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South Carolina Map
18 hours ago

Love the elevation throughout the trails at Poinsett state park. An awesome selection of activities as well.

Jones gap Rainbow falls beautiful but stuff. lol love it!

The trails were well marked. The terrain is fairly constant up until the 9 mile then it begins to noticeably become steeper. There are plenty of streams around the trails. There was a very beautiful stream crossing between the 7th and 8th mile. There were several downed trees but none of them were difficult to get around. I applied some insect and tick repellent but still managed to pick up several ticks along the way, so stop periodically and check yourself. It took me over 9 hours to make the trip

This was an awesome experience. The beginning of the trail had a waterfall/stream where kids played in. At the end of the hike it gives you the option of cooling yourself off lol. Once you get to governors rock I would say your 2/3 of the way up to the summit. If you can keep pushing forward the view is definitely worth it. I do caution there is some intervals of heavy incline. After these inclines the trail flattens out a bit to give you a decent break before the next one.

A short unkempt, tic infested trail. It features a downed tree that you have to crawl under and various large swampy spots to soak your feet in so bring water proof hikers. Dogs are allowed on the leash but leave the puppers at home because of the tics.

Between my wife, me and our dog we had 14 tics on our bodies. There's not a lot to see on the trail either besides some hanging moss but it's SC so you can literally see that anywhere, so this was not worth it.

Absolutely beautiful even if it was a HOT, HOT day!

this trail is amazing definitely not for beginners I started on the Jones gap trail and then took number 6 (rim of the gap) to 15 to 7 to 3 back to 5 the whole thing took me 7 hours but I stopped to eat a couple times. I was way beyond impressed with the difficulty and absolute beauty of the rim of the gap! I only lost the trail one time and had to back track but the were a few times that I wondered if I was still going the right way which I think was the best part of this whole adventure! the trail is marked well it's just not a typical wide well beaten path like more moderate trails are. there were lots of water crossings which was fun but in the winter water proof boots would probably be a good idea! I can't put into words what a fantastic home this was!

Gorgeous river and waterfalls. Great swimming holes at the base of the initial decent. However this trail does not allow camping due to whitewater corridor protection (the reason for the 3 star rating). However we hiked to Thompson river, 2.7 miles past the turnaround. This was a spectacular 4 star hike. Next time we will start at Bad creek parking to get to Thompson river. (A lot of ticks in June!)

Great trail! pack plenty of water and snacks! your knees will definitely feel it the next day!

3 days ago

Combined the perimeter loop with the lake loop and a little extra on the end to make a 7 mile loop. Plenty of opportunity to change things up almost every time you come out here. Great trail to walk/run/bike.

The first portion of the trail until you reach maximum elevation is gorgeous with many rock slide waterfalls and of course the dam, but it should really be labeled difficult as the rock climbing is pretty extensive especially where the path is narrow beside large drop offs. I took my 5 and 7 year olds and it was almost more than they could manage.

lovely hike with my 78 yr. old Mother and my Sister. The Falls are beautiful and we really enjoyed our time.

Not too good of hiking shape as of yet, this one got me a few times. Up hill most of the way to the waterfall. The payoff was well worth this short whooping. Felt like an ac outdoor room.

Excellent hike. Good view from Bald Knob. Dropped my water bottle down a ravine towards the top. Luckily a kind woman gave me a bottle of water down back at the nature center. Very much appreciated. Thanks!!!!

Well worth the hike!

had a great day on the this trail! definitely recommend bringing boots lot of water Crossings. I did the trail backwards see the blue then purple to the Rim trail yellow. I got lost on the trail a few times dude to following my dog and not watching the trail Blazers but easily turn around and found my way back. this Trail is very technical and not great for beginners but it is a fun difficult hike. I took a ton of pictures so look forward to seeing my dog and the trail. have a great hike, this was Justin

4 days ago

Great trail. Went early and it wasn’t crowded! Took my dog and we had a great walk!

I've hiked four of the six trails Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Big Rock and Tower. The trails on the South Trail head Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Brown Wave and Skinny Loop are easy to find, and you usually have to share those trails with mountain bikers, which has never been a problem for us. There is a North Trail head, and that's where you can find Big Rock and Tower, their location isn't easy to find. You have to go a mile down Logging Road 661 and you will come to the parking lot( not very big), but that's where both the trailheads can be found. These Trails you usually have to yourself because of their location.

mountain biking
4 days ago

One of the best local trails I’ve come across. Be sure to explore the “treacherous” bluffs and learn to conquer the rock garden both downhill and and on the ascent!!

Last mile is tough- Note: this is 8.4 miles out and back. Beautiful view at bald knob at 3.6 miles. Can be subtropical conditions in summer at the lower altitude, need bug spray in summer trail is not as cleared as Table Rock trail.

Great hike with the pups! Nice wide trail that was well marked. Once we got the stairs, the trail got much narrower, but still manageable. Pretty views.

A great hike on a clear summer day. Gets pretty steep and rocky in some areas. Plenty of options to take additional trails and loops around. The streams and waterfalls right after the trailhead are a great treat after a long hike.

At the time of writing the both water fountains at the trailhead were out of service. Make sure you come prepared with at least 2 liters!

Not maintained, uncut grass, briars and too many mosquitos. No visible trail markers. Many branches of trails and no way clear way to navigate. Abandoned home and camper.

Bug spray didn’t deter the mosquitos from biting!

Hiking in the winter may be better.

6 days ago

These falls are perfect if you wanted to spend a day with family and friends on a beach next to some beautiful falls. I cooked out on my grill and waded into the cool water a bit. If we didn't have 4 more falls to see, the entire day could've been spent there.

Gorgeous waterfall!!! The trail itself was a little uneventful but easy. Watch for some roots. I do want to go back in the fall because I know the trail will be beautiful. We were just there on a hot, buggy, summer day. The Station Cove historic buildings are well maintained.

It was awesome

Don't go without plenty of water bc there is none alone this trail.

Decent enough trail, but I expected more views from Tamasee Knob, when it was really more like what you would get from a viewing waypoint. Stopped at Station Cove falls on the way up, just a quick jaunt off the trail, very beautiful. Overall a pretty moderate hike, took a little over 3 hours to complete. The Oconee connector trail that you hike on the majority of the way will take you all the way to Oconee state park if you keep going straight at the turnoff for Tamasee knob.

Very unremarkable. Between humans and dogs, picked up at least 30+ ticks. Long moderate trail, very muggy with limited views until the very end. Falls were a nice end-reward.

After a good rain, this waterfall is magnificent! Plenty of room to sit on the large rocks and admire and/or wade in the water. The hike itself is uneventful and pretty flat. (watch for roots.) Can't wait to see it in autumn!

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