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1 hour ago

Beautiful hike. We were a bit leery about heading out given all the bug reports. We came prepared with Repellent and while we used it, the bugs weren’t that bad. They were mostly at the very top and a bit worse on our way down. I’m glad we didn’t let them keep us away.

The trail is very rocky so I definitely recommend hiking boots. There is also quite a bit of water on the trail in places so plan accordingly with waterproof shoes.

We logged 5.6 miles on my Garmin vs. the 4.x listed on the trail summary. We stuck to the main trail so not sure where the discrepancy is coming from.

Enjoy the hike! Worth it.

For the most part this was an easy hike. In some areas it gets a little confusing. They are adding roads or making improvements to the trails and they have cut through some of the trails. I think I probably did a number of these trails because I wasn't sure were I was going at times. Overall a decent trail and I loved exploring the history of the place.

2 hours ago

One of my favorite local hikes/snowshoe. A best bang for the buck! I think I have done this mountain about 50 times since 2005. Can't ever hike\snowshoe to it enough. It has the most awesome views of Blue Mountain and BM Lake. Besides that, the hike\snowshoe is not demanding at all and the Talon caves just before the summit are a BONUS!

The blue trail is my favorite at Oak Mountain. No bikers whizzing by makes this a beautiful, peaceful hike. I will do it again!

Great hike! I found Plenty of water on the trail(or a short distance off the trail). I started at bowlers creek which I found to be decent sized with pools big enough for a quick dip about waist deep. The only down fall is the amount of hikers and tourist you encounter as you get closer to MT Mitchell. I’d love to do it again in the winter possibly.

Hiked table Rock trail. Very strenuous uphill climb for most of it. Incline dirt trail and lots of steps up rocks. Beautiful view is your reward.

Hiked to this summit in the spring as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower challenge. This particular hike is a challenging one as Fire Tower hikes go. The last mile is very demanding and depending on the time of year can be a scramble of sorts. The only downside to this hike is that the tower has all kinds of communications equipment on it and new roads and building supporting them. The views of Blue Mountain though....are undeniably breathtaking!!!! While I was in the tower, a helicopter flew up to the summit and dropped a man off to work on the communications equipment. It really shook the tower while I was in it!

Great short hike. Could use new signs.

3 hours ago

This trail is short but challenging. Very cool rock formations.

Trail is very poorly maintained. Too narrow to hike comfortably. There is the Ulsh Gap Trail very close to this which is MUCH better!

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3 hours ago

The full 9.8 mile loop is a moderate challenge, but the trail is kept up well with the occasional fallen branches that cross the trail. The trail is well marked with reflectors for each of the different trails that are available. White Oak State Park is nice and offers other activities and amenities which is great if you are with a family or have a day to spend there.

A group from the Lumpkin Coalition and USFS completed a thorough brushing on July 18th, 2018. The trail is in good shape. Still have some erosion issues we are dealing with. Trail is only accessible from Tesnatee Gap, the south trailhead access from US129 via Kellum Valley Rd. is still gated. Go hike it!

a real nice hike, lots of good viewpoints overlooking the lake. and at both ends if your feet get tired you can cool them off in the lake.

I thought the view was great but there was graffiti and trash all over. Kind of disappointing. And, while labeled easy, it’s a bit of a uphill and not easy for many.

By far the best hike I’ve done! You instantly start the hike in the beauty of the rainforest. A few back and forth a over the river, climbing, and finally you get to the first waterfall. From there the ropes are your best friend the rest of the hike. It was raining so we were definitely muddy and wet and we’re still able to climb safely. There and plenty of foot holes and places to rest if needed. The 3rd waterfall is the longest but worth it! We only went partially up the ridge due to wind and low visibility. It’s very slippery on the ridge as well. That plus finishing the loop trail, it took us 5.5 hours. I will definitely be back. It is a full body workout! If it’s raining I suggest shoe spikes for the ridge.

Magic hour at sunrise. Got up before dawn for this hike, took about 30 minutes at a steady pace with no stops. I had the whole cliff to myself. Encountered hummingbirds and chipmunks while I saw and ate my breakfast.

I’m not sure if I completely agree with this being super kid friendly- it was a LOT of fairly steep switchbacks on the way up. We had two five year olds with us, and they made it, but barely. The lake is cute, the trail is well-maintained.

Went up on the right fork, came down on the left. Beautiful views. For someone who’s afraid of heights, it took us an hour to reach the top. Loved this hike!

July 17. Excellent hike. Really one of my favorite of all time. Appreciate the writer who explained the upper and lower trails. When we got to the split, we went to the right which takes you on the trail higher up the hill. Much of the trail is made of flat rocks which I’m not used to hiking on but got used to it. Nice flat ridge for quite a while. The valley views were amazing. The cloudy weather made every view different. Crossed two waterfalls. Reached the cabin and lake. Very pretty. Hiked down on the lower trail. A little steep at the beginning but then is evens out. Waterfalls and great valley and mountain views. Exceptional hike.

Beautiful!!! The beaches and lava rocks are amazing. Not a hard hike at all. amazing to experience!

Awesome hike. Finally went around the whole crater which made it a nice loop instead of out an back. Worth it for sure.

Had my garmin watch following on GPS. It recorded the entire trip as 6.54 miles. It was 2.6 to get to the crater once you climb up the third waterfall. It was about another 2 miles around the crater. We rejoined with the main trail after coming down the ridge from the crater at 5.8 miles.

It took me and my gf about 5.5 hours. We did it at a leisurely pace stopping at all the waterfalls and also took dip in the stream. It was raining at the top which made it super slow going. It gets a little slippery at the top with all the mud.

Really fun experience. Make sure you have enough time to finish. Shoes with tread help. I skidded twice in my worn out running shoes. Wouldn’t wear them on this hike if I went again. Upper body strength helps if you’re planning to do the crater.

This is one of my favorite hikes! You get a little bit of everything, the Redwood Forest, amazing ocean view, wildflowers that surround you, a nice ocean breeze to carry you down. I would definitely recommend hiking boots for doing the whole Loop, and long sleeves and long pants to trudge through the wild flower bushes.

My family did this hike today. The 4x4 road is no joke, so park at the hunting check in station. it was beautiful in the trees with the mist. We set off around 0900 and were very comfortable. We saw 4 other people throughout the hike. A solid moderate hike with some elevation changes and slippery loose lava and leaves. The trail is maintaned very well. My kids are 8 & 4 and completed the hike with only minor complaints from younger one. We stopped at the Kula farmers market on the way back for some treats. A good break from the beach.

10 hours ago

Really great trail if you want to hike through jungle a few hours. Some fallen trees made the path more of a challenge but nothing major. The road that the trail joins to is having work done to it. There was a ‘no pedestrian access sign’ but the workmen let us through. They are stabilising the road I think. Looks like they are going to try and make the road operational again.

Don’t expect too many amazing views. You get some good view points to see the rainforest but that’s about it. This trail is more to immerse yourself into the heart of the forest.

Always enjoyed this fairly quick yet challenging enough hike, with a great view of Anchorage. The American Flag at the peak makes a great photo.

Beautiful, easy hike. Was getting more crowded w field trips as we were leaving.

11 hours ago

Beautiful frozen lake! Great pics and great day hike.

This short walk along a stream on a hot day when many people were cooling off walking around in the water was really nice! No swimming by the actual falls (strictly enforced). Super crowded with families and lots of people and dogs.

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