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Rapid City, South Dakota Map

Beautiful scenery and fun to move fast on. Try doing a couple of laps.

1 day ago

Been hitting it hard last few days. Haven’t been up with my dog since coyote sightings. Beautiful this morning. All fog covered when you hit BR

whole trail is about 140 miles running from Deadwood to Atchison. Formerly a rail line, so no steep grades. bicycle and stroller-friendly anywhere along the very well-maintained trail. I think the "day-fee" is still $3 unless you get a pass.

Easy, typical campground trail at a beautiful lake.

very enjoyable. lots of shade, challenges and scenery.

Beautiful view. don't let your children run loose here.

this is four trails, with varying levels of difficulty, that originate and end at Buzzard's Roost. Beautiful view at the end.

this bike path is actually about 10 miles long and runs between the off-leash dog park on the West end, all the way to. the area behind Taco Johns at Campbell and East st Charles street on the East side. pretty nice path, but there is some riff-raff on the trail most of the time, especially at night on the eastern half.

this trail is actually a portion of the HLMP park. there are lots more trails here than this one. this is an excellent trail system for hiking and mountain biking right in the middle of Rapid City with several trail heads on any side of these hills.

Easy trail just outside of Rapid City. Great payoff at the end with expansive views. I have done this trail many times and have always had it to myself. If you can catch it on the right days you will be able to watch hot air balloons take off.

on Buzzards Roost

9 days ago

Great hike with lots of trail options for different difficulty levels. We were on a new trail that they were still working on and it was fantastic. View from the top is spectacular!

11 days ago

Combined this trail with the b loop on the flume trail. Very nice scenery with great views from the summit.

This loop is fairly simple, it’s on the easy side of moderate and all ages will be able to do it. It goes off to the left on the main easy trail and makes a loop back to it.

19 days ago

This hike is a moderate to difficult hike depending on your adventure level. It would be a full five stars if there wasn’t trash and graffiti that ruins the natural setting. The view is spectacular! I went early morning to watch the sun rise.

Beautiful. Quickly became a favorite.

Beautiful view. Trash and graffiti are a disappointment.

great hike, 95° hiked along creek, a cross the dam and then to the loop back to trailhead off Sheridan Lake Rd, long tunnel is ankle deep in water but fun, hiked to short tunnel also then back to trailhead

We hike this trail often. Love it!! Today was by far the most memorable time tho as we were hailed on twice and lightening struck within two football fields of us. Pretty crazy!

28 days ago

nice trail, gradual elevation

29 days ago

This trail has amazing scenery, from around the lake, up on the ridge, and down in the valley. Only problem was we kept finding ourselves losing the trail due to all the switchbacks and poorly marked trails. It ended up being a 16 mile hike in approx 7-8 hours. We started out in coon hollow going towards the flume trail head.

Would be better if marked better

Absolutely the best trail system in the world.

Gorgeous scenery!

Great hike. Nice views at the top. A little longer than expected due to other trails with Buzzard Trail.

The trail was well maintained and not too busy. Make sure you read the signs when you get off the main road and it’s easy to find. Go off the beaten path and follow the crest of the mountain for some spectacular views.

1 month ago

Couldn’t figure out the trail head, it was ill maintained through the thick. Will try again later and update the review.

Beautiful hike! Water was rushing and high due to recent rain. Bridges were a bit intimidating for us old folks so we scooted across....where there’s a will there’s a way!

Loved the trail; however we were unprepared to cross 4 bridges over rushing water. Good thing we could sit and scoot across! Also easy to get lost due to no signage to guide you. Hard to know which way to go!

1 month ago

Me and my wife took this trail last weekend and the view is spectacular. Any age/fitness level will be able to complete this hike as there are different difficulties on it.

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