Great trail, unfortunately a lot of trash left behind from the holiday weekend so I spent a lot of time trying to pick up after other lazy humans. But it’s a beautiful waterfall and totally worth the hike! Please be mindful and don’t litter our gorgeous forests.

1 day ago

There were many downed trees in front of the waterfall

3 days ago

Beautiful trail, but a lot of storm damage.

3 days ago

Great easy trail considering all the rain lately. Definitely muddy but the trail is well maintained. Waterfall was just beautiful and worth the hike. A few creek crossings but manageable. Saw all types of people hiking the trail but not too busy for a Friday afternoon. Probably more popular on the weekend.

Great Trail. This was my families first trail, my children are 8 and 10. We all loved it

Wow what an incredibly beautiful waterfall! Probably one of the best waterfalls I've hiked to in a long time. But I have to say... I was completely DISAPPOINTED in the amount of trash that was left behind by humans. This is why we can't have nice things people!! This is a National forest, ALWAYS leave with what you came with. Please.

Pretty easy trail with minimal elevation! Good trail to do with kids.

I really enjoyed this trail! The waterfall was stunning at the end. A fair amount of exposed roots, so you have to watch your step, but other than that, it’s not too hard! I went on a weekday and it was not too crowded, but I can imagine it can get really tight and crowded on a weekend!

11 days ago

I’ve been on this trail more than once. My dog has walked it fairly easy, kid friendly, trails are all marked and paths are maintained. A fun hike!

Great for small children

Beautiful trail! Mountain laurels and rhododendrons are in bloom this time of year filling the air with fragrance. The waterfall at the end of the trail didn’t disappoint. I’m glad we went on a weekday, and it wasn’t too crowded. We loved this place and will definitely come back!

Great trail on middle moderate level for not every day hikers. Family and dogs had a great time. If small parking lot is full I would leave and come back another day, hard to really enjoy the falls at end if there are a lot of people.

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall that is not strenuous. Great for the whole family, especially on weekdays which is when we went. There are a couple of water crossings along the way as well.

The first 1.5 miles or so would certainly count as more moderate than easy. This hike is a nice challenge without wearing you completely down.

Beautiful falls. Well worth the walk in/out. Path has lots of roots so keep your eyes down. Bridges are very well maintained. Follow the blue blazed trail.

We went on a weekday, so it wasn’t too crowded. It’s a nice hike, not too strenuous. Very nice trail that ends in a beautiful waterfall. Will definitely do it again!

Always a nice hike with a great payoff. Under COVID social distancing, best to go on weekdays as weekends are typically over-crowded. Here is a quick video of our hike:

Going on the weekdays is key. It would be difficult to walk (and enjoy) the trails with a lot of people in the park. The trails can get narrow at parts and often meander around ravines. The waterfalls were fabulous...well worth the hike....but if you go during the busy times, the waterfall area would not be fun.....the area is just not that big......In summary, this is definitely one of the nicest hike/waterfall adventures so far.

Not good for social distancing. Large numbers of people. Slightly muddy right now.

Great trail. One of my favorites to hike with an amazing ending. One of the prettiest waterfalls in South Carolina. The trail starts out as one of the most scenic I have ever been on with some pretty creek crossings. Also plenty of mushrooms, plants and snails along the way. My group of hikers definitely loved it. Very photogenic trail and waterfall

Love this trail. By the way it’s a Great trail for a first time adventurer. Was crowded at the falls - which may it difficult to enjoy and keep our distance but loved it just the same

Pretty good trail for my family, including a 4yr old. The stream crossings were my favorite part of the hike, besides the waterfall. I am glad I wore boots with decent ankle support due to all the roots. Get there early as it began to get busy when we were hiking out, and the trail gets pretty narrow at times.

This trail is great, and the waterfall is beautiful. It does get a little narrow in places, but doesn’t feel dangerous. It’s about 2 hours round trip, and coming back is much harder than going. It gets crowded quickly right now.

Good trail! With the current world going on it’s been a lot busier than I’ve ever seen it, so I’d recommend going on a week day or early in the morning on weekends. It’s an easy hike with a pretty waterfall! Easy to find, good for all ages and hiking levels

Beautiful trail with two nice waterfalls but the one at the end is Amazing!!! I would say this trail is on the lower end of moderate. Great trail in the summer since it is all trees. Loved following the yellow river.

cant access trail because the gates are closed to get to the parking.

Great trail!

Totally recommend! Went today with my 7yo, and my sister backpacked my 1yo niece! We all had a blast, and the waterfalls are totally work the trek. Definitely a moderate trail, but also not too hard for someone out of shape like this mama! Trail has spots where you go thru/over water... wear water friendly shoes! (We wore Chaco’s.)

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