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36 minutes ago

The paved route is a moderate for beginners due to the incline. The steep dirt trails work the legs and definitely get your lungs working. Would suggest a buildup to the harder routes. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to make it to the top of the ridge. All in all a very good trail with the park at the bottom to crash on afterwards

37 minutes ago

This hike was great! We went clockwise as others have said, it definitely helps as your legs might get tired at the end.

The Park Service had to reroute some of the trails because of the landslides last year, so Creamery Meadows trail is closed. You will cross the knee-deep river and continue on Beach Trail for ~.75 miles. Take a left Bluff trail. Bluff trail will come to a fork and you should go left to take the Ridge Trail. From there everything is the same.

You'll welcome the wind at the peak of the hike when you get there! :) It was so gusty we lost a hat when we went.

Definitely some Posion Oak, mostly lower down, so make sure to wear long pants.

Just finished this hike! Beautiful views. Be sure to follow the horse poop we got lost for over an hour

41 minutes ago

Easy to follow trail with little elevation change. The views were alright. If you’re looking for a stroll, this is your place, but if you want a challenge, this is a no go.

mountain biking
41 minutes ago

Easy ride.

42 minutes ago

was a gorgeous walk

ticks were horrible when I was there yesterday. be prepared with bug spray and long sleeves and pants

42 minutes ago

This was not a good hike. It is not kid friendly at all. Steep, narrow and no shade made for a very boring and rough hike for kids. Luckily we had cloud cover. I can’t imagine what it would be like in the full sunlight. Also there is nothing to do at the top and 0 shade.

46 minutes ago

Really wonderful views. The trail itself is very difficult for backpacking because of the steep grade, but it's doable. You just have to really pace yourself and not get overeager on the ascent or descent. There was a good amount of snow on the northeast side of the lake this time of year, and the mornings were around 20 to 30 degrees. You don't need microspikes just to get the top, but there is some slick snow right now. Really great opportunities to explore!

We camped the night before the hike and mosquitos the size of horse fly’s arrived! Lol.

The hike was way worth it. Every turn was jaw dropping. Wall Street was so cool. Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. We were sandwiched between flash floods and oncoming fires so we couldn’t do it all. Will be back to finish it all.

Love this place!!!

48 minutes ago

Great hike with awesome views. Note– the last couple miles of driving to the trailhead has some big bumps that made for some close calls in our Audi A4 hatchback. We made it out unscathed, but there were some sketchy moments. There were other non-SUVs up there too, so you wouldn't be alone, and you definitely would come across help after a 15 minutes max should you have a problem.

This was a nice length. We stopped for lunch at the top for 20 mins or so. Roundtrip total with stops for views, food, flowers and lizards, give yourself about 2.5 hours just to be safe!

Nice 11 mile hike in the metro ATL area. Mostly shaded. The ascent of Kennesaw Mtn. is an easier approach from the visitors center, as the trail is wider and mostly improved, but also more heavily trafficked. East trail is mostly rolling hills and relatively easy.

Amazing hike did the whole thing even found a snake trying to eat some bird eggs

Attempted May 21, with overnight gear as we planned to spend the night up top. Walked 1.2 miles to trailhead as the road was blocked by snow. Entire trail is under snow. Kept going for several more miles but things got too dicey after the trail splits off from the main one going to Baker. There were absolutely no visible trail markers so we were relying entirely on GPS and a map on our phones. Not even a marker for the trailhead, which is beside the washrooms. Tried to follow the trail approximately, up the very steep incline covered in snow. No signs of the summer trail were visible due to the snow and lack of markers, so we were guessing and bushwhacking our way up and down the slope. Dicey with our regular winter traction devices and I think it would be too steep going downhill with snowshoes. Maybe proper mountaineering crampons with inch long spikes would work. Eventually turned around due to slow pace and unfamiliarity with the trail. I’d recommend going this early in the season only if you’ve done the trail before, and better yet, if you’ve done it in winter or you have winter backcountry experience, and armed with excellent traction and a good GPS and detailed trail map. I’d love to try this again in the summer.

52 minutes ago

This trail is used predominantly by mountain bikers so this nice walk was sometimes interrupted by the need to jump out of the way. The 300+ foot ascent happens mostly in climbing the first ridge but after that it's a comfortable series of rolling walks, largely through wooded glens. And it smelled fabulous kind of like wood baking in the sun.

There are a few hikes with trailheads in the immediate area. You'll want to park in the section of the lot furthest from the Eagle Ice Rink and Pool building to find the Haymaker trailhead.

Great hike for the dogs- lots of shady spots and beautiful views.

57 minutes ago

EASY!!!!! Hahaha I guess if climbing Mount Shasta is easy this is. Super steep and rocky so its hard on the ankles. It pretty but it is far from easy.

59 minutes ago

Did the standard out and back a while ago in July. Amazing sights, not tough at all. Stunning the deeper you get. Planning a through hike soon to see the rest.

Hiked today and it was all dry and no snow on top.

Hiked up in glorious sunshine, with dry rocks and no bugs. It is quite a scramble up and down, but when conditions are good it is a blast. If you really are having trouble on the way up you can always get traction in the woods.

There was no snow on the Livermore ascent to the summit, a little bit between the summits (including lots of moose poo, and some blow downs) and nothing on the way down. There is some loose rock on the decent, but more at the bottom of the climb.

Yes, summit views are not the best, but the views going up and down are out of this world!

1 hour ago

Short hike with a fabulous view for the minimal work involved. Did it May 19, accessible and no snow anywhere. Didn’t see a single soul.

Decent little trail with a lot of scenery, with a cave along the way. I wouldn't go hours out of my way for to do this trail. But maybe if in area swing by & check it out.

Cute hike! Last bit gets your heart pumping. Love the view of Boulder.

I liked this trail. Be warned we did see a rattlesnake and a copper head swimming in the pool of water where the big rock is. It’s a long trail and we didn’t get a chance to finish it. But the bridge was neat. Didn’t get to see a lot of birds, just heard them.

Nice experience and views for first two miles. Does not get to dam unless add steep descent to top of Hoover Dam parking garage. More like 4 miles each way to get to dam. Best option is 2 miles out goes through all 5 tunnels, turn around and go back. Take WATER.

Nice, short and easy hike. Some great views but viewpoint 2 seemed inferior to 1. More up and down than we expected.

One of my favorite easier hikes. Amazing 360 views at the top.

Fun hike with my 7yr old. Bring bug spray!

Absolutely beautiful. Loved everything about this hike. Trail was a bit harder than we expected mostly due to climbing hills and the elevation. My husband and I are very active but from below sea level altitude.

Amazing hike! The views were beautiful and we even got to see some deer along the trail!

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