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1 month ago

I would not call this an easy hike.

Driving to the trailhead can get sketchy. Expect deep mud holes, ruts and rocks. Be careful if you drive off trail as there are natural springs and you may get stuck.

The trail from the trailhead start off easy, but will get rocky and steep. In the summer time expect lots of poison ivy. The trail is not clearly marked, so take your time. If Battle Creek is running high expect to get your feet wet.

Hippy hole itself is great. The logistics suck. If there were an easy way to get there Hippy hole would e crowded all summer long.

I helped rescue people out of the hole 3 different times. 1 person we were able to walk out
1 person took 4 hours and search and rescue to rope out in a stokes basket
1 person had to be winched out by a Blackhawk helicopter in a basket.

Have fun be safe.

This trail is a nice addition to the park since my last visit in the early eighties. Try to catch a walk with a Ranger for some interesting facts about the monument.

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3 months ago

Was snowing and the trail was muddy. Slogged through some running water in places.

This was a nice trail at the foothills of Mt Rushmore. Too bad half of the trail was closed for reno (closed until spring 2019). Grateful to have a ranger Dot take us on a quick guided tour of the trail to point out numerous facts about the mountain.

Easy paved trail with views of Rushmore, gets you away from the crowds. This place was kind of strange.

Nothing special.

Blackberry Trail is well maintained and an easy hike. The trailhead is across the hard road to the Washington side of Mt Rushmore parking lot. Doubles as a horse trail so you have to dodge horse dung. Nice elevation change and a nice views. A small creek in play at the end of the trail connecting to Centennial.

Easy paved trail. Great views of the monument. Partially closed for renovations.

I did with my wife and two kids, 10 and 8... We followed the map in the app... it was perfect... beautiful trail... very beautiful!

Not impressed. Looking forward to water falls, as mentioned by some previous users commented and online pictures, but in reality the water falls are small. Not a good area to swim. The spires are beautiful as you're walking right next to them. We found the trail was strenuous and not a good pay off for views.

Majestic view of the Presidents. Easy and paved with a few stairs and wooden decking. Unfortunately at time of my visit part of the loop was under renovations. August 8, 2018

It’s a simple trail at Mt. Rushmore, more of a walking path to see different angles of the faces. Very busy but still really cool to see.

Easy walk to take in views at Rushmore.

Easy, paved, very accessible. Partially closed when I went, so I was unable to complete it.

Great site. HIke is a simple walk to the base of the monuments.

The end loop does NOT exist. Stay to the right. We were trying to find the trail for an hour and were in the middle of a timber field. Learn from our mistake. This is a true out and back only.

This is a nicely maintained trail. I wish I could have seen all of it.

Fun hike with my son again... Slight upgrade most of the way in... I am finding just about every hike with my GSD that is graded as “Easy” I am going to upgrade to “Moderate” in my book! :)
Because every time we get to those water/rock crossings they don’t know take it easy... They seem to know their route long b4 they get there. And boom they’re gone! :)
I definitely need a good pair of hiking boots however if I’m good keep hiking! Our 3.8 hike wound up being 4.2. Fun...Fun!

The view is definitely worth the extra walk!

Some closure to the trail which surprised us. Not our first trip to Rushmore so we were ok missing some of it. if you are standing at the viewing area and go to the south, the trail is concrete and will take you around to the closeups of the mountain with just a few stairs at the end. If initially you go towards the sculptures museum you'll climb about 200 boardwalk stairs to make it to the viewing areas. The pines along the trail are beautiful and you are so close you always have a view of the carving. if you have kids and need to wear them out, take the stairs :) they'll love it as well.

Great views, but trail partially closed. And Sculptor's studio closed.

Good hike with the kids... about 90% I would consider an “easy” hike.... the other involved hopping rocks and dealing with traveling along the creek and hurtling logs over the paths

was partially closed both times we tried in 2017 and 2018

Went a few years ago with the kids, would recommend not going during Sturgis

Great Patriotic Experience and a super easy stroll.

Many many times. Best in snow.

Love hiking in this area

Friday, December 29, 2017

Easy trail; crowded

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Visited Mt. Rushmore on a family vacation. What more can be said than a great memorial to great men of a great nation.

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