike. I hiked in about 6 inches of snow and a bunch of ice end it still was amazing. Slightly dicey at times. Amazing!!! Great workout too with a full pack.

1 day ago

Beautiful place for lunch

Highlight of the smokys

great trail. well marked but also challenging. well worth the hike. I did an over night trip and the areas to set up a twnt are great and right nest to the fall. I would not recommend this hike for kids.

Beautiful hike!

Beautiful trail with great river views and interesting historic sights. A nice, slow climb with a great, accessible waterfall at the end. Loved every minute of it.

Hiked this as combo with Angel Falls Overlook Tr. "Lollipop"out & back ,12.4mi. Most of the hike was easy with short moderate section on ascent to the Overlook. Well marked & maintained. Bridge over Fall Branch is broken but useable. Many good waterfalls & interesting rock features. Mult. superb overlooks. Mile section from Fall Branch crossing up to the plateau was outstanding. A lot to take in/enjoy.

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I went in the afternoon and had the whole trail to myself. It’s a good hike, Campsite 18 is gorgeous.

I only did half of this trail starting from Collins West Campground and ending at Sawmill Campground. I would deviate from this trail and follow the Stagecoach Road trail to Savage Falls Campground. This trail is a bit harder than others, but it offers some truly great sites. Collins West Campsite had a cliff where you could brush your teeth with a view before heading out for the day! Horsepound Falls offers a good break spot. Then there is Schwoon Springs right before you get to Sawmill Campground. This spot provides a fantastic hangout inside the cliff, hearing the water crash on its way down the rocks. Such a great sound to witness! This trail really does offer many features.

Great hike...always enjoy it

I disagree with the mileage data. My Garmin GPS recorded this at 6.51 miles and elevation change of 1573 feet making this a 12% grade or averaging 600/mile. Awesome hike. My son was 8 and out hiking me. I had to keep telling him to slow down. I stopped lookout for bear. With burned stumps everywhere it looked like black ears. I bet this was amazing before the fire.

Steady climbing. 2:40 to the top with a much too heavy pack. We had the place to ourselves. Views near or on par with Leconte.

Nice well kept up trail. Not really moderate unless distance counts and there are good size hills you go up and down. Glad I went this time of year as I was told 100s are on the trail in summer.

Great day hike! Not hard, more moderate if your in relatively healthy shape. Gradual but completely uphill, with some switchbacks. Easy to follow.

It was a very fun scenic trail. One my favorites

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