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Hi! If anyone is down to do this hike the week of dec-10-14 please reach out to me! I’d love to do this but would rather do it with a buddy! @lifewithstef on IG!

This is one of favorite easy trails.

Went there as a kid a lot. Seen some great wildlife during the winter. If you go to see the water, call first to make sure it’s flowing. It only runs certain times of the year.

Beautiful views the whole way. Will do this one again!

Great information on this thread. Thank you to everyone.

I will be in Oahu from Nov17-20 and would appreciate if an experienced hike would like to show the way.

I have homes and rock climbed most of my life. This is the only thing on my bucket list ( I don't believe in having bucket lists- just do it! - lol)

my name is Matt and I can be reached at matt99walker@hotmail.com or Instagram : matt99walker.

The road is a 4x4 road, for most people. The hike is pretty cool, in the redwoods and it was foggy the whole time. Which is cool, what I was looking for, except I did not know there were redwoods on Maui LOL. Any way, it was a definite moderate, I looped in the ridge trail and was more than i needed. No views, but great forests.

Markings could be better.

9 hours ago

Easy hike. Very busy.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the great view at the end that was supposed to make it all worth it :( it was really foggy and you could barely see the people on the vista point. The trail itself is way below average to me. The downhill is sketchy when wet and you only get views at the end, and the entire time you're walking through the most boring jungle. Definitely not worth it if it was raining and you're suspecting overcast.

This map shows all the wait from the trailhead to Beaver Falls! Beautiful hike if you are lucky to get permits!!!

Being a novice type of hiker, Picacho Peak on the Hunter Trail was difficult but very satisfying when we completed it in 3.5 hours. Spent about 25 minutes on top taking pics and enjoying the view. The two of us also had around 3 or 4 small breaks while doing this trail to take more photos and catch our breathe. Well worth it and will do it again in the future.

Great for the family!

Fun little hike! Awesome river, lots to look at.

great hike, but be prepared. it is not an easy trail. this loop transitions from a well maintained trail to steep stone steps, to rock hopping across areas where no trail is defined. the stagecoach rd is amazing, when you think of how it was built, hiking up it, know it is a long steep grade on a rock road. the rim trail leaving the stagecoach rd is your typical trail, and easy hiking untill it gets back around to the point it has to cross Collins river. it becomes more difficult there with some rock hopping.

overall I liked it, the camp sites are nice, water is plentiful, while it is not an easy loop, it is not overly difficult. it is well marked.

Easy, bit longer than expected with all the side trails, but fun. Amazing views of the Fall River. My border-jack lead the way.

The northwest trail is nice and well indicated. However the trail on the other side of the creek is more challenging. The blue markers are not consistent throughout the trails and sometime the grass is overgrown and it’s hard to know which way to go. Also you have to go over huge logs to cross the creek at several points. But overall still a pleasant walk near the water.

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The picture shown is not the backbone trail; it is the end of the Majestic Oak Trail. All the trails in the park off the Backbone Trail are super nice with great views of the water at the end. The main backbone trail is a less interesting connector that gets you to all the good stuff.

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Unexpectedly beautiful waterfalls. Moderately busy on weekends in the Fall.

I loved this hike! We looked at both falls. Super fun to be able to walk behind both and see the backside of water. There was frost, so it was a little slippery in areas, but manageable.

Switchback incline was tough. But a break here and there and we were fine. Bathrooms were good. Cafe was perfect as we were cold and hungry.

Awesome trail! I highly recommend it!

We did the full loop on an early November day after a few days of torrential rains here in the Dalton area. As a result, all of the streams, springs and creeks were swollen. In the part of the trail that goes through the valley floor, there are many streams that are easy to step across in normal conditions, however, on this day, the width of the streams varied from 3 feet to 15 feet in width that we had to cross. We actually had to ford one stream, but were able to leap across with a running start, or make steppingstones for the other ones. We crossed at least 20 streams as we hiked along the valley floor. While these many water challenges added additional challenges to the trek, it also made the completion that much more satisfactory to us. Great trek! We started at the trailhead at 11 AM, and finished the loop at 2:30 PM. We stopped frequently for pictures and to formulate strategies for crossing the many streams. We did not see a single other hiker, and did not hear any traffic or other noise, which gave this loop and refreshing, backcountry feel. Enjoy!

Great trail. Going counter clockwise it starts around the lake and the latter half into the mountains. I went at the end of fall in mid November and the orange and yellow trees were beautiful.

This is a very unique hike which is totally different from any conventional hiking trails you’ll find in the sierras. Definitely worth doing at least once. Be careful; it’s very easy to slip and fall. Views are OK, not much to look at honestly.

Great hike. I also really like how the trail is connected with an access trail (it’s short) to beach. Makes it easy to do the hike and then go right to the beach.

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Amazing old growth trail. I agree with the moderate rating because of the elevation gain and the difficulty of navigating the trail. Roots and rocks can be a big problem if you don’t pay attention. The reward at the lake is well worth the effort. Beautiful even on a cloudy day! I had the trail and lake to myself today. I ran into 4 people on the way down. I will return to this trail in the summer I am sure it’s even more stunning!

A local gem with numerous cut-and-paste options whether your start point is White Clay Preserve (PA), White Clay Nature Center (DE), or the Arc Monument. Credit the builders of the loop trail to the Tri-State Monument. It is a gorgeous walk of easy ups and downs thru quiet little valleys in a magnificent forest. Hard to believe it’s only 3 miles to the bustle of Newark, DE! Without blazes all over the place, local trail intersections are well marked. With a map nobody should get lost.

Nice trail with river views.

The trail is nice, but be prepared for some slushy, muddy parts. It is very easy and absolutely gorgeous!

amazing hike!

like most said. lots of sights. go to the fossil overflow and see stone fossils.

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