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Give yourself plenty of time to finish this trail, it is quite an adventure, with lots of climbing threw rocks, the trail itself is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, with waterfalls, nature and flowers. This is as good as it gets!

We started out at Sylvan Lake and turned left climbing up the mountain, leaving the gulch for last. It was amazing! The kids loved it. Was definitely helpful to have good hiking shoes on.

great hike but to many people. get off the trail and go explore

Went counter clockwise and the beginning of the trail was quite strenuous. Once I got through the rock descent then the trail became moderate. Great workout. Would highly recommend.

We have done several times but stopped doing the full loop,not that it isn’t an amazing loop, we love the waterfalls and the rock climb portion. So we just hike down into the gulch and then turn around and climb back out. But an amazing hike, highly recommend!!

Ok, this is an incredible trail that you need to be prepared for. If you come at this trail from the Sylvan Lake Visitors center (west side of the lake) you can enter the trail and most of the it will be downhill until you get to the last portion of the trail. After hiking 3 miles you'll be looking up a about 200 ft of scramble that is rail assisted. If you take the trail around the east side of the lake you'll come to the entrance of the gulch and go straight down through the rails with plenty of scrambling. Their are pros and cons for each. Just be prepared for the rail/scramble section, it's a blast if you are prepared for it. Loop trails that is well marked with blue arrows. If you have small children make sure you have plenty of snacks for them, they'll need it.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail!! With Tons of little Waterfalls and streams , this trail is a must!

Love it. Very easy beautiful walk.

18 days ago

So many trails in one! Great views, dense foliage, rock clambering, elevation changes, and an incredible water section that deserves a spoiler alert before describing - you just have to see and experience it to understand.

Make sure to wear clothes and bring supplies that help you avoid poison ivy though. It's avoidable but would be easy to brush against if you're not careful. Still, so worth it!

19 days ago

Beautiful lake views, fun rocks to climb. Easy hike for all ages.

Nice walk to gorgeous vistas across the plains.

20 days ago

21 days ago

great little cool down trail after tackling the cathedral Spires and little devils tower. great views of the lake all the way around

Awesome trail! We took our Shorthair mix and he did well going down the rock but if you’re taking your dog on this trail, I suggest going the same direction. If you hike the opposite direction, you may have to carry them back up the rock. It has water rushing through in some spots.

24 days ago

Loved this trail! The views were awesome, and the water features were super cool (actually quite refreshing as it was 80+ degree's when we went). Liked it so much, we went back the following day to do that part again!

25 days ago

Absolutely beautiful and so well maintained.

on Sunday Gulch Trail

28 days ago

May 2018. This was a great hike with the family. We went the clockwise route recommended by locals. It’s a steeper uphill at the end, but it’s a shorter section to end on then the other way. I’m glad we managed to complete it in 3 hours, considering the elevation. Not bad for a prairie family that’s used to a lot more oxygen! Make sure you bring lots of water though. The water falls over the stairs was a refreshing finish.

28 days ago

Love this hike! So pretty and relaxing! Very dog friendly!

We took our 8 yr. old on this hike and loved it. If you are facing the lake we took the trail head on the left side and we are glad we did. The last part of the hike was awesome! Our 8 yr. old was beat but loved it. Lots of cool rocks, plants, mushrooms etc. We didn’t see any wildlife. Definitely a hike we would do again. The end would be challenging for those with little upper body strength or weaker legs.

great trail. the water features were amazing.

May 2018. This was a fantastic trail. At first it didn’t seem very hard but on the last half when you start coming out of the gulch it gets challenging. Be sure to expect water along the trail, or ice depending on the time of year. The stairs and rails help a lot on the rocks. Lots of places to take pictures. Don’t forget to turn around every once in a while.

Very beautiful!

1 month ago

Great trail and lots to see! Much more strenuous than I expected, but good for this new hiker to experience. Lots of ice and snow on the first mile during our adventure. Very challenging!! We went counter clockwise. Going to try clockwise another time.

Sylvan is my favorite part of the hills. This hike is great to take with kids and get a great view of all the scenery. If you go during a hot day, you can finish the hike with a dip in the lake.

2 months ago

Great trail that will challenge you a little. Can get a little steep in places but rails make it relatively easy to handle. Coming back up from the gulch is a bit of climb and will get the pulse rate up if you take it fast. Take your time though, the scenery is beautiful and worth some picture stops.

2 months ago

This is a five star trail simply for the scenery. Sylvan Lake is absolutely gorgeous. Very simple walk/hike. Anyone in relatively decent health can complete this trail.

2 months ago

Great trail with incredible views. This is definitely the path less traveled. We made the mistake of taking after the tourists who just hiked around Sylvan lake. We did not wear our snow boots, ice spikes, or bring hiking poles. Big mistake if there is snow! The stairs coming out of the canyon were completely covered in 2-3 feet of ice! It was a challenge, luckily there are railings most of the way.

one of my favorite hikes in the hills. good afternoon hike with wonderful views and a great workout. i do it several times a year. takes about 3.5 hours

7 months ago

Amazing trail. Did it get n November so a little slick in spots, but overall top notch

This is a great trail. Moderately challenging with stunning views. Nice length if you want a good half day workout.

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