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Arlington, Tennessee Map
15 days ago

Great trail dog and people. it was muddy after a rain, that's the reason the dog and I love it.

5 months ago

compleated the yellow trail next blue saw one king snake on the trail just stepped around it. temp was 83 lots of sun wear protection and big spray.

The ground was wet and muddy but I enjoyed the ride. Will return on a sunny day!

I stayed on the "upper trail" (according to other reviews on here) & it was absolutely gorgeous! I could see some of the lower trails but as many have said, they didnt look well marked. It was a gorgeous walk though!!

This is a lovely park that is a hidden gem, but trails are very poorly marked. You can spend a couple of hours roaming around in the woods and do a very nice loop, touching on almost all of their trails at some point. There is a map at the start, but no one here to give guidance or directions.

Sun Oct 14 2018

This is a hidden gem in the middle of a suburb. Good elevation changes and scenery. Trail markings may not be the best but a great little hike and great for trail running . The bottoms are a little wet at times .

Wed Aug 15 2018

The back trails are now well marked but the trails were clean and it felt like I had the whole park to myself. Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they are on a leash.

Fri May 25 2018

the hike around the place isn't all that great but the lake with the fountain makes up for it

Enjoyed the hike but trails are not marked. Started Trail with goal in mind to follow one trail to completion. Used “All Trails” app to assist with staying on the right track but got frustrated due to no markings and I finally decided to hike with no specific goals in mind. Would of enjoyed it more if the trails were properly marked. Finally got my 3 miles in through taking random trails.

Sat Mar 24 2018

Serpentine elevations mixed with meadows. Nice walk along a creek for a while. Quiet. Saw trail bikes throughout.

Sun Jan 21 2018

The first part of the recorded route is the paved city park loop. The park features playground equipment and has a small clump of woodlands in it's center. The second part of the route follows an old roadbed and offers a view of Garner Lake. Getting to the old roadbed can be tricky. You can hike along the road or you can hike through the woods.

Sat Oct 21 2017

Not too difficult but def some up and down.

mountain biking
Fri Jul 07 2017

should be listed as hard, due to step downhills and intensive uphills. great cardio workout. many bikers do laps there to prep for racing.

Sat Jun 03 2017

Nice quiet trail. Easy to be hiked. Could be better if it was properly labeled.

Sun Jan 22 2017

I love this park, although some of the trails are blocked off with fallen trees the pond is my favorite part of the park.

Fri Jan 13 2017

I like this park for trail running about 3-4 miles at the most as it's not that big. Good hills to train on and very maintained park.

mountain biking
Sat Nov 12 2016

Very new to mtb. I like it because I live close. Yellow trail is by far the most difficult and would not suggest it to someone new to trail riding. Start on the blue or red and work your way to yellow. Lots of roots and bumps but a good challange for all.

Wed Nov 02 2016

I get a little lost in there but don't mind at all. Do wish they'd mark what trail goes where a little better. I love coming here. It's a great place.

I enjoyed this park and trail and would rate it rough for mountain biking due to the amount of roots and steep declines and sharp grades. I'm an avid runner and hiker and would avoid it if it's rained recently. Lots of places to lose your footing. Deer are plentiful and if you're quiet like I am you can walk right into them. But I thoroughly enjoyed the steep upgrade sprints. Very nice well maintained small park!

For Shelby Co it is a hard trail. I used this trail to train for a 2 week hike on the Appalachian Trail. The hills are short but get the heart rate up. Really a nice trail.

I hiked the yellow trail and would rate it moderate. The hills are short and not steep. Great hike close to Bartlett Lakeland and Arlington. Nice lake and picnic area. Pretty views. No very busy when I have hiked there. Good short hiking area.

Sun May 03 2015

Nice trail. Not sure how it was designated as "hard" but ok. Be aware that the map location for this app brings you past the park- to a church parking lot.

Mon Apr 20 2015

This is a decent quick hike with some of the best elevation in Shelby County. I do the yellow trail, as it's the longest. I can not comment on the others, but I did end up on the other 2 trails once which extended my hike and resulted in me exiting the trail South of the lake. I would recommend boots on the yellow trail. Nice scenic lake to walk around. Trails are well maintained. The few times I have been on it, traffic has been minimal.

Fri Jan 16 2015

This 65-acre Lakeland city park has three interconnected trails, the longest and hardest of which is the 1.6- mile Yellow trail. The terrain is pretty rugged in spots with lots of steep inclines as the trail makes its way along a couple of wooded hillsides. The Red and Blue trails are each about a half mile and much flatter by comparison. This is typical West Tennessee bottomland forest and the trails, especially the Red and Blue trails, can get pretty waterlogged during the wetter seasons of winter and early spring. Because the park sees a lot of public use, the trails and park as a whole are kept in pretty good shape by the city.

Sat Jun 29 2013

You better have a 29er! Although the track isn't wide: inclines and swoops will guarantee your bike a tuneup. It's fun and taxing. Go hard!

1 month ago

1 month ago

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