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11 hours ago

Went with my parents (59 and 54 yrs old) and they thought it was pretty strenuous but worth the views. I'm 20 and thought it was a blast. So many great views to see and a great workout to make it rewarding when you get to the top. Definitely will do many more times in the future. Took us 5-6 hrs with stops. Probably would take me 4.

Hard to find. When you think you've entered someone's back yard and pass a do not enter sign you know you're heading toward the trailhead. Beautiful in the spring when the water is rushing and the best when you hike (carefully) over to the waterfall and stand under it.

P.S. to the left of the main waterfall is a cool place to hike up and see the waterfalls at a difference vantage point. Also a cool/creepy cave up there.

Not too great unless you hike 10 min down to the base of the falls. Then you have a great view and it's a 4 star waterfall

11 hours ago

Challenging but worth it. Some cool rivers and an old dam to see along the way. Relatively strenuous - moderate.

12 hours ago

Not much to see but worth it if you start here and hike north up to north lake trail and loop back.

12 hours ago

Not much to see on this hike. The amphitheater is kind of cool to see though. Start further north if you're going to hike the big Paris Loop trail and skip this one.

Not so much to see but a decent hike. Fire tower is pretty cool and there's a nice view on Brissy. For reference I give Table Rock a 5 star.

16 hours ago

Mosquitoes were like killer bees! I did forget my bug spray today of all days but really unreal bites! The trail is narrow and winds back and forth so much. Not too enjoyable. I did see the coolest turtle tho.

18 hours ago

19 hours ago

Great if you have horses. Walking with dogs on leash is a must. Sand trails made this walk less enjoyable.

21 hours ago

My friends and I have been doing this trail for a few years and it's something special let me tell you. The first time we did it, it was torture. Bad knees are not welcome on this trail. There are approximately 4-5 sets of stairs on the trail, some of them range from relatively easy to a step that can reach above your calf or even hips depending on your height. It took us lots of breaks and a few hours at first but now we can get up in about an hour and back down in 45 minutes. This trail is very rocky and it gets thin and high up in one part, there a very obvious drop off on one side of the trail where some dirt isn't as solid as it could be but even if you did fall there's a bunch of plants to keep you from rolling too far down the slope. Even with all this it's worth it. When you reach the ridge the falls are cool and crisp and everything you want them to be. Also, if you find yourself there around 10am-12am you might be lucky enough to see why they're called rainbow falls. Happy Hiking!

Pretty hike!

This was a good hike for kids because it was short and sweet but there are signs posted around the water stating that you shouldn't swim due to pollution. So at the same time, not great for kids because you know most kids want to swim.

1 day ago